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I wish a bright future to my 7th batch of students

DMI Students - Batch 7

DMI Students - Batch 7

“Today’s students are tomorrow’s printing professionals”. So, before I move on to pen down my experiences with the students, please join me in wishing an all-round growth and success to the 7th batch of students who just completed and made a quiet exit from DMI last week end.

Don Bosco Technical Institute, New Delhi, Prasanjeet Mandal, Michael Fanual, Amrit Ming & Punit

Pusa Polytechnic, New Delhi, Gaurav Tyagi & Rahul Taliyan

IPT, Pune, Sagar Pawar, Vinod Chippa, Ram Baban Mali, Satish Shinde, Abhijit Joshi, Nilesh Patil & Amit Bhosale

Shilpa Bharti Institute of Fine Arts and Craft, Jaipur, Mohit Goyal

Kala Vidya Sankul, Mumbai, Pravin Awatar

GIPT, Mumbai, Hemant Ghegad

DMI Students - Batch 7

DMI Students - Batch 7

If you would have visited my institute DMI during the last month, you would have felt the hectic practical training sessions underway for 16 print technology students from various institutes. But every time when student leave my institute I really feel a ‘stillness’. But this is a temporary feeling till my next batch arrives.

As the 7th batch of students made their exit after one month’s training there was a sudden vacuum at DMI. That was the kind of hectic activity going for the last one month with light-camera-action every day. No emotional attachment but mere feeling of love for my students and my passion for teaching some good lessons of life apart from screen printing which is a dire need of our screen printing industry.

First time I have had a special experience because this time these students came from six institutes – Don Bosco Technical Institute and Pusa Polytechnic, New Delhi; IPT, Pune; Shilpa bharti Institute of Fine Arts and Craft, Jaipur; Kala Vidya Sankul and GIPT, Mumbai. This way I could observe a different pattern of learning skills and knew their different culture and teaching method of their institutes.

DMI Students - Batch 7

DMI Students - Batch 7

I really admire the patience, commitments and eagerness of these young blood to gain knowledge in advanced screen printing.

Initially some of them were little nervous but within 2-3 days they were out of the phobia as from day one I put them to operate all machine under the guidance and supervision my faculties.

Their phobia was mainly due to the fact that during their print technology studies they were never allowed to operate any machine and equipments. So, when they were told to come closer and learn to operate for a moment they were speechless. Anyway that’s how we treat students and that’s how we provide training.

Before making exit, these students sincerely filled up their feedback form with their personal biography and about the knowledge they acquired from me during their one month’s stint at my institute DMI. They even wrote some short poems on and DMI… I was touched by their love and affection. (Click here to read their feedback & experience)

I want to just convey my sincere thanks to all the faculties and officials at various institutes who inspired these students to join my institute for one month’s training program on advanced screen printing.

Shailesh Yeole, DMI's Training Faculty taking practical classes

Shailesh Yeole, DMI's Training Faculty taking practical classes

I also really admire my entire team for making my favorite passion of teaching a grand success.



  1. Pradip Nagadia
    September 18, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    Dear Bhargav,
    I’ve visited your seminar @ Rajkot. It was superb. Today while reading your Graphica News, I found something that I think will be useful for u. Plz visit
    I think, it will worth to visit.
    I wish to join seminar @ DMI and already registered myself from your web, but not got confirmation from your side. Plz do needful and oblige.


    • September 20, 2010 at 8:10 pm

      Thanks for the comments and link.

      There are certain system our institute follows to send confirmation.

      I am sure you will get it soon once the complete list is shortlisted because we give priority to Grafica customers first and the remaining seats are thereafter confirmed for others.


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