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How to save your productive time on unproductive work

Hi friends, I have something to share with you today which shall easy out your routine life. If you are technology savvy like me than you will definitely love this product. What a technology.

In today’s hectic and competitive life we wake up early and go to bed late. Work late hours in office finally at the end of the day we find that we waste most of our productive time in unproductive work like replying emails but even that’s important because we are answerable to our customers and now a days we all type our emails ourselves due to privacy or many other reasons.

But we can now save our productive time. Want to know how?

Ok, Most of the time we avoid replying or typing because we are lazy in typing or our typing speed is very less or we have lot to type, reply tons of emails daily, write many articles etc.

Now you can do this work with ease with Mac Speech Dictate because “It types as you speak” I have purchased this product and it works like magic.



This can further help you write articles, sharing your thought on blogs, keeping notes of your experiments and much more…

See live demo of this product and to know how it works follow this link:

Not only this its really a great tool to suggest for handicap people or organization who helps handicaps because even they have the rights to write articles, share their thought and experience on their blogs, work on computers. Macspeech dictate will help them work alone without any assistance from other family members or friends to write for them.

I recently purchased this product and it took me some time to get a command on it but now its so easy that I can write articles keep notes of my experiments etc. using this product.

My reading and typing is very extensive throughout the day and this product has helped to ease out my typing and increased my efficiency thus keeps me fresh.

Not only I speak and it types but also I am able work on emails, open/close software application and many other things.

For more information log on to http://www.macspeech.com



Windows user may try Dragon Naturally Speaking a similar solution for speech recognition.

Not only this both software also comes with an optional handy add-on tool, so if you are driving or are on holiday or giving speech or seminars you do not need your computer with you just speak come back attach the USB and it download all your speech into words which you can later correct it manually.

  1. February 28, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    Bargav, I love MacSpeech and I use Dragon on my iPhone. Both are great products!


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