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10 Reasons why you will improve your print quality, creativity and skills…

Hi Friends,

10 Reasons…

I will tell you why you will improve your print quality, enhance your creativity and improve your skills by simply participating in SPAI-FESPA Awards 2017 COMPETITION.

For a moment just imagine you have decided to participate in this competition.

So what you will do first ?

1. You will start thinking out of the box
2. You will think of new design, innovative concept & better ideas
3. You will bring creative thoughts in mind
4. You will involve your team to think and get new ideas
5. You will research more and find new products and designs
6. You will improve your printing skills
7. You will improve in your team work by involving your staff & employees
8. You will experiment with new techniques and products
9. You will enhance your designing skills
10. You will simply grow your business

You see, winning or losing does not matter. What matters is the above 10 points.

So what are you waiting for… Start sending your best jobs as entries for competition.

And don’t forget by participating in this competition you are also eligible for a free stay on 14 September 2017 at HOLIDAY INN RESORT, GOA, including all meals, to & fro pickup drop, plus free passes for GALA NITE followed by cocktail dinner and entertainment program.

Plus during your stay you will also get to see some of the best printed samples and products live at the display gallery, sent by other printers for this competition.

You will see many printed products and combination of screen & digital, plus screen & offset printing.

And new creative ideas on print finishing, packaging, decals, labels, stickers, electronics, textile, special effects, value addition and much more…

All entries sent for the competition will be displayed during this event.

So learn new techniques and get new ideas from all those samples which will be displayed at HOLIDAY INN RESORT, GOA.

Meet many innovative and creative minds during the awards ceremony.

Network with printers, suppliers and manufacturers.

Gain new business ideas and enhance your thought level.

Increase your standards and sharpen your mind.

Get new business ideas.

All these just in one day.

Even if you simply participate in SPAI-FESPA 2017 Awards Competition you are already a WINNER.


Simply read the above 10 points again.

So let’s begin, start your thinking process from today if you have not started thinking about participating in this competition.

You still have time because the deadline is 20th August 2017.

Download SPAI-FESPA 2017 AWARDS brochure and entry forms.

For any assistance or help. Simply call me on +91 8 655 755 855

Congratulations in advance.

Bhargav Mistry

A4  SPAI FESPA Awards Brochure jUNE 2017.cdr

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