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What a marvelous piece of creativity from Narendra

Narendra Paruchuri need no introduction but I will introduce him in my way for the printers who still do not know the legend.

Narendra of Pragati Offset Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad is one of my favorite personalities in the printing industry. A big man but yet humble and down to earth. A highly respected person in our printing industry, an all rounder, fully dedicated in his work and a passionate printer.

People wait for Kingfisher Calendar but I always wait for his master creation “PRAGATI’s CALENDAR”

During my Pamex show in New Delhi recently I saw his award winning calendar but could not get a chance to see it thoroughly since it was on display. So when I came back from Pamex I called him and requested him to send me few copies to explore his creativity as I was eager to see, touch and feel it.

He asked me to sms him my address which I sent him on the same day at around 8 pm. This big man gave me a big surprise that very next day 3 calendars was at my table by 4 pm. I immediately called to thank him for paying immediate attention. This itself shows his dedication and high level of professionalism which has brought Pragati in the eye of international level.

Narendraji, if you are reading my blog then I would like to say one thing that “TUSSI GREAT HO” for me its very difficult to differentiate which pages are the best but as a judge my GOLD Award goes to May-Jun and Jul-Aug page of PRAGATI’s CALENDAR 2010.

Also I liked one more thing about Pragati’s calendar that you created an excellent fusion by complimenting offset and screen printing process extensively, which I have been hammering in all my seminars, workshops and lectures since many years that screen will be the future to all offset printers for value addition and to increase profitability which you have proved in your calendar.

Pragati's Calendar 2010

Bhargav receives Pragati's Calendar 2010 with open heart

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