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Screen Print India, Goa – Exhibition & Awards

Dear Friends & Proud Screen Printers,

Whenever there is print exhibition abroad, I always wish to visit mainly for two reasons:
1) To know what’s new in print technology
2) What’s going on around in the world of printing.

Besides this, I have also one strong personal reason to visit such exhibitions, that is, to take some break from my routine work schedules by visiting some places of great interest.

Many of my industry friends who travel abroad for the trade shows have the same opinion that they also try to combine business travel with leisure. They spend lot of time in exhibition stalls, talk to exhibitors, see samples and live demo, and then at the end of the day visit some places of interest with their friends and family.

Mega international exhibitions such as SGIA, FESPA, IPEX, DRUPA, etc attract progressive minded visitors from across the globe which is the reason why such exhibitions also attract lot of exhibitors.

In India, print exhibitions are now-a-days becoming monotonous, more and more regional and many big ones organise them in crowded metro cities. Even in some places, I have noticed that printers from the same region where the shows are being organised, do not often visit. That may be because of too many trade shows are being held nationally and regionally within a gap of few months and apart from exhibition, especially in metro cities you do not get proper time to relax have fun around.

In abroad, the purpose of visiting any trade show is not just business but also enjoy leisure, and that’s exactly why this year Screen Print India exhibition is being organised in Goa, a perfect tourist destination of India – Pure business / Sure leisure!

So take a break from your hectic schedule because now you have got the chance to enjoy at the same time see hundreds of world class screen printed samples of various applications plus update your technical knowledge and meet many renowned industry experts and speakers during this four day Screen Print India 2014 Exhibition at GOA starting from 18 to 21 September 2014!


You will also get a chance to see many creative screen printed samples of special effect at our stall…

Here is the video of those amazing and outstanding screen printed sample gallery which were printed in my institute DMI during several workshops.



Start preparing for your visit to Screen Print India Exhibition at Goa and book your flight/train tickets now to Goa. Visitor who lives nearby can also drive all the way to GOA which is also more fun. Don’t forget to make your hotel booking online at one of the finest beach resorts in Goa.

As we all know Goa is famous for beaches and water sports, so have fun and enjoy the weekend with your friends and family during your stay.

You must be aware that there are many FREE technical seminars by renowned international speakers during the show, all four days; seize these great opportunities to upgrade your knowledge.

Meanwhile, I am sure, you are also preparing to send your ENTRY with best samples to Screen Print India Award – I was told that the last date is 26th August 2014. You can download the award entry form and get to know more about Screen Print India Goa at:  DOWNLOAD SCREEN PRINT INDIA 2014 AWARDS APPLICATION FORM

It’s going to be a unique experience – a business & leisure trip to Goa with pleasure. Don’t miss it!

Eagerly waiting to meet you in September at Goa, right at Grafica’s stall…

Until then enjoy the monsoon.

Bhargav Mistry

  1. niravs99@gmail.com
    October 25, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    Any next training or workshop on screen printing in Mumbai?
    let me know. Thanks.
    Nirav P- 9820466267


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