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High Value Packaging Through Screen Printing – Introducing The Cake Basket

This time I have come back after several weeks but excuse should be granted because several innovative developments are taking place in GRAFICA & DMI at a rapid pace just to make sure the screen printing industry is always ahead with innovations in demand. The way our entire team is moving forward with great innovative ideas running in their minds everyday. That’s great!

Sometimes I feel its great to have such highly motivated team because ideas does not come only by paying huge salaries. To run a great organization you need full dedicated and highly inspired team.

So let me first begin with my 3 days workshop at DMI recently concluded on the 9th Oct 2010.


DMI Workshop Participants - 7 to 9 October 2010

DMI Workshop Participants - 7 to 9 October 2010


In this workshop I had all new participants. That’s great because it proves the eagerness of the industry wanting to learn new techniques in screen printing especially how to achieve value addition by incorporating special effects, many other also calls it print finishing. In-fact DMI’s workshop are very famous in teaching new techniques in screen printing, special effect UV inks and varnish, value addition print finishing every thing through screen printing.

We shall be posting the full report of this workshop along with comments from the participants soon on http://www.graficaindia.com

This time again we had a superb creative packaging completely screen printed with various special effects. I am sure no other process can duplicate the same effects which the power of screen can do. So do not underestimate screen printing process. It can deliver fruits if you go nuts.

Let me introduce you to my CAKE BASKET.


The Cake Basket - Tasty Teasers

The Cake Basket - Tasty Teasers



The Cake Basket - Tasty Teasers

The Cake Basket - Tasty Teasers



The Cake Basket - Opening The Secret

The Cake Basket - Opening The Secret


This cake basket was screen printed on a thick foil laminated 350 GSM paper board to get stiffness and rigidity. So we first began with CMYK screen printing using UV inks on the foil directly. Most of you must be thinking why we are doing most of our developments on foil, well its currently difficult to print on an offset because of the ink drying issues. Either one need UV offset system to print on a foil sheet. So if you can comfortably screen print halftones above 100 lines per inch than a screen printer has an added advantages to get such creative output at the same time one is not depended on other printing process especially when the quantities are not very high.


Glitter Effects

Glitter Effects


Oh, I am off the track. So I was explaining you how I screen printed this box, yes, so first we screen printed the fusion art image with CMYK – UV inks with 100 LPI halftone dots. There after we over printed the high gloss varnish for getting a glossy effect on the box. There after one by one all special effect inks and varnish were screen printed like Matt, Bubble, Coral, Wrinkle, Golden Abrasive, Glitters, Thick Gloss Emboss (Ticky) on some parts of the flower, Orange Metallic Inks was used for the our GRAFICA & DMI Logos, Copper Color Pearl Ink was screen printed inside the handle, finally some spots was left for micro embossing effect that completed the whole idea of this modern CAKE BASKET. With such stunning ideas one can make very high value packaging for all needs.


Coral & Reflective (Micro Embossing) Effect

Coral & Reflective (Micro Embossing) Effect



Wrinkle Effect

Wrinkle Effect



3D Embossing Effect (Ticky) - Screen Printed with 150 Micron Thick Film

3D Embossing Effect (Ticky) - Screen Printed with 150 Micron Thick Film


Wanna learn more about special effects in screen printing register in my next workshop as wedding season is near so this time I am eager to create exclusive wedding card theme with many more special effects as I use to do in all my workshops.

Let me be honest that in India GRAFICA & DMI has played a very big role in the development of the screen printing industry especially in print finishing, special effects screen printing and value addition packaging. Don’t you feel?

To view complete Photo Gallery of this workshop CLICK HERE


Live Demo of The Cake Basket during DMI's Workshop

Live Demo of The Cake Basket during DMI's Workshop


  1. Kamlakar R. Wadekar
    October 14, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    Sare Jaha se Aacha Grafica & DMI hamara.
    Very Good, Great, Keep it up.


    • October 14, 2010 at 6:25 pm

      Thankyou Sirji,

      Very happy to hear from you after a long time…

      Bohot kuch kuch apse sikha hai aur sikhte rahenge.

      Also, you have been a great instrument in the success of DMI.

      Wish you a Happy Dasera in advance.

      Best Regards,



  2. murtaza kapadia
    October 14, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    hello sir

    fantastic design with fantabulous print

    happy dasera in advance


    • October 14, 2010 at 11:32 pm

      Thanks and happy dasera to your entire team and family.


  3. October 14, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    Halo sir
    First class Job sir.
    Sir can u send the sample of DMI creativity jobs to me?
    On chargeable basis also i am ready to paid but please send.

    Happy Dasera to you and Grafica, DMI

    Bipin Shinde


    • October 14, 2010 at 11:34 pm

      I think you need to call or email my sales team I am sure they will send it to you.

      Happy dasera


  4. October 17, 2010 at 12:18 am

    Dear Mr. Bhargav Mistry

    The effect of “The Cake Basket” & “Chocolate/Mithai Box” featured in PrintWeek 8th October 2010 Issue on Page 29, was indeed breath taking.

    We are interested in contacting your kind self / Sales Team for designing & printing our “Chocolate Boxes”.

    In fact we are ready to accept the pink Chocolate Box mentioned above, in its totality, if available off the shelf for the Diwali Season.

    Please email us your contact details at the earliest & oblige.

    Looking forward to your immediate attention & favourable response.

    Thanks & best regards.

    Hitendra Shah.


    • October 19, 2010 at 1:15 pm

      You can contact Mr. Hanish Mehta on 9920466687 in this regards. He would be able to guide you.

      Thanks for your comment and I hope you will like all my future creativity in packaging.



