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Kiran’s color management conference concludes

Where ever there are technical and knowledgeable seminars and presentation I alway like to attend. Many people think its a waste of time but some times 1% can bring revolution in you life. Also you get to chance to meet and interact with masterminds.

My friendship with Kiran Prayagi is since many years. He is highly qualified in this application of color science and theory as I could see from the number of participant (more than 120) who came from all corners to understand this tricky but a simple subject which is also one of my favorite.

Actually its so easy but one has to understand the correct workflow and to understand the workflow one has to know in depth about the Photoshop, ICC Profiles, Color Sync, softwares and applications.

A little hard work on this subject can change printers quality drastically.

There were other many prominent speaker and sponsors from various countries who spoke on this subject in depth. Some of them were really good for printers but I could see majority of participants were designers, artist or from pre-press side. So I urge printers to take more and more interest to participate in such informative knowledge sharing workshops.

Last day an open house was kept for sponsors so that participants can interact with their technical representatives and could get an hands on information plus live demo of various softwares and products.

My students and my team from DMI were also present at the open house to show our latest creativity in process color screen printing and also explained the participants one to one how we use to calibrate our UV screen inks and generate our own ICC profiles for different inks and substrates.

I am proud to inform that DMI is the first institute in the world who has successfully incorporated color management system in screen printing and believe me it is working so well and that now it has made my life very easy and I find it the most comfortable system to work rather than setting up manually which takes lot of time plus its always a trails and error.

If you use proper color management system in your press I am sure your problem can be solved with just few clicks.

If anybody wants to know more about color management in screen printing do let me know. I would love to interact with such techies.

Take care…


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