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New batch of students joined DMI

Dear Friends,

Too many things have happened in a short span of time since my earlier post.

After returning back from my vacation, I had very few days to prepare myself for DMI’s workshop which was scheduled from 13th to 15th and to prepare my presentation for the inauguration which was on the last day of my workshop i.e. 15th May 2010 where we were to launch WORLD’s FIRST 5-in-1 NANO-SCREEN MAKER and NANO-SHARPENER.

The workshop, launch report plus the concept and idea behind the making of NANO-SCREEN MAKER 5-in-1 and NANO-SHARPENER will follow later.

First, I would like to welcome my new batch of students from Don Bosco School of Printing, New Delhi and GIPT, Mumbai who have joined DMI from 16th May for advance training on screen printing.

Since last three years DMI has kept on investing in many advance equipment’s, tools and accessories which will benefit these batch of students to know more in depth about film outputting thru our new EPSON-9900 printer as well detailed knowledge about RIP, process color screen printing and print finishing.

Unlike other stereotype institutes I like to give my students more practical training rather stick to only theory. This way students learn faster and better. All of them will be trained on latest machines and with advance techniques.

So please wait for few days to know their names, background with interesting stories about these young entrants and also interesting to know why they choose the printing industry.

Have a profitable week.


DMI's new batch of students

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