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Who is poor?

Who is poor?

  • Who think he is spending time to earn his daily wages
  • Who thinks he is spending time and not investing
  • Who works harder and not smarter
  • Who works more without applying his brain
  • Who feels wasting time or passing time at work makes him happier
  • Who works as per time 9 to 5
  • Who thinks job security is better than taking risk
  • Who sits for hours on idiot box and don’t read books
  • Who think he works for others and not for this company
  • Who works for money not for knowledge
  • Who works for today
  • Who works with past experience
  • Who thinks he knows everything
  • Who is not open to learn from freshers or beginners
  • Who lives with ego that he is superior in knowledge and experienced
  • Who compares himself with others
  • Who does not laugh and are always serious
  • Who destroys nature
  • Who does not think for our next generation
  • Even if anyone joins with a low salary at a low level, nothing stops anyone from doing their job better than others.
  • Remember savings cannot make anyone rich. Knowledge, experience and reading can make you richer.
  • Health is wealth and only a healthy person can always stay rich. So stay fit, gym, walk, run to stay rich forever.
  • And finally if you have loving mother, father, husband, wife and family than you are the richest person in this world.
So live healthy and stay richer forever…
Happy Sunday
Bhargav Mistry
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