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Grafica shows the path of value addition to visitors @SGIA Expo 2011

I am just back in office after witnessing two mega exhibitions – SGIA 2011 in USA and PAMEX 2011 in India. The SGIA Expo 2011 was held during October 19-21, 2011 at New Orleans and PAMEX was held during 1-4 November at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

First let me share my experiences at SGIA. This time we had showcased the famous Nano Premier League (NPL and NPL plus) package. I spent a quality time with hundreds of visitors. I also attended ASPT’s Annual Meeting held on the sidelines of the SGIA expo.


For me the SGIA 2011 show was very important since my company participated in SGIA after a gap of 7 years. Ron Hayden of RH Solutions our Supplier for North America was quite capable in managing the entire show successfully and enthusiastically with additional support from Mike Young, David Eckl & Andy MacDougall. Even my guru Michel Caza was also present most of the time at our booth to answer queries of knowledge seeking visitors.

Our Booth No. 2901 at SGIA was a learning centre for many US and European entrepreneurs, engaged in screen printing. That’s because we had prominently displayed a large collection of creative print finishing samples and many other UV special effects. These samples were screen printed during our regular workshops at DMI.

We distributed our samples to visitors showing genuine interest in value addition. We had exhausted all the samples in two days and visitors were after us to get these samples. We had left only samples on display.


Although my initial excitement was focussed on introducing Grafica’s Nano range of machines, at the end, I must say that the expo turned out to be an exciting teaching experience to me. Majority of the visitors to our stall including many offset/packaging printers spent more time in understanding the techniques of incorporating various special effects than watching the live demo of our machines. Lots of sticker and label printers, industrial printers also wanted to know whether such special effects can be incorporated on their jobs.

To my surprise, there were many stalls of ink suppliers but none of them had demonstrated any special effect inks/varnishes or displayed the kind of printed samples we had in our stall.

That’s why I feel our presence in the US market through SGIA platform was very timely and stirred the minds of enthusiastic screen printers who want to explore the market for profitable business. I really look forward to make greater in roads into US market.

Coming back to the response part, I must say it was a new beginning for my company as far as US market is concerned. Nano Print was well received in terms of machine built and easy operational system. But Nano-Print plus was a star attraction because of its usual structural design with parallel lift movement. Its unique features and open from all sides design was well appreciated.


On the other hand, Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1 received big thumbs up that is because it was world’s first all in one screen making system. Some visitors closely observed the system and remarked that 5-in-1 system is a fantastic creation of Grafica and a great space saver. They specially pointed out that within the machine itself lot of space has been saved. Many visitors were thrilled to see the unique and easy mechanism of fabric stretching unit attached to 5-in-1.

In India we are familiar with our market. For me it was important to understand the buyers’ psychology in the US market. I must acknowledge that Mike Young was supportive all throughout the show to achieve my goal. He was really a guiding force.


On the other hand, my guru, Michel helped me to deal with European visitors. He was so kind of in responding to visitors’ queries in industrial and graphics printing. I was a great fun and a learning experience for me and even I really had a good time with Michel Caza, Mike Young, David EKL, Andy MacDougall & off course Ron Hayden and I highly appreciate all of them for showing their enthusiasm in support me and Grafica.

And I must acknowledge that Ron of RH Solutions managed the show very well. Grafica really needed a competent professional like him to promote our products in USA. I noticed that he did not waste even a single minute; he was very active all throughout the show. He had the strong backing of David Eckl who is according to me a genius technician and an expert of screen printing machinery and Andy MacDougall who also supported throughout the show.

SGIA 2011 in general – my view point

I was told that last SGIA at Las Vegas was better than this year’s exhibition. Even in 2011 SGIA exhibition on the US soil, I was really surprised to see some exhibitors still trying to promote their manual screen printing systems and wooden frames. While in India my company is spearheading the movement called ‘manual to automation in screen printing’, I did not feel good about the promotion of outdated methods of screen printing right at SGIA expo. Even if such companies want to sell their products, I feel they should not promote it at a premier exhibition.

Over all I think the SGIA 2011 focussed only 25% on screen printing. Many leading screen ink and machinery manufacturers found missing. According to me “SCREEN PRINT INDIA” exhibition is very well organized in India and mainly focussed to promote the screen printing technology.

Although textile industry is active in US, many players (inks and machine manufacturers) did not participate in SGIA expo. I think SGIA should also give special attention to screen printing to ensure that screen printing also take the leading role in SGIA EXPO.

In my view SGIA should encourage more and more manufacturers and suppliers to participate the exhibition so that screen printing as a versatile process gets its due mileage.


These entries were evaluated by an elite team of imaging professionals (including my guru – Michel Caza and close friend Mike Young).

Because photography in the gallery was not permitted I had nothing to show pictorially about the award winning screen printed samples. But I can only narrate in words about the kind of creative award winning jobs which were on display. All were brilliant master pieces.

If I am not wrong, India’s multi faceted printing houses grabbed as many as 44 awards out of 50 main categories in the just concluded SGIA 2011 (USA) Golden Image Award Competitions, which only speaks about the growing power of screen printing in India.

I would like to congratulate all award winners:

Spectrum Scan (7 titles), textile printing specialists Tarun Print Tech (15 titles) and Varsha Transprint (9 titles), India’s top automobile decal makers Classic Stripes (6 titles) and PRS Permacel (3 titles) – Industrial labels and membrane switch makers Pune based Unique Labels (2 titles) and Keetronics (1 title).

Interestingly, this year’s highest honors were given to select winning entries, including:
Best in Digital Creativity: “Angels Pillow Cover,” Varsha Transprint, (Mumbai, India)

Best of Show Digital: “LOreal NutriShine Decal,” Spectrum Scan Pvt Ltd, (Mumbai, India)

ASPT Best of Show Garments: “MAN VIEW CHANGE,” Tarun Print Tech, (Sewri Mumbai, India)

Take care…


  1. Kamlakar R. Wadekar
    November 21, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    Keep it up, my dear Bhargav.
    ” Sare Jaha Se Aacha Grafica Flextronica Hamara”
    Best Regards
    Kamlakar R. Wadekar
    Ace Printers


  2. November 22, 2011 at 1:01 am

    Hi Barghav:

    Greetings from Canada. I had a very enjoyable time in New Orleans this year and the best part was meeting and working with you and the other fellows at the booth. The interest end enthusiasm for the Grafica equipment was very clear to me as I worked the booth and met new potential customers. The Nano PLUS was a hit, along with the special effects ink and the 5 in 1.

    I think we have a great team working with Ron, David, Mike and although it may take a little time to get the word out, I am looking forward to helping spread the Grafica brand in Canada, the USA, and beyond.

    The general mood among visitors to the booth was one of optimism, with many of the screen shops reporting they are at capacity, or at least very busy. I share with you the hope that SGIA will turn some more focus on screenprinting and make an effort to recapture the interest of the screenprinters that no longer attend because of all the digital equipment on display.

    kind regards,

    Andy MacDougall, ASPT

    ps – watch for the relaunch of our new website http://www.tmiscreenprinting.com we will be featuring many of the Grafica products!


    • November 22, 2011 at 8:58 am

      Thanks Andy and I wish you all the great success in life…


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