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US delegation led by my friend Mike Young visits DMI and Grafica customers

I know that you are all missing my blog posts for over a month now. That’s because I have been fully preoccupied with lot of new developments. After I returned from FESPA AMERICA (that was my last blog post), I had series of planning and development activities including last DMI workshop, US delegation led by Mike Young, office shifting and streamlining lot of activities post-shifting of my sales, marketing and account office, visits to some international exhibitions, etc. But how long I can suffocate myself with so much news? So, next few paras are all about the immediate past events.

By the way, many big ideas are cropping up in my mind which I feel will create a new bench mark in the screen printing industry with the support of many industry leaders, friends and colleagues. So, just few months to pass before I announce big news that will again bring revolution in screen printing industry.

US delegation led by my friend Mike Young visits DMI and few Grafica customers’ facilities in Mumbai and Pune.

Last month Mike Young, a SGIA Fellows, a member of ASPT, led a US delegation of screen printing professionals to DMI/Grafica, following which I also arranged their visit to some leading customers in Mumbai and Pune as they wanted to get the feel of developments taking place in Indian screen printing industry. Mike and his colleagues were touched by the warm, gracious and generous hospitality of Grafica customers. From my side, I can say that this tour of India was mine and Mike Young’s “THE BEST BUSINESS TRAVEL EXPERIENCE EVER.”

They were in India from 28th March to April 1, 2011 to get familiar with DMI’s activities and to study the developments taking place in Indian screen printing industry as a whole.

Mike is a SGIA Fellows, a member of the Academy of Screen Printing Technology (ASPT) and recipient of the prestigious Swormstedt Award for technical writing. Mike who runs his own consultancy firm Imagetek Consulting International, has also conducted training programs in several screen printing companies in India.

Grafica feels proud to be associated with Mike Young time and again. In 2009 Grafica had sponsored his Knowledge Tour in India, covering various six major cities. Then recently Grafica was one of the prime sponsors of his technical seminars at SPI 2010 in Mumbai.


This time Mike Young’s visit to India was very special. There was no seminar, no presentation, but only mutual exchange of ideas with Team Grafica, DMI faculties and Grafica customers.

This visit was the fall out of FESPA AMERICAS held in Orlando, USA where I had conducted live workshop on value addition and special effects through screen printing process. I was among the five Global Screen Masters who had conducted live workshops during FESPA AMERICAS. The gentlemen were well impressed with my live demo and wanted to know more about DMI’s activities because they were very much impressed by the creativity which I explored in FESPA AMERICAS.


During his interactions with few Grafica customers Mike gave them many TIPS which will definitely help them to improve quality and enhance productivity. Mike was also kind enough to present his ‘Register Guide Technical Book, Part 2’ to few Grafica’s customers during his visit.

Grafica feel honored to have such an association with Mike Young. He has special heart for India and Indian screen printers. He sees a great future provided the screen printers in India remove all bottlenecks the major being “clean-room environment in the screen making and printing setup.” That’s because he saw hard working and sincere efforts by Indian screen printers to achieve quality through high level of automation. He is quite optimistic about Indian screen printers. He says that Indian screen printers can face the challenges ahead with determination, enthusiasm, passion and courage.

On behalf of DMI and my team, I sincerely thanks its customers – Fashion Accessories Pvt Ltd, Star Labels Pvt Ltd, Pinnacle Prints Pvt Ltd, Ace Printers, Sai Toys, Minda Stoneridge Ltd, Pune Metagraph Pvt Ltd, NBA Studios – for all their efforts, resources and valuable time spent with Mike Young and his team. My Team thanks Mike Young for visiting DMI and India to share his rich knowledge generously.

Back home these gentlemen wrote touching letters which are reproduced elsewhere in this newsletter along with Mike Young’s tour report.

Update on Nano-Print plus!

The production of our new innovation “Nano-Print plus” is now in full swing and dispatches are being commenced. There is a surprise to all those who have booked for this machine earlier. Nano-Print plus has been redesigned after meticulous R&D by our engineering team to offer bigger print area 22” x 28” instead of 18″ x 24″ print area with no additional cost.

NPL plus Package

Based on the runaway success of Nano-Premier League (NPL), ‘a complete screen printing solution’, introduced by my company a year ago, I am pleased to announce that we have also launched Nano-Premier League plus (NPL plus) which includes NANO-UV of 18″ curing width. Just like NPL, this unique package also consists of 11 items which is intended to give screen printers greater freedom to deliver high quality jobs with reasonable capital investments.

