Grafica Introduces World’s First Optical Screen Registration System

August 15, 2017 1 comment

Hello Friends,

First of all Happy Independence Day.

After returning back from KnitShow 2017 at Tirupur I am pleased to announce that my company Grafica proudly introduced for the FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD “Optical Screen Registration System” in Direct-to-garment textile screen printing machine.

With this system it’s now easy to set accurate registration in less and 1 MIN per screen.

This system is available as an optional feature in all Grafica machines, even it can be also fitted on any Grafica’s existing textile screen printing machines installed so far without much modifications.

All Grafica customer can just order this system and use it in their existing Grafica Machines and speed up their setup time, reduce error & increase production immediately.

Apart from this system we also launched much awaited OVAL Screen Printing Machine “GRAFICA’s OVALTEX”. This machine can be customised with various combinations of pallets and print heads. Heres a short video

For more information email to:


Click here to see KnitShow 2017, Tirupur PHOTO GALLERY

Thank you & have a day…

Bhargav Mistry


14th September 2017 will be a historic day of this year

Hi Friends,

On behalf of Screen Printers’ Association of India (SPAI) and as a Chairman of the SPAI-FESPA Awards Committee. I am once again delighted to announce that on 14th September, a team of 18 qualified artist (degree/diploma holders) from NODA (National Organisation of Disabled Artist) who are invited all the way from Mumbai to perform live at Holiday Inn Resort GOA after the awards ceremony.

14th September 2017 will be a historic day of this year for all those who will be present during SPAI-FESPA Awards 2017 at Holiday Inn Resort, Goa. The day will be fully packed with lots of surprises, fun & entertainment.

Apart from this you will be able to meet, interact and network with 100’s of talented printers, experts, professionals and our highly experienced judges coming from various parts of the world specially to judge these entries.

All entries will be displayed throughout the day which will be coming from various printer in different categories such as Graphics, Industrial, Glass & Ceramics, Metal, Wood, Textile, Automotive, Printed Electronics, Calendars, Wedding & Invitation Cards, Stickers & Labels.

So you will be able to get lots of new ideas & learn new techniques by seeing these amazing samples in the display gallery during your visit on 14th Sept 2017.

It’s very simple to participate just call us on +91 8655755855 or +91 9987878299 and our team will guide you properly.

Don’t forget you still have time and a chance to be a WINNER.

Participate in SPAI-FESPA Awards 2017, GOA


Good Day!

Bhargav Mistry

Know your Judges, SPAI – FESPA Awards 2017, Goa

August 2, 2017 3 comments

Hello friends & dear screen printers,

Being the Chairman of the Awards Committee of SPAI (Screen Printers’ Association of India). I am glad to announce that this year all entries received for SPAI-FESPA Awards 2017 competition will be judged by renowned gurus and highly professional screen printers and international experts.

There will be seven judges mentioned below. They are the Who’s Who of our printing industry and well known personalities.

Each one of them has many uniqueness as they all come from various fields having expertise and experience in various applications such as Graphics, Industrial, Commercial, Textile and Print Finishing for several decades.

On 14th September 2017 at the Gala Nite in Goa you will also get a chance to interact with all of them and share your views about the industry and technology.

So, you will appreciate that to give your entries the right justice, SPAI has taken a bold step by inviting such renowned and illustrious personalities as juries for the Awards (Profile of each judge is given below).

Finally, I wish you all the best and do not forget that 20th August is the deadline to submit your entries.

Bhargav Mistry

SPAI_Judges_MichelCazaMichel Caza, Past President of FESPA, & Chairman of ASDPT. He was also one of the founders of FESPA (1962). With over 60 years of experience in screen printing and winner of over 350 International Awards.

Recipient of the highest distinction of the US SGIA, the Howard Parmele Award 2010.

A Master of Serigraphy (Art) Screen Printing with over 55 years of experience and he has worked for many renowned International artist.

As the specialist and pioneer of UV technologies since 1976 for screen printing and 1996 for digital printing, he was also the very first to screen print 300 lines/inch (120/cm) halftones.

He was involved in several other improvements of the screen printing technology such as stochastic screening, superimposition of flat tones, thixotropy of inks, very high tension of the screens, yellow coloration and calendaring of fabrics, creation of several special effects, control of files, Certified PDF for screen printing, creation of ICC profiles, and others…

He spent the two last years to write a huge book about his 55 years of work in Fine art screen printing with more than 700 artists from the whole world. “Michel Caza, the chameleon of contemporary art”. To be published soon.

Co-author of the “FESPA Planet Friendly” Guide and many other technical books and publications.

Regular speaker at seminars, conferences and shows and other activities in the industry and academic organisations.

He is one of the top judges for international awards such as FESPA and SGIA.


Narendra Paruchuri, CMD, Pragati Offset Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, Chemical Engineer from Manipal Institute of Technology (1975). Winner of over 200 National & International awards and one of the best printers of the world.

Winner of the SAPPI International Printer of the Year award – 2006, 2008 & 2010.

With over 40 years of experience in high quality offset printing, packaging with special focus on value addition by various print finishing techniques including screen printing.

