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Students in Slovakia are transferring their imagination on a blank screen

Hello Friends,

I am writing this blog after watching few videos on YouTube about “Art Workshop” conducted by the Slovak Screen Printing Association headed by my friend and member of FESPA, LUDOVIT BARTOS. This kind of regular workshops are being supported by FESPA.

Bratislava---049After watching all the videos and photos I just called LUDOVIT BARTOS on phone to compliment him and his association for conducting such creative workshop for students to promote screen printing and serigraphy (art screen printing).

As I was going through their activities I found very interesting and amazing photos which I would like to also share with you.

You can click on any photos below to see complete album



Serigrafický ArtWorkshop 2017, foto Milan

Serigrafický Workshop UMB, BANSKÁ BYSTRICA 2016

ArtWorkshop, Trenčín 2015


Workshop Z.Š. F.E.Scherera Piešťany 2015


In such workshops learners are able to see themselves how the designs created by them are transformed into print – be it on paper, plastic, wood or fabric/t-shirt. Such live serigraphy workshops can stir our creative minds.

I can also see many students learning screen printing to reproduce their creative work by ‘driving the stencil directly onto the mesh”, what is also called as the ‘á la prima’ technique’.

In India, NID (National Institute of Design), with its headquarters in Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat also conducts similar training programs for graphic students.

NID_Ahmedabad_20160125_5The students of Graphic Design create a wide range of designs and they are taught the screen printing process to transform their creative input into beautiful output (prints).

At NID also they never encourage students to do designs on a computer. They are supposed to learn graphic designing by hand work like it used to be any other design and Art schools.

This way students are allow to creatively think, create/make original artworks (instead of copying from the internet), and bring it onto print by screen printing.

I also complement National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, for being India’s first printing institute to have an in-house advanced screen printing set up to teach students the great Art called Serigraphy.


dmi-banner-rightDon’t forget to register for my upcoming June workshop. In this workshop I will be also demonstrating Serigraphy (Art Screen Printing).

Keep your creative mind active this weekend.

Bhargav Mistry



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