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Importance of Squeegee Pressure Equaliser

Hello Friends,

First of all I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

This year looks promising and enthusiastic as ever.

I am pleased to announce that Grafica will be launching many new and innovative products this year in textile, graphics & industrial screen printing applications that will boost your quality and productivity thus will reduce your investments.

So stay connected with us and receive new updates from us.

In this blog post I would like to explain you one of the most important features in Grafica’s textile screen printing machine “SQUEEGEE EQUALISER SYSTEM”


GRAFICATEX Automatic Textile Screen Printing Machine

This system will help minimise the error in printing.

The most common problems which occurs due to improper squeegee pressure is:

  • Quick squeegee wear and tear
  • Mis-registration
  • Dot gain
  • Inconsistency in colour reproduction
  • Inconsistent ink deposition
  • Very difficult to achieve consistency (especially when repeating same job)
  • Screen tension loss
  • Reduces screen life
  • Loss in print sharpness
  • and there are many more details which is explained in this video

Enjoy watching the video and do share your valuable comments.

Happy Screen Printing

Bhargav Mistry

This video is in HINDI VERSION (English Version will be uploaded soon).

For more information log on to:





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