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Spot Process Colour Separation for t-shirt screen printing


Use the latest spot process colour separation technique to achieve high-quality photo images on t-shirts and garment.

Download FREE high-resolution sample files to learn. You can also output positives using the sample files to see the difference in print quality.

Part – 1


टी-शर्ट और परिधान पर सीएमवाइके स्क्रीनिंग का उपयोग न करें।

स्पॉट प्रक्रिया रंग पृथक्करण तकनीक का उपयोग करके टी-शर्ट पर स्क्रीन प्रिंटिंग प्रक्रिया द्वारा फोटो गुणवत्ता छवि को कैसे प्राप्त करें.

सीखने के लिए मुफ्त उच्च-रिज़ॉल्यूशन नमूना फ़ाइलें डाउनलोड करें। आप प्रिंट की गुणवत्ता में अंतर देखने के लिए नमूना फ़ाइलों का उपयोग करके सकारात्मक भी आउटपुट कर सकते हैं।

भाग – पहला


DMI presents – Valentine Card

February 14, 2019 1 comment

On this valentine day, I would like to present DMI’s Valentine Card to all our students, workshop participants, customers and everyone who loves SCREEN PRINTING.

This card is completely screen printed with all UV INKS & VARNISH on foil laminated paper & Mirror.

1st – Matt Black
2nd – Refractive Varnish (Micro Embossing Effect)
3rd – Metallic Red
4th – ROSE FRAGRANCE INK to get the smell of ROSE
5th – Metallic GOLD on Heart Shape
6th – Multi colour glitter on Heart Shape
7th – Wrinkle Varnish on the remaining area
8th – Bubble Varnish
9th – Matt Varnish on Mirror
10th – Drip-off Effect by screen printing
11th – Metallic Orange
12th White Ink

Grafica introducing nano-print™ 1015 with touch screen controls

January 31, 2019 2 comments

grafica_30 years

Today I am glad to announce that Grafica Flextronica has completed 30 years in the manufacturing of screen printing machines.

And during these years Grafica has invented & produced many revolutionary products that have helped many screen printers worldwide.

On this 30th anniversary of Grafica, I am glad to announce one more breakthrough product that will not just bring revolution in screen printing but will change the rules of the screen printing industry.

After 30 years of research & development Grafica will mark history in the screen printing industry, by introducing one of the worlds most compact, easy to use and affordable screen printing machine, nano-print™ 1015 with touch screen controls.


This machine has a print area of 10″ x 15″ Inch (25 x 38 cm).

The best part of nano-print™ 1015 is that it’s totally mechanical so it doesn’t require any noisy and expensive air compressors to operate.

nano-print™ 1015 is sturdy, heavy duty and can run 24 hours, 365 days non stop.

This machine is designed for quick and easy setup and comes with tool-free settings.

It has an amazing speed of over 1550 impressions per hour.

It comes with user-friendly touch screen controls for easy operation.

All moving parts in this machine are completely hardened for long life, thus maintains sturdiness, and delivers perfect registration while printing.

The vacuum bed is made of high-quality Stainless steel with very tiny holes to avoid vacuum hole marks on prints.

The zero backlash vacuum bed movement With micrometers has total movement of +/- 10mm with a minimum of 0.01mm i.e. 10 Microns. This allows the operator to set close tolerance registration jobs easily and smoothly without wasting time.

Due to the unique aluminium squeegee holder, flood bar with quick tool-free clamping system and mechanical pressure settings which maintains a consistent pressure and delivers accuracy throughout the job.

nano-print™ 1015 is quite compact and so can be transported easily, anywhere. The packaging of this machine is thoughtfully designed to make sure it can reach any destination safely, worldwide.

The optional utility stand is completely detachable to reduce setup time and freight cost. The utility stand not only offers comfortable working height but also helps to store materials while printing.

The utility stand comes with Smooth castor wheels that provide easy mobility. It’s strong foundation bolts help to level the machine after positioning it.

The Squeegee and flood bar movement is on precision guide rails to deliver smooth & vibration free impressions.

nano-print™ 1015 incorporates flat substrates up to a maximum thickness of 7mm. The independent off-contact setting allows it to maintain a precise gap between the screen and substrate.

This machine is capable to print any types of plastic moulded parts and novelty items of flat surfaces. For this Grafica will help their customer to make jigs and fixtures to print on such objects.

