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Getting ready for the next workshop tomorrow for 3 days

Close to 55 participants coming from various parts of India plus few from USA, Nepal, Himachal etc..

This time at DMI I am going to print process color with 100 LPI exposed on 180-27, exposed straight without moire. UV Inks from Sericol (Graphical GL) has arrived and all set.

This ink has been profiled for 100 LPI on 187-27 Nittoku fabric supplied by Sky Screen Mumbai, squeegees from Fimor France.

I shall show the profiling live with complete workflow how to handle files in the correct way in order to get the image as per proof I mean WYSIWYG.

In print finishing this time a paper bag one sided foiled will be printed with micro embossing and high density multi color stone type effects replacing traditional way of sticking stones manually which you find only in wedding cards but I thought of trying it on the bag this time which is a new concept and will change the trend of comventional bag making. I have printed few samples and it looks outstanding. I shall also be printed with many other special effect inks, metallic inks and varnish supplied by COLORs and other renowed ink manufacturers.

I shall post the image of the bag and workshop photos in details soon…

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