He was was instrumental in upgrading the press with the latest technologies and building a team that was professional in every way. Tech-follower to tech-leader – Pragati traversed the path rapidly making it a pioneer in many facets of the Printing industry. He has made Pragati an extension of the customers’ team, rather than just another supplier.


Artem Nadirashvili, Midi Print, Russia with over 30 years of experience in Screen, Digital, Offset Printing and specialised in high quality screen-printing for advertising, POP, posters, industrial and decorative applications and textile printing.

Winner of over 250 International Awards.

Founder-President of Russian Screen-Printing Association. Member of the Academy of Screen & Digital Printing Technology (ASDPT), USA & also Jury Board Member of SGIA, USA.

Owns a contemporary jazz band. The band played in many music festivals in the USSR and Eastern Europe. Still plays concerts and gigs with his old friends around the world.



Jacek Stencel, PASJA, Poland with over 30 years of experience in the field of special effects screen, offset & digital printing plus printed electronics. Winner of over 22 International Awards.

President of Polish Screen and Digital Printing Association. Member of the Academy of Screen & Digital Printing Technology (ASDPT), USA & also Jury Member of FESPA Awards.

Regular speaker at seminars, conferences and shows and other activities in the industry and academic organisations.

He is a keen golfer, a sailor, a skier and a guitar player.




Kamlakar Wadekar, Founder of Ace Printer, Mumbai. Winner of No. 11 Awards.

Expert in specialty screen printing, UV special effects & offset printing with over 20 years of experience.

Member of SPAI & FESPA and also a jury member of SPAI-FESPA Awards since 2016.

As a passionate specialty UV screen printer, he keeps on experimenting new techniques & ideas.

He revolutionized the use of UV special effect & print finishing in India.




Lorenz Boegli, Atelier fuer Siebdruck, Switzerland. Winner of over 40 International Awards.

Over 26 years of experience in Screen, digital, offset printing, industrial printing. Conducted research on the relationship between the technologies of screen printing and offset lithography.

Member of the Academy of Screen & Digital Printing Technology (ASDPT), USA

He taught screen printing at the Superior School of Art, Bern.




SPAI_Judges_Bernard_BankBernie Banks, Technical Expert in Industrial Screen Printing, UK With over 40 years of rich experience in industrial & various other screen printing applications such as Electronics, Automotive, IMD, PCB, Graphics, Ceramic Decals & Tiles.

Closely worked with Motorola’s design team in Singapore to deliver the world’s first phone with front and back cover manufactured using the IMD process.

He has set up a world class leading Technical Centre in Suzhou, China comprising of a class 10,000 clean room screen making and printing facility.

Spent three years in China managing the Technical Centre and supporting the development of the IMD business with Nokia and their manufacturing partners Foxconn, Hi P and Jabil Greenpoint.


Click the below image to download the awards entry form

A4  SPAI FESPA Awards Brochure jUNE 2017.cdr

Textile screen printing workshop for students of Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai

Hi Friends,

It is my pleasure to inform you that on 27th July 2017, I conducted a workshop on Advanced Textile Screen Printing for 20 students from Sophia Polytechnic, Art and Design Dept., Mumbai. As informed by their faculty, these students have completed their two year Diploma Course in Textile Designing which comes under Directorate of Art, Government of Maharashtra.


Click here to view the glimpse of the workshop.

The students, led by their faculty Kaveri Shelar, whole heartedly mentioned in their feedback that the workshop was informative and that they really enjoyed the practical demonstrations of screen making and digital like quality direct to garment screen printing. They said that such practical knowledge/industry interaction is a big missing link in their study.

They shared in the introduction session that they have had basic theory and practical on manual textile screen printing. So, DMI’s workshop was an eye opener as they could see world class training facilities having advanced garment screen printing technology.

With several years of my experience in manufacturing and education in screen printing, I have also done extensive research in textile printing industry. And I found that garment printers have heavily investing in automation but they even lack some basic knowledge and technique required to produce good printing quality.

There is an illusion that by investing in the best & latest automatic screen printing machines one can produce good quality prints. But lack knowledge in pre press, designing, colour separation, colour management and screen making printers are struggling to get best from such expensive machines. I am sure many of you agree that the garment industry lacks qualified and skilled workforce who are sound in this area.

Most of these students said that there is lack of cooperation between academia and industry. So, DMI has now taken a noble initiative to educate students from textile/fashion institutes and bridge the gap between industry and academia.


In this regards DMI is proposing to various textile and fashion institutes to allow us to set up advanced textile screen printing training centres within their premises so that the next generation of students practically learn textile screen printing with right knowledge.

I urge all textile and fashion institutes to send their students to DMI for such workshops so that they develop interest and get encourage.

Please share your thoughts on this subject.

Bhargav Mistry

10 Reasons why you will improve your print quality, creativity and skills…

Hi Friends,

10 Reasons…

I will tell you why you will improve your print quality, enhance your creativity and improve your skills by simply participating in SPAI-FESPA Awards 2017 COMPETITION.

For a moment just imagine you have decided to participate in this competition.

So what you will do first ?

