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Successful 3 Days Workshop Concluded

What a workshop, I really enjoyed. Many new faces and a great new experience.

This time my friend Kamlakar Wadekar of Ace Printers Mumbai who came all three days with his better half Swati Wadekar and his colleagues to give them a hands on training. I still have to know from him and his team about their experience and was it beneficial for them. I am sure he will post his message soon.

Direk Chowdary a young, tall, handsome and a great human being came all the way from Los Angeles, US to attend my workshop. We had a great time interacting, exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge with each other all three days. He was quite talkative and likes to accepts challenges in his life that’s what I felt from his talks. His company does great work in textile transfers. I am keen to receive his comments and want to know what urged him to come all the way from US to attend the 3 days of workshop at DMI. Even though there are great institutes in and around US for screen printing and would also like to know from him about the knowledge he gained from my workshop.

There were many other serious participant from Delhi, UP, Nepal, Bangalore, Sivakasi, Chennai, Mumbai etc. with whom I also enjoyed and was able to understand their problems and needs. The major problems are related to lack of understanding in pre-press & screen making and that’s where now printers should pay more attention not in just getting best raw materials and machines but also pay attention in improving their basic infrastructure and department.

Most printers do not pay much attentions in keeping their departments clean and hygiene because that’s the first secret in getting good quality screens.

The key to be successful in printing business is to have good knowledge of pre-press because that’s the start point.

The 3 days as usual I cover process color where I demonstrated how to linearize the workflow right from photoshop to positive output. There after I printed 100 LPI job in front of all participants live because seeing is believing as most printers do not believe 100 LPI is possible thru screen and if its possible it must be very difficult. I just printed and proved that its very simple and everyone can do it if they have proper knowledge and that’s what I teach at DMI.

Next day print-finishing where I printed a carry bag with several special effects including micro embossing and 3D effect on a foiled paper and there after tagless and textile transfer on paper and plastic.

Now getting ready for the next workshop on 18-19-20 March 2010 with many new ideas and products. So register before its late.

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