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Colour Management Conference by Kiran Prayagi

If you don’t understand the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) myth then get ready and register yourself for the color management conference from 8 to 10 March 2010 at Sunville, Worli in Mumbai, organized by Mr. Kiran Prayagi of the Graphic Arts Technology & Education (GATE). After going through the invitation, I just thought of sharing my association with Kiran with regard to colour management system.

Let me introduce him in my own way. Whenever I have problem in understanding color management system (ICC PROFILES, Calibrations, etc), my memory downloads only one name in this field: “KIRAN PRAYAGI”.

He is a veteran in this field of color science and theory with plenty of practical knowledge. Whenever I meet him, I always like to discuss with him for hours on this subject. He is a cool hearted and great human being with lot of passion for colour management and that’s what makes him younger day by day.

By the way, my journey and interest into colour management systems, understanding RBG, CMYK and monitor calibration etc. all began from the day I attended his first conference somewhere in 2004-2005 and this is his third Colour Management Conference which I will be attending starting for three days along with others from the industry.

At his first conferences, I gained interest in colour management system. In fact I purchased a complete system from GretagMacbeth with Profile Maker 5.0 software to make profiles and calibrate my monitors (as you know besides manufacturing, I also run an institute on screen printing) because it was also my firm belief that there is no point in just attending such seminars unless we practically apply the knowledge. Today with my own experiments and research I have made this system work very well and easy to adopt in process colour screen printing.

In 2004-2005 colour management system was very raw and very few printers had the knowledge about this system. Even today there are only few printers who know about this system which is the secret to become a great printer.

For over a couple of decades, Kiran has been playing an important role in this area where one has to standardize their profiles. Actually this is the most important subject and area of focus for every printer. My experience says that just laying the dots is not important, but achieving the right target colour is much more important in today’s demanding and competitive world.

So, over to you guys. Be there at Kiran’s COLOR MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE to understand : What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) myth and this is a great chance and a golden opportunity to master this subject from the master.

I shall also be there all the three days because the more I learn the more I gain from him as there are many other prominent speakers and interesting topics on various new subjects. Its highly educative.

So leave away all your work from 8 to 10 March 2010 and dedicate your three days towards knowledge and education for your benefits.

Visit his website http://www.gate.co.in for more information and if you wish to register for his conference then download the registration form following this link http://www.graficaindia.com/PDF/ColourManagementConference.pdf or from this website.

Kiran Prayagi

Kiran Prayagi's Color Management Conference

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