Grafica’s Cylinder Press

My company has achieved a big break-through in Gulf region and we have already installed several cylinder presses now in UAE. More orders being finalized both in India and abroad. That’s because there has been a growing trend of many offset printers and packaging printers embracing screen printing process for carrying out print finishing in house to provide value addition through screen printing process.

DMI Workshops

Since January 2011 I had conducted two workshops at DMI and next one is scheduled to be held on 21, 22 and 23 April. It gives me immense pleasure to reveal you all that till today DMI has provided high quality training to thousands of printing professionals across the globe through our regular workshops and corporate training programs. My next workshop is scheduled to be held on 9, 10 and 11th June. Do register your names online quickly from our website www.graficaindia.com

At the recent DMI workshop, I demonstrated a new concept of process colour screen  printing requiring low investment. I lined up FOUR NANO-PRINTs with FOUR NANO-UV inline and screen printed 4-colour jobs instantly like a multi color screen printing line. The participants were curious and  enthusiastic to see the simple mechanism of Nano-Print semi automatic multi colour line.

This new concept: “NANO-PRINT semi automatic multi color line” is yet another revolution by Grafica with low investment for faster job turn around in four process colour screen printing with UV inks or multiple UV special effects printing.

Usually four process colour screen printing on a semi automatic machine is to be done one colour at a time and it is not possible to evaluate the final result until the 4th color is screen printed. But with this concept created by my company, screen printers can now instantly see the final output of the printed job and if required one can set the densities of a particular color or tweak the machine settings to get the final print as the proof.

This is really a time and money saving factor which one should start considering as a future investment. This concept also requires less manpower thus reduces supervision time and cost and can increases production at a rapid speed.”

Watch one minute video of this new concept of:

Grafica’s “NANO-PRINT semi automatic multi color line”

Also in the last workshop we had shown a glimpse of Epson T1100 A3+ inkjet printer to make in-house positives. In the coming workshop we will show live demo of how to generate positives without using expensive RIPs to create halftone positives.


This printer is a good investment for producing in-house positives and I am sure it will also replace screen printers who are using tracing papers for making positives. Believe me if you want to do quality jobs and want to improve sharpness and registration accuracy Epson T1100 is a better solution for all NANO-PRINT customers.

This printer can also be used for color prints and proofing. To see how to generate high quality positives using Epson T1100 and how to make halftone positives including process color (CMYK) without using RIPs than kindly register online and reserve your seat for the upcoming DMI workshop.

Rousing success at Gulf Print & Pack, Dubai

My company garnered rousing success at the recently concluded Gulf Print & Pack in Dubai from 14-17 March 2011. This was for the first time that Grafica displayed its Cylinder Press in an overseas exhibition. This was Grafica’s third appearance in the desert.


My Team consisting of Hanish Mehta, General Manager; Keyur Vashi, Sr. Sales Manager and other technical staff were camping in Dubai to manage the exhibition. Grafica’s participation in this exhibition was possible through Dilawar Dalwai of Al Mahir Printing Equipment Trading, Grafica’s loyal representative in Dubai.

Join DMI’s Facebook:

I appeal all screen printers to join DMI’s Facebook network for exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge. Also get many insights and tips from experts. Make friends within the industry and be in contact with world famous gurus and experts who are linked with me. Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/dmiinstitute

Lot more to come soon. Till than good bye…

Bhargav Mistry

  1. Shakti
    April 16, 2011 at 9:55 pm


    I am very satisfied for you & your valuable knowledge

    for Shakti Raj Sharma


  2. Rajib Mitra
    May 31, 2011 at 2:40 am

    It is really great information that you shared. Thanks a ton!
    Just wondering if we could get an advice on which printer to use for the tracing (with the color separation). The laser or the inkjet ? The laser-jet printers mostly (nowadays) are of 600dpi(min) which is really difficult to bring out on the silk-screen.
    Thanks in advance.



    • May 31, 2011 at 10:36 am

      Laser gives good sharpness than inkjet but all lasers currently available are B/W if you use inkjet like EPSON you can use for positive as well as for Color printouts.

      Secondly 600 DPI is not 600 LPI e.g. we keep 1440 or sometimes even 2400 DPI to get an output of 100 LPI. Higher DPI mean better print quality but in inkjet higher DPI takes lots of time to print because it prints slow for high quality output.


      • Rajib Mitra
        June 15, 2011 at 3:44 pm

        Thanks a ton Bhargav bhai .. it’s real help …. you’re great … it’s amazing that you find time to response to all such queries with such quickness and reply with this detail & clarity … we’re PROUD of YOU !!


      • June 15, 2011 at 9:21 pm

        Thanks for your love and affection actually the main reason why I am able to do this is because screen printing is my passion and liking.




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