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Michel Caza’s health news

Received the latest update from Michel about his health which I would like to share with you. After a 10 hours of massive operation he had to go for one more surgery again. But seem now ALL IS WELL.

Michel is very close to Indian screen printing industry thru DMI hence I wish to share his email sent to me last week.


Hi all my friends,
After the numerous calls and mails we received those last weeks, many of you would like what happened to my health !

As matter of facts…. Big problems and to be quite frank Therese thought I was not too far from the « Big Nowhere » !

Remember, after the good operation and total elimination of my cancer in November, I needed a second operation to be « reconnected ».

I entered the Hospital Monday 4 January to have surgery the same day – apparently no problems…. I was supposed to get out on Friday 8…..
But, on the Tuesday 5 night, very big pain during ten hours, fever, jumps of blood pressure : peritonitis, big infection, not far from “occlusion”….

Second operation (and anaesthesia) to clean the whole thing and place a new pocket the same evening – 6 January… Two days later – 8 January – new alarm : nosocomial infection through the catheter: a bad
staphylococci !! Bad luck again and new smaller operation to take of some bacteria’s “polluted” liquid somewhere…

Then, I had to stay in the hospital until Saturday 23 one week ago (two more weeks fed with glucose and so on by perfusions with a lot of antibiotics and other remedies….

– Bad thing, when I went out I was very “feeble” muscularly speaking, incredible how three weeks in a bed and perfusion can diminish your body ! – but I now recover slowly.

– Other bad thing, I shall need another operation (new reconnection) in three months times – let us be not too hurry that time ! = 5 operations instead of 2 and I don’t speak of the fabulous costs, widely above our financial possibilities!

But what to do : the American Hospital in Paris I was in is not “attached to the health system” and you recover no more than 20% from Social Security and Private insurances !

– Last bad point : my belly now looks as the one of the Frankenstein’s Monster !

Only good point : I lost 23 pounds (11,5 kg) and have now a perfect weight !

That’s all foxes ! My conclusion :

You enter in hospital for a very important and serious illness…. Totally cured with the help of radio- and Chemotherapy…. And you almost die of an unpredictable double infection catch in the hospital !

Medicine and surgery are definitely “arts”, not “sciences” and as my surgeon said “handicraft arts only” !

Hugs to all of you

Michel Caza

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