All electrical, electronic and mechanical parts used in this machine are of high quality. They are also extremely durable for long term use.

One of the biggest challenges in screen printing is to print on curly and uneven substrates. We have solved this problem in Nano-Print 1015 by incorporating vacuum by foot as a standard feature. This allows the operator to initially register the job and make sure that the substrate is set properly before starting the print. Once the foot switch is released the machine starts printing. This ensures precise registration on critical and difficult substrates.

nano-print™ 1015 is surrounded with safety bar from all three sides to avoid accidents and to ensure full safety of the operator.

The machine consumes very minimum power Which helps to reduce print cost and ensures quick ROI (Return on investment).

nano-print™ 1015 is a plug and play Single phase machine and consumes only 0.5 Units / Per Hour at 220 Volts / 2 amps. Considering an average power cost around Rs. 10 per unit, it will only cost approx. Rs. 5/per hour.

nano-print™ 1015 is intelligently designed and engineered to make sure its robust, fast, accurate and most affordable dream machine for every screen printer.

nano-print™ 1015 is priced so economically without compromising on safety and quality so that every screen printer can achieve a quick return on their investment.

We are excited to announce the ex-works price of NANO-PRINT 1015 for Rs. 127,000* + GST.

nano-print™ 1015 is available online on our website and the booking starts from today onwards. Our online payment gateway also allows you to choose various EMI options using credit cards. This machine is available on easy instalments.

Pay Rs. 239/-* Per Day Including GST & Book Your Own nano-print™ 1015

(Rs. 205/- Principal & Rs. 34/- Interest Per Day For 2 Years Including GST. This offer is applicable only by CREDIT CARDS & *Conditions Apply. For further details on EMI’s, easy instalments & other payment options).

For further details and clarification on the EMI Payment options & various other schemes contact us.

You can also book online using other payment options like E-Net Banking, E-wallets or you can directly deposit to our bank account as per the details mentioned on our website.

Book your own nano-print™ 1015, a revolutionary product Invented By Grafica and grow your business and profit.

So what are you waiting for Pick up your phone and call us NOW!

‭+91 88794 49765‬ /

For more information log on to:

It’s a now or never chance for every screen printers.

Happy Screen Printing

Bhargav Mistry


nano-print™ 1015 Presentation Video in English

nano-print™ 1015 Presentation Video in English

Grafica News – Jan 2019

January 13, 2019 Leave a comment


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Importance of Squeegee Pressure Equaliser

January 5, 2019 1 comment

Hello Friends,

First of all I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

This year looks promising and enthusiastic as ever.

I am pleased to announce that Grafica will be launching many new and innovative products this year in textile, graphics & industrial screen printing applications that will boost your quality and productivity thus will reduce your investments.

So stay connected with us and receive new updates from us.

In this blog post I would like to explain you one of the most important features in Grafica’s textile screen printing machine “SQUEEGEE EQUALISER SYSTEM”


GRAFICATEX Automatic Textile Screen Printing Machine

This system will help minimise the error in printing.

The most common problems which occurs due to improper squeegee pressure is:

  • Quick squeegee wear and tear
  • Mis-registration
  • Dot gain
  • Inconsistency in colour reproduction
  • Inconsistent ink deposition
  • Very difficult to achieve consistency (especially when repeating same job)
  • Screen tension loss
  • Reduces screen life
  • Loss in print sharpness
  • and there are many more details which is explained in this video

Enjoy watching the video and do share your valuable comments.

Happy Screen Printing

Bhargav Mistry

This video is in HINDI VERSION (English Version will be uploaded soon).

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Learn all about LPI vs DPI vs RESOLUTION by Bhargav Mistry

December 28, 2018 1 comment

Learn all about LPI vs DPI vs RESOLUTION by Bhargav Mistry

A video tutorial in HINDI Language

For more information log on to:

Happy screen printing

Bhargav Mistry

Grafica’s NEW – Hybrid Dryer (Gas + Electric)

October 2, 2018 2 comments

Grafica’s Hybrid Dryer – Gas + Electric

Grafica’s hybrid dryer is meant for drying jobs printed with wide range of inks on a variety of substrates.

