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Printing Technology Institutes in India should now learn a lesson from Clemson University, USA!

Clemson University, USA

I strongly feel that the printing technology institutes in India should now learn a great lesson from Clemson University, USA, who are using two Grafica’s nano-print plus to teach advanced screen printing process to graphics students.

I salute Patrick Rose, Senior Lecturer of Clemson University, who has taken a commendable initiative to promote advanced screen printing and keep this versatile printing process alive.

The Printing Institutes in India show somewhat step motherly attitude towards ‘screen printing’ process. The syllabus makers and institutes seem to have totally neglected screen printing as if it is an out-dated printing process.

Much against the tremendous advancement taking place in screen printing, I often hear from printing students that the institutes still teach screen printing using out-dated methods. That is exactly why, as a manufacturer of screen printing machines, Grafica has taken the responsibility of imparting education and training to printers and printing technology students through our DMI Institute.

The Department of Graphic Communications, Clemson University, USA, has recently installed 2nd Grafica’s nano-print plus, a semi-automatic screen printing machine which does not require compressor or have any pneumatics inside.

Clemson University, USA Installs 2 Nano-Print plus

As his summer teaching session came to an end, Patrick Rose, Senior Lecturer, Department of Graphic Communications, Clemson University, USA, shares why they invested in two nano-print plus.

What was the objective of installing one more screen printing machine? (While many other institutes still have just small manual screen printing table to teach screen printing):
Both Nano-Print Plus machines replaced two older (1987) machines. We wanted two alike machines for more efficient and consistent teaching.

Why such aggressive educational initiative is needed by investing in technology to teach students?
We have a hands-on intensive program. Although we do not expect students to operate presses later, we want them to have the experience so they can better be managers of people who do operate presses. About 50 students so far since December have used the Nano Plus machine for a 4 colour print.

As an academician what did you like, feature wise, in this machine? Your experience with nano-print plus?
Great experience! I like how quiet they are and the precise nature of their operation. We were looking for a similar size to the machines was replaced. We also wanted a machine that did not require compressed air to operate. We also liked the fact that the screen never tilts, causing the ink to run to one end. The Nano Plus is a unique hybrid of a clamshell and a 2 post pillar type press.

What are your teaching contents?
4 colour process. It is the first printed process colour product our student do- and it is screen printed!

Your views about screen printing … its potential, future and scenario in the US: There will still be screen printing in the future! In the USA screen printed posters and letterpress cards and stationery are becoming quite popular! People want the feel of the texture of screen ink and letterpress impressions. There are also special applications of screen printing for “”functional”” materials used in electrical circuits as well as electroluminescent (EL) displays.

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    April 16, 2014 at 11:00 am

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