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Incredible experience at Print Pack India 2011!

Hi everyone,

I am back in Mumbai, to be precisely, right in front of my laptop to write this blog intended to share my unforgettable experience at a week-long mega event PRINT PACK INDIA 2011 held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi (16-21 January 2011).

I and my team were really delighted to witness a marvelous turnout of visitors (and plenty of orders!), seeking to know about Grafica’s technology and various value addition possibilities through screen printing process.

I must acknowledge that following my company’s thumbing success at Screen Print India exhibition held in Mumbai in early December 2010, we accomplished yet another booming success at PRINT PACK INDIA, an exhibition of large scale focussing very less on screen printing process and more on other printing processes such as packaging, offset, flexo, etc which was in fact a blessing in disguise. During the show we created lot of curiosity among thousands of printing professionals. That’s because my company always focuses on technology and education.

Since many years we have been participating in Print Pack India and Pamex exhibition regularly. These major exhibitions are usually focused on offset printing/packaging. However, this year at PRINT PACK, even at last Pamex, I noticed that maximum time spent at our stall was by a large number of offset and packaging printers who curiously wanted to know more about print finishing for value addition. My company once again proved that screen printing complements offset very well.

I have been repeatedly telling that my company Grafica not only focuses on products during such exhibitions but we give special emphasis on explaining how printers can explore various possibilities to add value through the power of screen printing process.

An array of DMI’s creative samples gallery including some of the finest special effect screen printed packaging products stirred the creative minds of many offset printers who once used to neglect the power of screen.

I have always marked that when it comes to the scope and opportunities in screen printing many experts from all over world generally speaks about Industrial screen printing, textile, graphics, decals etc. but let me advice you that screen printing has huge demand in print finishing for value addition not only on offset prints and packaging products but also in many other segments. Frankly very few people in the screen printing industry have identified the power and secrets of screen printing in different applications and segments. Actually screen printing is the best and economical solutions and has hundreds of options to decorate your printed jobs.

In this matter I would urge all Ink manufacturers and suppliers to work really hard to develop low cost high quality speciality UV Inks and Varnishes which will help to boost the screen printing industry in various applications and segments.

And this reminds me of the comment made by Prof. Dr. Rajendra Kumar Anayath, Print Media Academy, Chennai – a Heidelberg Initiative. After a complete tour of our stall including DMI’s gallery he told me: “Bhargav, screen printing today is not what it was 6-7 years ago. With the kind of experiments that you are making at your DMI, it appears to me that it has emerged as a printing process to be reckoned with.” Being a printing professional and educationist from the offset arena, his remark is quite significant.

DMI’s creative sample gallery was looking awesome and thousands of visitors took great advantage by grilling team Grafica and DMI students to gain deeper insights into the concept of value addition through specialty screen printing.

This time all my students of recent batch were lucky to join my at Print Pack exhibition in New Delhi. Since I wanted to give them more hands on experience I thought this was a right moment for them to show their performance and share their experience with other printing professionals which they got through my training and classes. In fact they were quite active in showing and explaining visitors how such effects could be produced, that’s because many of the samples were screen printed by these students as part of their curriculum activity at DMI.

Today in a competitive printing world, dominated by print buyers, to get even 5% price increase from customers for regular offset printed jobs is very difficult. But by simply adding some special effects through screen printing process one can even get 10% to 50% price increase or even more. To earn this extra profit it does not require too much of investment as compared to the huge cost of offset presses. And this is what we demonstrated at PRINT PACK INDIA.

So, hundreds of printers including some new generation printing professionals from offset and packaging were stunned and delighted to see an array of DMI’s creative samples – 100% screen printed with various UV special effects for value addition. They wanted to know how such magnificent jobs could be created by screen printing process.

Nano-Print plus was again the show stopper in this exhibition. In fact when I launched this machine I always thought that Nano-Print and Nano-Print plus will follow a ratio of 60%~70% (Nano-Print) and 30%~40% (Nano-Print plus). But it’s amazing to know that it turned out the other way round even though the price of Nano-Print plus is a bit expensive than the previous version Nano-Print.

