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DMI-T-STOCK Designs, Ready-To-Print Designs for T-Shirt & Garment Printers


Over the years, we have been making constant efforts to support garment printers at large with innovative ideas and concepts, from design to printing. Now I am pleased to announce the launch of ‘DMI-T-Stock Designs’, which is a collection of ready-to-use designs for t-shirt printing.

DMI-T-Stocks Designs is a unique concept initiated by DMI to extend our full support to textile screen printers across the globe.


DMI-T-Stock now has over 150,000 exclusive design collection suitable for screen, digital, or sublimation printing processes and are also suitable for all ages and gender (men, women, kids, boys & girls), and for all-over printing. Plus thousands of latest designs and concepts are added in our library on regularly basis.


DMI-T-Stock Designs come with high resolution images and separate layers so that you can later modify these designs as per your needs.



DMI-T-Stock Designs are available with the following options:

1) Designs with Layers or Composite in RGB Format



2) Designs with CMY + Grey & Black with Under base White & Highlight White in EPS, TIFF or PSD format


3) Designs with SPOT process separation with Under base White & Highlight White in EPS, TIFF or PSD format


4) Designs with CMY + Grey & Black or SPOT process separation with Under base White & Highlight White in 1 Bit PDF format, ready for positive output

1 Bit PDF

5) Designs with CMY + Grey & Black or SPOT process separation with Under base White & Highlight White supplied with positive

At DMI, we use very high end colour management and separation software, and use the World’s most powerful RIPs (Raster Imaging Processor) to output positives.

Apart from our DMI-T-Stock Designs, we also undertake jobs to make high end separations of your own designs and if required we also provide files of those separations in 1 Bit PDF format ready for positive output or we can also supply positives ready to print.

All our separation includes few separate channels to print special effects or we can even make separation to print special effects based on your requirements and criteria.

With our separation techniques and by using 2nd generation FM Screening your ink consumption can reduce by almost 25% to 40% in some cases. Plus this method also delivers brighter colours with moire free prints.


We can also provide 1 Bit PDF files ready for positive output or ready positives with conventional AM Screening i.e. 45, 55, 65, 85 LPI or as per your requirements.

Our separation mainly works with basic 14 Pantone colour technique. This reduces wastage and avoids stocks of special matching colours. An added advantage to increases your profitability.


Also, as you all agree with me that today to get experienced and creative graphics designer is a biggest challenge. When you employ a graphic designer, he can only give you one type of idea, concepts and taste.

So, the best part when you take designs from DMI-T-Stock is that you have the chance to get different ideas, innovations, themes, and concepts, since these designs are collected from various renowned artist & designers globally.



To create DMI-T-Stock Designs, DMI has collaborated with some of the World’s best and experienced artist and graphic designers, with varied interests and thinking, who are known for their creativity and passion.

These designers keep sending us their innovative ideas, designs and concepts best suited to meet the taste of the customers worldwide.

We collaborated with designers from countries such as US, UK, Russia, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, China, Korea, Thailand and India, who send their new designs for DMI-T-Stock collection.



Plus DMI is also constantly sourcing new designs, ideas and concepts from experts in the industry so that you get varieties and options when it comes to selecting designs.

With DMI-T-Stock Designs you can save your precious time because we want you to print more and concentrate on your printing business rather than struggling for designs, ideas and concepts.


Leave your tasks on us, whether it is Design, separation, pre-press or positive making. Because all this comes with DMI team’s 10 years of vast and rich experience in the field of screen printing backed by my own experience of over 25 years in advanced screen printing (since 1989!).


For further information call – DMI’s TECHNICAL HELPLINE no.+91 8 655 755 855

Or write to us at: dtg@graficaindia.com

Meanwhile, happy screen printing…

Bhargav Mistry

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  1. Gaurav Pasi
    June 19, 2016 at 10:40 am

    Congratulations, once again, Bhargav ji.

    Will these designs be available for free or will be sold by DMI? Will there be a login and light-box system like in Shutterstock?


    • June 19, 2016 at 10:52 am

      Not free it will be sold with separations or just composite RGB files with layers


      • June 19, 2016 at 11:05 am

        Okay. Layered files will definitely make the job a lot easier. Please update us about how to view and access the database of the images. It might not be directly helpful in our business of paper printing but it will give us a perspective about how can things be made easier for our segment as well.


      • June 19, 2016 at 1:25 pm

        You can call Shailesh on +91 8 655 755 855 and he will answer your queries


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