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In this workshop I proved that UV Ink is 60% to 70% cheaper than Solvent Ink

18-19-20th March 2010 DMI Workshop Particiapants

“Thank you participants for coming all the way from remote places to attend my workshop which concluded today. Your interest, hunger for knowledge kept me enthusiastic through out the workshop”.

The kind of interest generated by each participant in every workshop on “REFLECTIVE MICRO EMBOSSING” technique is a reflection of new hopes and opportunities in screen printing.

This time I made a special presentation on costing, explaining various parameters about how to arrive at a proper cost per sheet considering a typical screen printing unit. The costing mechanism involved labor cost, overheads, ink consumption calculations, mesh, squeegee, emulsion and chemical wastage etc. to arrive at the final break even cost which has to be charged considering print order ranging from 100 to 2000 sheets and above.

Further, my calculation also removed the misconception of solvent ink to be cheaper and UV ink to be very expensive. But my thorough statistics of ink consumption calculations per kg showed that solvent ink is not cheaper, but is 60% to 70% expensive than UV inks.

Also I am sure that all those who have understood this misconception of UV v/s Solvent will not never attempt to go for solvents ink in future and may immediately shift to UV.

For your information, UV saves lots of space, manpower, time, rejection and is less hazardous for health.

I thank Nirav of Star Labels for giving me valued practical consumption analysis of UV inks which further helped me in arriving at proper of costing worksheet. He was also kind enough to be a part of this workshop for all three days.

I think I shall continue this interesting issue of costing in every workshop at DMI so that printers may not make huge losses because of wrong costing method.

I also thank Mohan Kaikini, COO of SPAI who is always kind enough to come during every workshop to create awareness about SPAI and FESPA activities. This time he gave valued information in detail about the FESPA Awards Competition e.g. how to participate etc. in the forth coming FESPA 2010 exhibition which is scheduled in 22 to 26th June 2010 at Munich, Germany.

I urge every screen printer in India to participate in this prestigious international competition and get a chance to WIN 5000 Euros and make India proud. For more information on the FESPA 2010 awards you may directly email Mohan at info@spai.in or you can also him on 9820287300.

I have already scheduled my next workshop date from 13 to 15 May 2010. For registration log on to http://www.graficaindia.com as there are limited seats.

In the next workshop we are coming out with many new ideas on print finishing like falling calendar with 9 special effects including micro embossing on foils plus process color screen printing on textile transfers and tag-less label as usual.

So let’s stay connected.


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