I am really excited to know that the design and feature of “plus” is very well appreciated and accepted in the screen printing industry with many simple and added features. The size of Nano-Print plus 22″ x 28″ (inch) which we are now offering as a standard model instead of 18″ x 24″ is also one of the factors for the tremendous response. Screen printers do not mind even if they have to pay just few pennies extra to get bigger print area.

Interestingly, we hardly booked individual machines. Almost all bookings were NPL/NPL-plus package which offers a unique combination of my company’s Nano range of products at an unbelievable price. Many customers who booked the NPL commented that no one could have even imagined get such high quality, high standard advanced complete automation system with big savings.

One thing is clear, printers are now realizing the need and importance of screen making. They have realized the great benefit of having a complete screen printing unit in-house rather than just buying a screen printing machine which makes them dependent on outside agencies for screen making.



NANO-PREMIER LEAGUE (NPL) For Print Area 15″ x 20″ & NANO-PREMIER LEAGUE plus (NPL plus) For Print Area 22″ x 28″ package is one of Grafica best engineering designed by my team of engineers. Today with this economic package, every screen printer can think of rejuvenating his screen printing unit.

I was surprised to know from my team that they managed to book more than 100 NPL package during the 6 day show at Print Pack India, which is mainly focused on Offset Printing, packaging and converting. This means 40% more business compare to Screen Print India held in December 2010 at Mumbai which is a focused exhibition on screen printing subject.

In fact, I never dreamt of that Grafica’s CYLINDER PRESS will roar with super extraordinary performance. I can say in the next coming 3-4 months we expect to get one dozen Cylinder Press orders as an outcome of PRINT PACK INDIA and that is in addition to the order booking for 6 cylinder presses at the exhibition itself. This would ensure us to cross half century (50) in our Cylinder Press sales.

There has been a growing trend of many offset printers and packaging printers embracing screen printing process for carrying out print finishing in house instead of depending on outsourcing. So, as anticipated by me well before the exhibition, there were many orders and serious enquiries from offset and packaging segment. This is indeed a good sign of prosperity for screen printing industry.

It was amazing to see the large pool of visitors watching the live demo of Grafica’s NANO-PRINT plus for quite long time and my team was pleased to attend their queries and closing the deals. Even I did not sit idle and I was fully engaged in attending to many of my customers and leading printers showing them my DMI’s sample gallery and teaching them new ideas and techniques to improve their skills and knowledge. In fact my main focus in all exhibition is to invite graphics students from various colleges and attend them personally and to show what’s new in screen printing. Interacting with students helps me to understand their minds and to know their knowledge about screen printing process. I try my hard to ignite them to join the screen printing industry through my institute DMI.

I had the fortune of meeting several valued customers of my company. It was fun to exchange ideas with them. Meeting customers regularly keeps me updated and it also improves my general knowledge about the latest developments going around in the industry.

Because of the popularity of PRINT PACK which is a multi dimensional trade event, there were visitors from almost all the states besides host city New Delhi. With the kind of response we received at our stall, I can say Screen Printing is rocking and will make a major headway in the years. I am also sure there are still abundant opportunities in screen printing only one has to explore by using all the advanced technology with right knowledge.

Today, I am proud that by exhibiting my screen printing machines at offset/packaging dominated exhibitions, my company Grafica has completely changed the scenario of screen printing industry. As always, Grafica’s stall in all exhibitions create lots of curiosity among thousands of printing professionals. I can even proudly say that my company Grafica is working very hard by creating a powerful impact of screen printing process in the printing industry.

I thank all my customers, well wishers and friends in the printing industry who were very supportive to us in this show. I also give special thanks to all those who have given strong reference to others to buy Grafica’s machines. I got refreshed myself when so many DMI Workshop participants visited our stall and greeted me and my DMI team.

So keep in touch and visit us in every event that my company Grafica may participate in future to stay updated with latest trends and developments in the screen printing technology.

To know more about new techniques and advance screen printing process join my DMI Workshops. My next DMI Workshop is scheduled from 17 to 19 March 2011.

