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Grafica introducing nano-print™ 1015 with touch screen controls

grafica_30 years

Today I am glad to announce that Grafica Flextronica has completed 30 years in the manufacturing of screen printing machines.

And during these years Grafica has invented & produced many revolutionary products that have helped many screen printers worldwide.

On this 30th anniversary of Grafica, I am glad to announce one more breakthrough product that will not just bring revolution in screen printing but will change the rules of the screen printing industry.

After 30 years of research & development Grafica will mark history in the screen printing industry, by introducing one of the worlds most compact, easy to use and affordable screen printing machine, nano-print™ 1015 with touch screen controls.


This machine has a print area of 10″ x 15″ Inch (25 x 38 cm).

The best part of nano-print™ 1015 is that it’s totally mechanical so it doesn’t require any noisy and expensive air compressors to operate.

nano-print™ 1015 is sturdy, heavy duty and can run 24 hours, 365 days non stop.

This machine is designed for quick and easy setup and comes with tool-free settings.

It has an amazing speed of over 1550 impressions per hour.

It comes with user-friendly touch screen controls for easy operation.

All moving parts in this machine are completely hardened for long life, thus maintains sturdiness, and delivers perfect registration while printing.

The vacuum bed is made of high-quality Stainless steel with very tiny holes to avoid vacuum hole marks on prints.

The zero backlash vacuum bed movement With micrometers has total movement of +/- 10mm with a minimum of 0.01mm i.e. 10 Microns. This allows the operator to set close tolerance registration jobs easily and smoothly without wasting time.

Due to the unique aluminium squeegee holder, flood bar with quick tool-free clamping system and mechanical pressure settings which maintains a consistent pressure and delivers accuracy throughout the job.

nano-print™ 1015 is quite compact and so can be transported easily, anywhere. The packaging of this machine is thoughtfully designed to make sure it can reach any destination safely, worldwide.

The optional utility stand is completely detachable to reduce setup time and freight cost. The utility stand not only offers comfortable working height but also helps to store materials while printing.

The utility stand comes with Smooth castor wheels that provide easy mobility. It’s strong foundation bolts help to level the machine after positioning it.

The Squeegee and flood bar movement is on precision guide rails to deliver smooth & vibration free impressions.

nano-print™ 1015 incorporates flat substrates up to a maximum thickness of 7mm. The independent off-contact setting allows it to maintain a precise gap between the screen and substrate.

This machine is capable to print any types of plastic moulded parts and novelty items of flat surfaces. For this Grafica will help their customer to make jigs and fixtures to print on such objects.

All electrical, electronic and mechanical parts used in this machine are of high quality. They are also extremely durable for long term use.

One of the biggest challenges in screen printing is to print on curly and uneven substrates. We have solved this problem in Nano-Print 1015 by incorporating vacuum by foot as a standard feature. This allows the operator to initially register the job and make sure that the substrate is set properly before starting the print. Once the foot switch is released the machine starts printing. This ensures precise registration on critical and difficult substrates.

nano-print™ 1015 is surrounded with safety bar from all three sides to avoid accidents and to ensure full safety of the operator.

The machine consumes very minimum power Which helps to reduce print cost and ensures quick ROI (Return on investment).

nano-print™ 1015 is a plug and play Single phase machine and consumes only 0.5 Units / Per Hour at 220 Volts / 2 amps. Considering an average power cost around Rs. 10 per unit, it will only cost approx. Rs. 5/per hour.

nano-print™ 1015 is intelligently designed and engineered to make sure its robust, fast, accurate and most affordable dream machine for every screen printer.

nano-print™ 1015 is priced so economically without compromising on safety and quality so that every screen printer can achieve a quick return on their investment.

We are excited to announce the ex-works price of NANO-PRINT 1015 for Rs. 127,000* + GST.

nano-print™ 1015 is available online on our website and the booking starts from today onwards. Our online payment gateway also allows you to choose various EMI options using credit cards. This machine is available on easy instalments.

Pay Rs. 239/-* Per Day Including GST & Book Your Own nano-print™ 1015

(Rs. 205/- Principal & Rs. 34/- Interest Per Day For 2 Years Including GST. This offer is applicable only by CREDIT CARDS & *Conditions Apply. For further details on EMI’s, easy instalments & other payment options).

For further details and clarification on the EMI Payment options & various other schemes contact us.

You can also book online using other payment options like E-Net Banking, E-wallets or you can directly deposit to our bank account as per the details mentioned on our website.

Book your own nano-print™ 1015, a revolutionary product Invented By Grafica and grow your business and profit.

So what are you waiting for Pick up your phone and call us NOW!

‭+91 88794 49765‬ / sales@graficaindia.com

For more information log on to:


It’s a now or never chance for every screen printers.

Happy Screen Printing

Bhargav Mistry


nano-print™ 1015 Presentation Video in English

nano-print™ 1015 Presentation Video in English

    January 31, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    Superb engineering….Congratulations…


    January 31, 2019 at 7:29 pm



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