I happy to know DMI’s growing popularity globally



This time I had participants from Bahrain which indicated the growing popularity of DMI all over the world. I was happy to receive Philip Eapen K and his colleague P. Madhusoodan Prabhu from Dar Akhbar Al Khaleej, Bahrain.

This time I printed a calendar on a transparent plastic sheet which I called it as a falling calendar. The design was such that as you turn from Jan till Dec it complete the whole fish aquarium because each month we printed some elements with special effect and metallic inks. Due to transperancy of plastic one could easily see the prints underneath which clears my concept of falling calendar.

In process color screen printing we printed a image of Santa Claus with 100 LPI which you will see in my workshop photo gallery as few participants holding it to see the uniqueness of CMYK screen printing.

Santa Claus screen printed during DMI workshop in 100 LPI

Santa Claus screen printed during DMI workshop in 100 LPI

Some participants expressed their unfading contentment after attending DMI’s novel workshop and said to me that for the last seven years he was into screen printing and only doing simple jobs due to lack of knowledge but after my workshop he vowed to change his attitude and I liked his spirit.

He also informed me that he will start experimenting on critical jobs because he has learnt many difficult techniques in a very simple manner from me in my workshop.

More than half of the workshop participants stayed back on the last day till late evening for the launching ceremony of world’s first 5-in-1 NANO-SCREEN MAKER, NANO-Sharpener and a presentation on Grafica’s super saver combination package NANO PREMIER LEAGUE (NPL), a complete in-house screen printing solution offered by my company Grafica. The presentation was made by me which compelled some participant to book the package even though they did not come with such planning to purchase any equipment.

My company managed to book 27 Nano-Premier League package on the spot.

DMI’s next workshop is scheduled from 1st to 3rd June 2010. This time we are going to print folders with special effect. This effect are very useful for printers who are into wedding cards business. Even industrial screen printer would enjoy this coming session because I have completely revamped my presentation with more video illustrations with many new topics which will help them to screen print better.

Have an enriching day.


  1. June 5, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    Dear Bhargav sir
    It is a wonderful experience with DMI. I Learne many things from DMI & Grafica which is helpful to develop my Screen Printing unit and also management techique from u. After participating in workshop my confidence is increase to Create a wonderful jobs wiht our NANO PREMIER LEGUE.
    Thanks to U & DMI

    Bipin Shinde


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