Adobe Illustrator CS4 Tips

Question: 1
Is there a quick way to find the center of your Artboard in Illustrator?” and the answer is, Yes!

You can actually mark the center of your Artboard, by double-clicking on the Artboard tool. In the Options window that opens, check the Show Center Mark option in the Display section, and press OK. This creates cross hairs to mark the center of your Artboard. If you change the size of your Artboard, the cross hairs will automatically recenter themselves.”

Question 2:
Is there a Quick Way to Draw a Diamond Shape?

Yes, you can draw a square by holding down the Shift key while clicking and dragging with the Rectangle tool (M). Is this a way to draw a diamond shape with 90° corners? You know, kind of like a square that’s been rotated 45°.

Give this a try. Select the Ellipse tool (L), then click and drag while holding down the Shift key to draw a circle. Then press Shift+C to access the Convert Anchor Point tool and click on each of the four anchor points in the circle to convert them to corner points. This will convert your circle into a diamond with equal corner angles of 90°.

Hope this tip may help you somewhere.

Have a knowledgeable day.

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