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FREE Technical Seminars @Screen Print India 2012 Exhibition



Attention Textile Screen Printers!

Grab this Golden opportunity to gain valuable insights from the experts:10 FREE Technical Seminars on TEXTILE SCREEN PRINTING during Screen Print India 2012 Exhibition by: Mark Coudray, USA

Day 1 Wednesday 5th Sept. 2012
Time Topics
12:00 pm How to Maintain Constant Quality
Screen printing process contains dozens of variables.
Learn how and why it is so important to control these variables
2:00 pm Creating the Perfect Underbase for Dark Garments
Learn the tricks to having the brightest possible print with least amount of ink on the garment
3:30 pm Production Floor Layouts
This seminar explores three different production layouts for maximum production efficiency
5:00 pm How to Print Waterbased Textile Inks
This program included discussion of various additives, retarders, penetrants, thickeners, and
anti-crocking agents
Day 2 Thursday 6th Sept. 2012
11:00 am Principles of Quality for Growth – The C.P.R. Concept
C.P.R. Concept is the critical foundation for growing your business and increasing your
12:30 pm Colour Settings for CMYK Printing in Photoshop
You will go through all of key settings that will guarantee your success
2:15 pm Creating Optimum Films & Screens
This seminar details the key factors for creating your optimum print results
4:15 pm How to Print Waterbased Discharge Inks
Discharge printing delivers some of the brightest and softest waterbased prints
Day 3 Thursday 7th Sept. 2012
11:00 am Understanding the Mechanics in Screen Printing
Reveals all the key factors that work together to deliver the perfect print
1:00 pm Understanding the Mechanics of Plastisols
This program discusses these changes and how plastisol inks can be printing to look and feel like
waterbase prints without the problems associated with waterbase production.
Mark Coudray

Mark Coudray is a well known author and presenter in the decorated apparel industry for over 35 years. He is the author of more than 350 papers, articles, and columns on all aspects of screen printing technology and business. He is well known as a consultant and technical advisor to many of the world’s largest brands. Mark served 24 years on the Board of Directors for SGIA and was the 2000 Chairman of the Board. He is also the recipient of the highest SGIA honor, the Parmele Award. Additionally Mark is a member of the Academy of Screen Printing Technology where he served two years as Chairman of the Academy.

4 FREE Technical Seminars on Industrial Screen Printing during Screen Print India 2012 Exhibition by:Mike Young, USA

Day 1 Wednesday 5th Sept. 2012
Time Topics
12:00 pm Key factors governing precise and controllable ink deposition
Crucial considerations for many high- performance industrial, electronic and medical applications
3:00 pm Power to the flood coater
Why it is virtually
impossible to achieve any kind of quality
results by manual printing
Day 2 Thursday 6th Sept. 2012
12:15 pm Squeegee Length
Friend or Foe ?
2:45 pm Printing large-formats
have never been easier
Mike Young

Mike Young has been a specialist in high-definition graphic and industrial screen printing for more than 40 years. He is a SGIA Fellows, vice-chairman of the Academy of Screen Printing Technology and a recipient of the prestigious Swormstedt Award for technical writing. Mike is the creator of the internationally known Troubleshooting Chart and published several technical books on advance screen printing techniques.

UV Special Effects Theme Showcase Value Edition
Meet Kamlakar the UV special
effect expert @Screen Print India Exhibition
UV pavilion between 5, 6, 7
September 2012 and learn more about the fundamentals of UV special effects and value addition in Screen Printing
Kamlakar Wadekar
Kamlakar Wadekar,
Ace Printers,Mumbai
Winner of 11 national awards since 2004, Kamlakar Wadekar is well known to many offset printers in Mumbai and places like Navi Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, because of his unparallel expertise. Kamlakar adopted UV technology in 2000 with great risk at a time when the market for this speciality service was not so favourable, or even non-existent. As a passionate speciality screen printer, he kept on experimenting with UV techniques, as a result his customers slowly got ‘exposed’ to UV special effects. In fact, he created a market for his creativity rather than waiting for it.
Limited Seats
To register your seat/s visit:
Screen Print India 2012 Exhibition,
5 to 7 Sept 2012
Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai
Registration forms will be available at the counter
UV Pavillion Theme Park - Opening
Grafica Flextronica

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Tel: +91 22 26838815/6 – Fax: +91 250 2480786 – Email: sales@graficaindia.com

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