1. You will start thinking out of the box
2. You will think of new design, innovative concept & better ideas
3. You will bring creative thoughts in mind
4. You will involve your team to think and get new ideas
5. You will research more and find new products and designs
6. You will improve your printing skills
7. You will improve in your team work by involving your staff & employees
8. You will experiment with new techniques and products
9. You will enhance your designing skills
10. You will simply grow your business

You see, winning or losing does not matter. What matters is the above 10 points.

So what are you waiting for… Start sending your best jobs as entries for competition.

And don’t forget by participating in this competition you are also eligible for a free stay on 14 September 2017 at HOLIDAY INN RESORT, GOA, including all meals, to & fro pickup drop, plus free passes for GALA NITE followed by cocktail dinner and entertainment program.

Plus during your stay you will also get to see some of the best printed samples and products live at the display gallery, sent by other printers for this competition.

You will see many printed products and combination of screen & digital, plus screen & offset printing.

And new creative ideas on print finishing, packaging, decals, labels, stickers, electronics, textile, special effects, value addition and much more…

All entries sent for the competition will be displayed during this event.

So learn new techniques and get new ideas from all those samples which will be displayed at HOLIDAY INN RESORT, GOA.

Meet many innovative and creative minds during the awards ceremony.

Network with printers, suppliers and manufacturers.

Gain new business ideas and enhance your thought level.

Increase your standards and sharpen your mind.

Get new business ideas.

All these just in one day.

Even if you simply participate in SPAI-FESPA 2017 Awards Competition you are already a WINNER.


Simply read the above 10 points again.

So let’s begin, start your thinking process from today if you have not started thinking about participating in this competition.

You still have time because the deadline is 20th August 2017.

Download SPAI-FESPA 2017 AWARDS brochure and entry forms.

For any assistance or help. Simply call me on +91 8 655 755 855

Congratulations in advance.

Bhargav Mistry

A4  SPAI FESPA Awards Brochure jUNE 2017.cdr

DMI is truly an International Screen Printing Institute!

July 23, 2017 2 comments

Hi Friends,

My recent houseful workshop had 19 overseas participants (South Africa – 10, Egypt – 5, Japan – 1, Nepal – 2 and Sri Lanka – 1). In all there were 59 participants.

DMI is now truly an international screen printing institute!


There is a saying that sometimes photo speaks more than words. So let me share with you photos of my recent textile workshop.



A4  SPAI FESPA Awards Brochure jUNE 2017.cdrDon’t forget to send your best entries for SPAI-FEPSA 2017 Awards competition which will be held in GOA. Before you send your entries I remind you to book your flight/train tickets for 14th September to GOA.

There are many exciting entertainment programs scheduled during the Awards GALA NITE apart from Awards Ceremony.

Plus you will also meet hundreds of enthusiastic and talented printers and you will also be able to see lots of new innovative samples which will be kept on display on that day.

So don’t forget 14th SEPTEMBER 2017, SPAI-FESPA AWARDS, GOA


Have a nice & lazy Sunday…

Bhargav Mistry

SPAI – FESPA Awards 2017, GOA

July 1, 2017 2 comments

Hi Friends,

Being the Chairman of the Awards Committee of SPAI (Screen Printers’ Association of India). I am glad to announce a mega event “SPAI – FESPA Awards 2017 on 14th September 2017 at GOA”.

As you must be aware that I was also the PRESIDENT of SPAI, till 2016. During my tenure similar event was successfully held in Mumbai last year.

This time the venue is in HOLIDAY INN RESORT, GOA.

A4  SPAI FESPA Awards Brochure jUNE 2017.cdr

I urge all printers to participate in this competition in large numbers.

Time and again I have been inspiring screen printers that participation in any awards competition is very important for the growth of your organisation. It gives motivation to your employees and gives them opportunity to improve their skills and quality.

So do send in your entries to the SPAI-FESPA award competition before 20th August 2017.

There will be international printing experts coming to India to judge the best entries and select for awards.

The Award Nite is scheduled to be held at Holiday Inn Resort, Mobor Beach, Cavelossim, Goa on 14th September 2017. The best season to enjoy this tourist hotspot.

It’s a WIN-WIN opportunity because when you send your entries you are also entitled for 1 night stay which includes, lunch on arrival, cocktail & dinner at the GALA NITE, breakfast next day morning plus pick up and drop from GOA airport or Madgaon Railway Station.

The Awards Gala Nite will be packed with lots of fun and entertainment programs.

This is a great opportunity for all printers to NETWORK with industry experts / manufacturers / suppliers / consultants and other printers.

For your information all entries will be displayed at the SPAI-FESPA AWARDS GALA NITE in GOA.

CLICK HERE to view entries of previous FESPA & Other Awards Gallery which will give you an IDEA about various categories and type of printed jobs which you can send for this competition.

So what are you waiting for CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the AWARDS ENTRY FORM and send your best entries for the awards.

For any assistance you can call us either on SPAI’s Mobile Number +91 9987878299 or DMI Global Helpline Number +91 8 655 755 855

All the best and see you on 14th September 2017 at HOLIDAY INN, GOA.

Bhargav Mistry

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