  5. michel Caza
    October 25, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    Its true that sometimes my life is awfully busy too ! Just as our Bhargav !

    After Vegas – where as you know I got the Howard Parmele Award – I went to Marseille in the South of France to receive the Slovak delegation that came to visit the GPSF, the French Screen and digital printers Association and printing companies in the South of France.

    Now that I am back home, I like to comment the last communications on your blog beginning with “The cake basket”
    As you said “a superb packaging completely screen printed”… I agree, but most interesting for me is your comment about the “all new participants” for the workshop.
    My only concern is that this kind of print would be difficult to sell in Europe… Why ? Maybe a little too many special effects : Matt, Bubble, Coral, Wrinkle, Golden Abrasive, Glitters, Thick Gloss Emboss and micro embossing… In Europe or USA, the cost to manufacture and screen print this beautiful thing with so many effects would be too high, except for extremely luxury packaging… But I know the Indians are creasy about packaging and to achieve such a fantastic job is for your students and attendants in DMI workshop a fantastic training !

    As we see now with “Ideas on Education”, I always believe that the big key rely in teaching, learning, apprenticeship. How to practice our technology, often our art – I mean screen printing – if no one teachs it ?
    When I made a lot of audits in companies, as well graphic, textile or industrial in several countries, India included, I found that the biggest problem was training. Many young peoples working in a company learn from the ‘old timer” the so called technology… Of course totally obsolete since years !

    Despite this, in India, you are very lucky : you have DMI and Bhargav… The best school for screen in the world and one of the best teacher !
    But let us be realistic : one huge and high tech school (University, Institute, etc.) for… one billion peoples of which 100,000 are supposed to be screen printers !
    And as you said, in graphic schools, in general dedicated to offset printing, “they are never exposed to advanced screen printing technologies”.
    Perfectly true and not only in India ! Same thing in Art Academies, or Technical Schools for glass, ceramic, electronic, automotive, etc…

    In France, we have 65 millions peoples, more or less 5,000 screen printing companies or departments in industry… But 25 schools. Maybe not as good as DMI, but good enough to teach properly the “basics” of screen printing.
    But here too, as in so many other countries, the teachers – when they exist – are so far from the “high tech of screen printing ! I estimate that in general the teachers are four of five years behind the last advancements of screen printing…
    So, once again, you are lucky to have DMI and Bhargav !

    “Jumping Jeans”… Interesting concept with the same restrictions than for the Cake basket if related to the European market in matter of costs. Maybe if our distributors would buy in India, that could be acceptable here in financial terms.

    Some small purely technical comments.
    I printed tons of a fluted polypropylene very similar to the one you name SunPack. I never paid attention to the Corona treatment, “fresh” or not or even inexistent… The UV ink I was using, as matter of fact not a specific UV ink for each plastic, but the same UV ink for all types of substrates (paper, board, PET, PS, PMMA, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC hard or soft, aluminium or copper, etc). The only difference was that for some of those substrates, I was adding 5% of an hardener (or catalyst) that was giving a perfect adhesion.
    I fully agree with the fact you better use a triple shore for the squeegee (65-95-65 shore) and that it is an absolute necessity to print parallel in direction of the flutes, with a very low pressure : kiss printing and this means a very high tension of the screen (25 to 30 N/cm) and then a very small off-contact : 1 mm or 2 maximum.

    Your technical article Advantages of screen printing process, Advanced printing technology, etc. is really excellent and could have been signed Michel Caza !

    And, to conclude, I fully agree with your “14 points to become successful in printing”… Especially the number 13 : “adopt a guru”.
    When I began my screen printing experience – a student job during 1954 in Sweden – I had a guru named “Silko Jonson”, the most cleaver people I ever met for his exceptional skill to hand-cut the films for the screens… I met him again in Stockholm for my 50 years Jubilee in Screen (2004) he was 86 years old but still active…
    To be a guru as Bhargav says I am for him, is an honor and a responsibility for the Guru too and, in return, if you choose Bhargav as your Guru, I will be happy and proud !

    Michel Caza
    October 25 2010


    • October 28, 2010 at 11:00 am

      Thanks Michel for writing and commenting so much in details. I am always thrilled when I receive your comments.

      I am replying and giving views paragraph wise.

      Yes, as DMI is getting more and more popular we are now getting couple of foreign visitors in every workshop. Once I had participants from US, UAE, Russia, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Nepal and many few more…

      In India people spend huge amount on wedding cards, speciality packagings mainly used in Sari boxes, Diwali and many other seasonal occasions. In this regards I should also comment on my next post taking your views into consideration that Indian screen printers can do good business in US & Europe to sell such high quality decorated stuffs at economical prices even though make good profits.

      Time is changing printers have understood the importance of training because of DMI and more and more printers are registering for the workshop. You will not believe that my workshop registration are over booked within 15 to 20 days after I announce my next workshop date. This means printers have definitely realized the value of my education. Secondly I have never repeated the job in my workshop. Every workshop since inception I bring new ideas and innovations, new prints, new job, new task, new slides, new topics, new technology and I feel that is what keeps me motivated or else just feel that every month I have to talk same technology, same topics, same prints, same idea, very boring.

      One day will come when DMI will have its own branches in India.

      Thanks for your idea I shall try to print with the hardener and check the adhesion I hope if you are confident it shall work.

      I did not understand where you want your signature on the articles. Need more explanation.

      For me you are the most important person of my life, you are my GURU, GUIDE and PHILOSOPHER.




  6. michel Caza
    October 28, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    Comment of Bhargav’s comment about my comment !!!….
    I simply mean, dear Bhargav, that YOUR article was SO GOOD that I would have been proud to write such an article and of course to sign it myself !




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