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Relax and enjoy watching videos of Grafica’s most finest creation of this year

One of the finest creation this year from my company’s engineering team “NANO-PRINT plus” has finally completed half century in just couple of weeks from the day we commenced the production after completing rigorous testings and implementing all major changes and improvements.

Since the day we launched the machine we have been continuously working hard to improve the quality, features and design of this machine to deliver one of the best and the most sturdy screen printing machine to this industry at very economical cost.

One of the most important changes we made from the day we launched the machine was in the printing area i.e. from 18″ x 24″ to 22″ x 28″ without increasing it’s selling cost. So this will be a piece of cake for all Grafica customers who had booked the machine during the launch and there after considering 18″ x 24″ print area.

NANO-PRINT plus was designed on a clean slate and that’s the reason you will never find such creative concept anywhere. It’s ergonomic design and advanced features will make history in the screen printing industry.

NANO-PRINT plus is such a user friendly machine that even a manual screen printer thinking to switch over to automation will find it very easy and simple to operate.

Now coming over to NANO-SCREEN MAKER 5-in-1, I feel this concept in screen making is a super duper hit because it saves space and money plus it give complete freedom to a screen printer by getting high quality screens made in-house.

Every time in my workshop I have alway emphasized more towards screen making and I alway used to say and now again that “screen is the heart of printing, good screen delivers good quality prints”. So finally I feel screen printer are now making a right move by investing on Grafica’s NANO-SCREEN MAKER 5-in-1.

I was recently been told by my sales team that screen printers even in small towns and villages who have bought Grafica’s NANO-SCREEN MAKER 5-in-1 have given very positive feedback and found drastically improvement in their printing quality just by investing on Grafica’s NANO-SCREEN MAKER 5-in-1.

So not taking much of your time today I feel great honored to inform you that finally we have uploaded videos of both these machines. So relax and enjoy watching Grafica’s most finest creation of this year…

Watch NANO-PRINT plus video

Watch NANO-SCREEN MAKER 5-in-1 video

I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.

I shall wait for your feedback after watching the videos.

Oh by the way you must have already received our email few days back and the entry form in printed version by courier to participate in the PrintWeek 2011 Awards competition. If you have got the information and still sleeping wake up friends there is a great chance to win Grafica’s NANO-PRINT once again.

If you have not received this information by any chance and want to participate in this competition than CLICK HERE to download the competition entry form.

Don’t loose this chance as the opportunity is knocking your door once again.

Winning this prestigious award will not only raise your confidence level but will also help you and your company to get global recognition in the printing industry.

Its very easy and simple to participate in this competition.

So what are you waiting for pick up your best screen printed entries and send it to the address given in the form.

As some one has rightly said that…


Wishing you “Best of Luck” and I hope to meet you soon on the stage during the PrintWeek Awards nite and I will be very happy to hand over Grafica’s NANO-PRINT to the most lucky winner.

Have a lucky week.


  1. May 23, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    Namaste Sir
    This is a best videos of Graficas Best Products.
    I used 5 in 1 and all NPL with satisfactory results. Nano Plus is also Best Engineering by grafica, Its features are really the best.
    With 5in1 i really enjoyed the Screen Making.

    Thanks for Grafica

    Sir i want the some tips on Screen Stretching and coatings like pasting of fabric & Emulsion coating.


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