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The week that was

I had to give little break to my blog as last week I had a hectic time. In fact I had a hat-trick of events. First there was a daylong Print Summit 2010 (24th Feb) at The Leela organized by the BMPA of which I am the member. Then the very next day there was an Evening on 25th, organized by SGAI to felicitate award winners at SGIA and ASGA competitions. Earlier during the day I was busy with my team at GIPT (for a 3 hour long presentation), followed by a fruitful meeting with the Dean Mr. Waghmare of Sir. J.J.Institute of Applied Art. On 26th there was a lighter moment with my presentation at SKY SCREEN organized event.

But, “all were not well’, some ups, some downs, life is like that you know!

Feb 24: Print Summit, Mumbai:

Let me start with what happened at Print Summit 2010, which was part of Celebrating Printers’ Day – Feb 24.

Shinichi Sasaki of Ryobi enlightened the audience on LED Curing & Technology. There could have been much more food for thought into FMCG packaging segment, although Stefan Hilss, Janoschka Graphics, Germany wrapped up the talk briefly. Followed by some insight into the Role of UV Chemistry and its Future in Food Packaging by Avik Chatterjee, ARETS Graphics, Singapore.

The Paa-Son Panel discussion tried to explore the inter-generational differences/challenges faced by some of India’s flagship printing houses. There was a brain storming talk on why sons want (or prefer) to enter their paa’s business in 99% of the cases. (There are few exceptional cases where son roots out a different branch.)

Anyway, overall it was professionally well organized event. From morning breakfast to dinner they could keep everyone busy whole day. Vikram Sathe’s stand up comedy kept the participants charged up with his good humor, jokes on cricket and politics I think it is good idea to mix up comedy with a professional- technical event like this.

GIPT: 25th Feb:

“GIPT” stands for Government Institute of Printing Technology (Mumbai) where a couple of years ago I had made presentation on advanced screen printing when Prof.Ashok Desai was the Principal Incharge at that time. He had also visited DMI on several occasions. Some of past GIPT students had also undergone training at DMI.

So I have a special love for GIPT (but they do not have modern machines for students’ practical). There was a long gap and I was happy to address over 150 students (1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year and also few from Sir J J Institute of Applied Art, next door). Their faculties were also present to watch the screen printing show.

As usual, when I asked the students what they know about screen printing, except one or two students, all replied saying that it is all but printing visiting cards, letter heads, etc. Surprisingly one or two students replied by saying screen process is also used for printing on ceramics and containers.

I fired a second question to find out whether most of them took admission because of their own interest in printing or they were forced to take up course in GIPT. I was stunned to hear that most of them pursued GIPT because there was no other choice and they simply wanted to continue some education (This is the problem in India, through hundreds of institutions we are creating a large chunk of ‘unsuitable technical manpower’).

Before making presentation on screen printing I injected their mind with an inspiration to create interest in printing since they do not have a natural appetite. I told them to fall in love with printing even if they do not have. I gave them an overall yet exhaustive view of advanced screen printing with special focus on emerging technologies which will keep screen printers busy in the coming years. I also conducted a mock game (a team work fun game) to demonstrate the ‘winning spirit’ among the students, a lesson they will never forget.

After my PP presentation, two students from DMI shared their experience (one of them is now a self made screen printer with Grafica’s help). Then I asked DMI’s Chief HR Consultant Mr. Mohan Kaikini to brief about DMI’s forthcoming courses and events. Following this we showed them the screen printed print finish samples which was explained by my friend and UV special expert, Mr. Kamlakar Wadekar.

At the end of the session, like minded students gathered around us and tried to understand the screen printing world with more details. We now expect some of the students to visit DMI for an industrial visit soon. I will keep you posted on this.

A wonderful meeting with the dean of Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art:

Although I was getting late to attend SGAI’s event, I made it a point to meet Mr. G. G. Waghmare. A thorough gentleman welcomed us in his chamber. Our meeting lasted more than an hour. As I opened up the chapters of DMI and screen printing, his eye brows started opening with curiosity. His interest boosted when I showed him the real art reproduction through screen printing. He could not believe at first instance as they looked just like the original. I explained him the funda and the technology behind art printing. At the end of the meeting he simply said: “Why didn’t you meet us long ago? His intention was clear that he was impressed with modern screen printing and promised to visit DMI very soon as he was touched its activities. I shall post you on this.

I did not forget to mention to him that my late father Shri Dhirubhai Mistry was a student of Sir J J Institute of Applied Art. He was happy that DMI was set up in his name. By the way, he personally took us to an amazing make shift art gallery on the ground floor where hundreds of creative works of old and new creative minds were on display as part of the Annual Exhibition. The handiworks covered on Typography, Illustration, Photography, Computer Graphics and the Exhibition Display Design.

Feb 25: SGAI Awards Felicitation Event:

There was a biggest professional blunder at this event organized by SGAI of which my company is a member. I am also on the panel of ASPT which is a part of SGIA. I also run a professional screen printing institute DMI, and my students have won several awards in the same SGIA 09 competition, actually DMI made and hatrick winning GOLD in 07-08-09. Also in 2009 DMI ranked 2nd after Tarun Printech who won 22 awards.

The blunder was that they were all felicitated by SGAI, leaving aside DMI. I think SGAI board members do not recognize the importance of an Institute, which has made a hat-trick, by winning awards since last 3 years. I believe President and secretary of SGAI will make note of this and will ensure that this blunder does not occur again. I also hope the SGIA president also takes note of this professional mishap.

Any the buck does not stop here. DMI is fast moving with renewed vigor and preparing itself for the next ASPT Award 2010. And, I wish all my friends in the industry in India who will be sending their entries for this year’s SGIA’ competition. Good Luck.

Feb 26th: An evening with Skyscreen customers and its partners:

I was invited to speak on the emerging technologies. But considering the unfortunate traffic jam the program sadly got delayed by two hours as only 10-15 participants could reach the venue around 7.pm although the event was to begin at 6.00 pm.

So, when my turn came (after brief talk by Ulano’s president R. David Eisenbeiss and Nittoku’s President Tetsuro Emori) I had to hurry up the presentation to cover up the delay and I did not want to further pain the tired faces (the program started only at 8.30 pm). Given such an international topic, usually I do not wind up my presentation so fast (just 8 min). I felt bad that I could not convey my message. But at least I could show them various print finish samples quickly.

However, despite the delay, the only consolation was that there was fashion show to demonstrate Sky Screen products (Ulano and Nittoku). After some industry experts brief talks, the event reached its last leg (cocktails and dinner) before which Sky Screen’s team walked on the ramp and exchanged words of teamwork.

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