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Few tips to bring change in the screen printing industry

Here are some ‘New Year Resolutions’. I am sure the industry will see “A BIG CHANGE” if these ‘Resolutions’ are followed.

Here we go…
1. Adopt automation to improve productivity.
2. Pay attention towards value addition whether its graphics or garments because that’s where the profit lies.
3. Screen is the heart of printing, so do not compromise on screen making equipment, emulsions, mesh & chemicals.
4. Use only polyurethane squeegee rubbers and sharpen the edge regularly to decrease ink consumption.
5. Maximise the use of UV Inks where ever possible (for graphics, industrial and commercial screen printers).
6. Maximise the use of Water Based Inks, PVC FREE – Phthalate Free Plastisol Inks (for garment screen printers)
7. Use only Yellow Polyester Mesh of high quality.
8. For halftone screen printing use dual-cure photopolymers emulsions and for better sharpness and quick exposure use SBQ photopolymer emulsions.
9. STOP wooden frames and use only aluminium frames
10. Work towards standardisation.
11. Pay attention to avoid. rejections and reduce wastage
12. Spend money for education and training.
13. Visit all printing related exhibitions to keep pace with the latest trends & technology.
14. Have concern for environment, safety, energy savings and other cost saving measures.

My message to screen printers who are into job work:
* Pay more attention towards quality and productivity and do not buy cheaper and substandard raw materials, because today labour, electricity and overheads are more expensive than those cheaper raw materials. Purchase raw materials and develop vendors/supplier who can provide better service and knowledge.

My message to all garment manufacturers who are having in-house printing unit:
* Use only high quality inks and forget ink cost, because the ratio of ink cost is very negligible considering the entire production cost of garment, even if you buy the most expensive ink. Because print sells…

Remember, to bring change in the industry, we need to change.


  1. mithilesh
    February 19, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    Indeed, this is very much useful tips for screen printing business.


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