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Faux pas during SGAI félicitations évent

The recent event organized by SGAI to felicitate SGIA and ASGA 2009 award winners was indeed a good move. Since all the award winners could not go to either SGIA or ASGA to receive their awards ceremonially, it is good on the part of SGAI to felicitate right in front of an Indian gathering comprising screen printing professionals, on 25th February 2010 where their respective awards were handed over. I congratulate once again all the winners of SGIA & ASGA (because the awards were officially announced/given in 2009).

My company is member of SGIA, SGAI and I am on the panel of ASPT which is a part of SGIA. As you all know that I also run a professional screen printing institute DMI, which is one of its kind in the world and my students have won several awards in the same SGIA 09 competition as by Tarun Printech, Matoshri Graphics, Spectrum Scan, Classic Stripes and others.

While all the award winners were felicitated, at the SGAI event except my institute DMI?. I think SGAI board members do not recognize the importance of an Institute which has made an hatrick and was the second highest winner in this competition.

Is it because, SGAI do not recognize the importance of an Institute, or an award won by an institute is no equal to an award won by a commercial printer? Was it a mistake of SGAI or was DMI left out purposely with a malafide intention? How can one omit name of an award winner when its very purpose was to honor them?

After calling the board members, I could not get any reasonable explanation.


  1. Michel Caza
    March 2, 2010 at 11:15 pm

    Faux pas …. Amazing to see such a so French expression used in India !

    As a strong supporter of DMI – recognised as may be the best screen printing school in the world – I must confess I do not understand !
    It seems to me that everybody in Europe, USA and India admire the job made by DMI and Bhargav… some peoples from SGAI excepted !
    “Malafide intention” is what I believe, and I cannot say I am surprised…. Unfortunately !
    As you may know some people want sometimes be “plus royalistes que le roi”… Other French expression !
    Some persons cannot forget that they are playing in a supposed enemy camp and imagine they please peoples employing them (or maybe pushing them) by creating a kind of segregation showing only their own “obscurantism” and how small minded they are !… Amazing and sad !

    Michel Caza

    PS. Can I hope a deny and an explanation from SGAI ??


  2. Sanjay Vora
    March 4, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    Bhargav. It was unfortunate that DMI name was missed out. I still feel, there could not have been any malafide intention. It could just be, as you mentioned, a fauxpas. At the same time I do agree, it was their professional duty to be in the knowledge that DMI was a receiptian of 5 SGIA awards and the gathered people missed to know the achievements of DMI.


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