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Have you ever tried LUMINAR an excellent photo editing software from MacPhun

Hi Friends,

Have you ever tried LUMINAR an excellent photo editing software from MacPhun. It’s easy and very simple to use.


What makes LUMINAR special? It’s unique PRESETS, FILTERS & LAYERS makes all the difference.

Today we all have camera 24×7 with us and we keep on shooting photos from our mobile phones and we love to share them across various social media platforms or use for our private or business purpose.

But most of the time we struggle to get good pictures due to various reasons, lack of photography knowledge or poor camera or bad lighting conditions etc.. So the photos we shoot are never good to share, which alway discourages us.

In general very few of us can edit photos using various high end photo editing software available in the market today due to lack of knowledge & experience.

So with LUMINAR’s simple and easy to use PRESETS & FILTERS you can now edit your photos with just few clicks and impress the world.

Even if you never tried any photo editing software in your life download LUMINAR today and try their unique PRESETS & FILTERS and I am sure you will always love to editing your photos first before sharing with others.

The best part of LUMINAR is that each PRESETS are editable so you can tweak the photos as per your flavour.

And you can also use it as a plugin with Photoshop & Lightroom to further enhance your creativity.

And here’s the good news!

DMI has managed to get a special offer from MacPhun for all my students, DMI workshop participants, Grafica customers and friends.

The special offer to purchase Luminar + Presets worth $30 for FREE (approx Rs. 2000/-) is as follows:

Total cost of bundle pack LUMINAR + PRESETS = Rs. 6477.00 approx.

Apply special promo code DMI and get 42% discount and save Rs. 2754/- approx.

So the final cost after special discount is Rs. 3723.00 approx.

The reason why I am mentioning approx. is because if you purchase the software in Indian Currency then the cost mentioned above might vary a bit due to exchange rate difference and time of purchase.

If you are living outside India, don’t worry you can still purchase the software in USD or in your default currency. The special code DMI remains the same.

So what are you waiting for download LUMINAR today and impress the world with your photos.

Follow this link to purchase LUMINAR + FREE PRESETS


USE PROMO CODE : DMI to avail the special discount

Because now you won’t need too much skill, knowledge & experience to edit your photos using LUMINAR


Once you purchase this software don’t forget to share your photos with me.

So spend this weekend editing your photos with LUMINAR before you share them to impress the world and your loved ones.

Enjoy Editing…

Bhargav Mistry

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