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Guest Blog: Michel Caza – From the GURU to his Indian Friends

This was my letter to Michel Caza with his reply in regards to my queries which is informative and will be interesting to all screen printers who are serious about winning international or national awards.

My letter to Michel…

Hi Michel,

Checkout my blog about Fespa event.

Recently I had calls from many disappointed customer to whom I had encouraged them to participate in Fespa awards.

Some of them could not understand why their entries were not even qualified for bronze or silver. According to them they had done remarkable job.

I gave them some reasons but I prefer if you can make some tips in points so that I can forward them which will help them to win next time.

I need tips as what judges looks into prints what type of innovation they consider in printing etc etc

I hope you understand what I mean this tips I will put up on my blog and also specially forward to all printers who participated in Fespa competition and wish to do so in future.

This time 190+ entries that means more than 50% entries came from India, 13 Awards won. With such poor results I request you to please provide us some tips and suggestions which would be helpful to all my friends and colleagues to prepare better entries in the next FESPA or other international/national awards competition.

You have a very superb track records as far as award are concern and if I am not wrong your company Graficaza won more than 350+ awards in many international competition. Please throw some light in this matter and guide us so that next time my customers and friends within his industry can do far better that what they have achieved doing so far.



Reply from the GURU… Michel Caza


Let’s be serious ! This is a competition with people participating from many countries !

To be quite honest, I agree that it is difficult to fight against my pupils – this year the Swiss Lorenz Boegli (Atelier für Siedruck) and the Russian Artem Nadisravili (MidiPrint), won 25 Awards… And happily for them and for many other, Indian printers included, three other of my pupils did not compete !

When I was participating in the FESPA and SGIA competitions, it happened that my company received up to 24 Awards (my last competition at Fespa, 2002)… Adding my pupils, the « Cazagraphy Gang », some years won 20% of the Awards decerned ! And the competitions, with between 50 and 1,200 entries, were even more difficult !

I competed between 1982 and 2004 and won around 350 Awards…

Simply because my technology was the best and the halftones the finest. Since 1992 when my pupils started to compete too, and as they still do it now, they keep our « spirit and concern for producing high quality only ».

I must confess that I know exactly and personally the feeling of « disappointment for not to say anger » that many of the Indian competitors have so sure they were to win awards ! This happened so many times to me in the past ! And so many times, I did not understand the manner the judges were judging ! I sent often many prints and the ones receiving an Award were not quite often the ones I expected… Even more, sometimes, entries I sent as « why not ? », won and I still never understood why !

I have also been and still is often « on the other side » being judge or President of Juries in screen and/or digital Award competitions and a good part of the « Rules for Judgment » in Fespa Competition are of my initiative.

Then I know how much a judgment, even with clear rules edited for the judges – example : « never judge the « beauty or aesthetic quality of an image » – because this is a notion often cultural and very different in many countries ! ».

But anyway, judgments can be subjective, random, and even not rational but the Jury is the king.

I learned with the years to accept those judgments of my peers, justified or not in my eyes.

You, my Indian friends, are « Young at heart and Young in those competitions !

You must accept both the relativity of the judgments and the fact that it is much more difficult to compete against printers from the whole world than only against Indian competitors in National Awards competitions, of course !

Please, be adult ! it is childish to participate in such a competition being so sure to win and to complain when you lost because a Jury choose someone else as « better » than you !

Do as I did in the past – competition after competition – participate with your best possible jobs again and again, be patient, if you are so good, then of course the best, this will be recognised some day.

I may also recal that if two of the highest Fespa Awards, the ”Best in Show” and the “Run up Award” went to my pupils Lorenz and Artem, the third, my own Award, the “Michel Caza People Choice Award” given by the visitors went to… an Indian company, AB Screen !

It nice and amazing at the same time because the “choice of public” comes often from the heart, and not only from “technical considerations”.

This said, for your information, the judging criteria are the following :

0 – 30 points Complexity

0 – 30 points Image definition, precision and sharpness

0 – 20 points Colour appearance

0 – 10 points Application of use

0 – 10 points Creativity

Then, good luck for the next Fespa competition and try again and again if you want to win !

Michel Caza

Joined as an « example » the 24 Fespa Awards of my company, Graficaza at Fespa Madrid 2002

Michel Caza's Few Outstanding Award Winning Entries

Michel Caza's Few Outstanding Award Winning Entries

With great concern,

23:50, 19th July 2010

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