Hey, before I forget if you are graphic designer, pre-press operator, wedding card designer or into any kind of designing and want to be more creative then from now onwards DMI is the best place for you to learn many great time saving tips and tricks in Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Acrobat, Bridge etc. directly from the experts from ADOBE INDIA, Rajesh Patil who did a fantastic presentation in my last workshop for more than 3 hours on Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium 5.0.

At DMI, Learn More | Earn More…

Finally I cannot end up this blog without thanking my entire Grafica and DMI team – my rocking stars – who performed brilliantly presented Grafica which made us special from other exhibitors at Print Pack India 2011.

Hope to see you soon…



  1. January 25, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    Halo Sir
    Happy Republic Day
    I am eagerly waiting of your blog on Print Pack India. Sir Last year in PAMEX 10 i booked the Nano Print. this time i missed the Exhibition,but buy by your blog i connect with the Print pack. Congratulation sir for tremendous response of print pack.
    Sir today i send the sample of box which is developed by Our NPL. there is some mistakes by me but hope me u understand & give me the suggestions on it.
    Good night


    • January 26, 2011 at 6:00 pm

      Last time in Pamex you booked Nano-Print this time I was expecting you to book Nano-Print plus… Any way let me see your samples and wait for my comments…




    • February 6, 2011 at 11:49 am

      Hi Bipin,

      I received your samples last week but since I was out of town I could not reply soon.

      Your sample looks elegant but you are DMI’s student and a proud owner of Grafica’s NPL so I am expecting more creative in terms of adding process color, micro embossing etc.

      I will send you few micro embossing design and I want you to incorporate in one of your job and try.

      I know you must be restricted to add more effects due to cost factor but you should give your customers sometimes for free or charge minimum to start the trend.

      One more big news on my blog will be posted soon. I hope you will like it.




  2. Sachin Jain
    January 27, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    hello sir,
    i ve just been back from printpack 2011,and unfortunately i was unable to see ur stall,but just by looking at ur blog,i was wondering if u could be able to help me. After coming back from this exhibition,i was wondering to start a unit of PP sheet Box making unit and if any of ur machines will be useful to me, their estimated cost,a detailed catalouge,and the benifits that i will be having over offset printing.
    Thanks & Regards


    • January 28, 2011 at 12:42 am

      For any sales and technical queries about machines write to: sales@graficaindia.com

      But for your information our Cam-Shell machine would be idle for such applications.




  3. Ashfak Khan
    January 28, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    i am visit our stall in exibition in delhi & LIVE DEMO OUR PRODUCTS & next choice of our nano machine so thank you very much your cont.. information of screen printing technology


  4. January 28, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    Nice blog, Bhargav! I love your commitment to screen and think you are successfully doing much to raise the awareness of screen printing in India. Thank you!

    Hope all well and hope to see you soon,


    R. David Eisenbeiss

    Kissel + Wolf GmbH
    In den Ziegelwiesen 6
    D-69168 Wiesloch
    Tel: +49-6222-5780
    Fax: +49-6222-578100

    KIWO Inc.
    1929 Marvin Cr.
    Seabrook, TX 77586
    Tel: + 1-281-474-9777
    Fax: + 1-281-474-7325

    Ulano Corporation
    110 Third Avenue
    Brooklyn, New York 11217

    Tel: +1-718-237-4700
    Fax: +1-718-802-1119

    E-mail: rdeisenbeiss@gmail.com


    • January 28, 2011 at 10:59 pm

      Thanks my friend. I highly appreciate your comments and I also respect your dedication which you guys have been putting towards the screen printing industry by producing high quality screen emulsions and chemicals (KIWO / Ulano).

      I have always enjoyed your company and hope we meet again soon.




  5. pande ramanand
    January 29, 2011 at 12:48 am

    sir,l reffffffer o my previous email. your equipments r for industries and giant screenprinters only. petty sceenprinters spread all over india not benefited. even in lucknoe,the capital city of u.,your products probabily do not find any place.u have not tried to float low cost tht is below rs 5000 screen printing equipments which can benefit the oor screen printers who print the wedding cards and calenders manually just by investing rs 1000.and r unable to afford your costly machines


  6. January 29, 2011 at 8:55 am



  7. January 29, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    yery good


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