Single touch screen display automatically diagnosis for safety & faults during operation supported by artificial intelligence system with error message display on screen with alarm


Grafica’s Hybrid Dryer – Gas + Electric (Touch Screen Panel)

It’s insulated with high density rock wool and double fabrication throughout to retain maximum heat inside the chamber while keeping the outside relatively cool

Exceptionally imposing airflow management system is facilitated by a very powerful low noise blower that discharges air circulating uniformly around the entire heating chamber’s inner hood through strategically placed holes. Incoming airflow passes through heating system to the printed surface. Because air creates a vacuum-like behaviour at the side of the conveyor and re-circulated to the top again.

Powerful air re-circulation with air purification system effectively scrubs solvents/ water away from the ink surface, thereby allowing faster drying times while lowering temperature requirements for a superior processing.


Grafica’s Hybrid Dryer – Gas + Electric (Top View)

Heated air is recycled, which in effect reduces power consumption considerably, the heating bank consisting of extremely effective heaters are not continuously engaged and drawing power in order to maintain temperature setting. Air circulation system maintains equal heat distribution all over the chambers. External variable airflow damper is provided to adjust exhausted air, according to solvent saturation during production, so that the drying system can always operate in its most efficient manner thus reduces power consumption.

To further improve efficient and energy conservation, a tool- free adjustable entry and exit stainless steel shields are provided to further prevent heat from spilling out to the production area. Exhaust fan below the electrical box is purposely intended to keep the electrical components cool and fully operational.

Single touch screen display with high quality thermocouple sensor, keeps precise temperature inside the chamber to ensure perfect control of drying.

The dryer’s inner chamber has a separate module from the heater to prevent escaping heat from spilling out into the production area.

High quality PTFE coated antistatic conveyor belt comes as standard, which is firmly driven by an AC geared motor with a frequency inverter for precise speed control—a handy feature at times when the belt is fully.

The rubberised conveyor drive roller is specifically cambered for superior belt tracking irrespective if the workload is off centred drying on the conveyor.

The dryer is completely portable in design for ease of mobility or it can be anchored to the floor with its own foundation bolts for a more permanent location.

Finally, to keep the dryer in optimum operation condition, a fine graded filter collects fine fibers and lint which prevents them from detrimentally sticking to the heaters themselves.


Grafica’s Hybrid Dryer – Gas + Electric (Side View)

Standard Features:

  • With removable filter to collect fine fibres, lints & dust particles
  • Compact design
  • Single touch screen display, simple to operate
  • High quality Antistatic PTFE coated conveyor belt
  • Powerful blower to recycle heated air circulation with exhaust system to remove solvent laden air from the chamber
  • Extremely effective heaters with special coating to deliver maximum efficiency and to maintain consistent temperature (max. 200 C / 390 F)
  • Equal heat distribution all over the chamber
  • Variable external airflow damper is provided to adjust the exhausted air, according to solvent saturation during production.
  • High density rock wool insulated heating chamber with double fabrication to retain maximum heat inside the chamber while keeping the outside body relatively cool
  • High quality thermocouple sensor, keeps precise temperature inside the chamber to ensure perfect control of drying
  • AC geared motor with a frequency inverter to set precise conveyor belt speed (Bidirectional)
  • Real Time conveyor belt speed control
  • Rubberised drive roller specifically cambered for superior belt tracking
  • Fine-graded air purification filter to collect fine fibres and lint which prevents them from detrimentally sticking to the heaters themselves
  • Sensor to detect filter choking with error message on screen and alarm
  • Tool-free adjustable entry and exit stainless steel shields provided to prevent heat spilling out to the production area
  • Castor wheel for ease of mobility
  • Exhaust fan inside the electrical panel to keep the components cool
  • In the event of electrical failure a special mechanism is designed to remove material from the chamber
  • The system automatically diagnosis for safety & faults during operation supported by artificial intelligence system with error message display on screen and sound an alarm
  • Safety button placed on both ends for emergency stop
  • High quality gas burner with solenoid and gas volume regulator with all safety
  • Single & double belt models available on request

Click on the link given below to download catalogue & technical specifications:

Grafica’s Hybrid Electric-Gas Dryer

Textile screen printing workshop for students of Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai

Hi Friends,

It is my pleasure to inform you that on 27th July 2017, I conducted a workshop on Advanced Textile Screen Printing for 20 students from Sophia Polytechnic, Art and Design Dept., Mumbai. As informed by their faculty, these students have completed their two year Diploma Course in Textile Designing which comes under Directorate of Art, Government of Maharashtra.


Click here to view the glimpse of the workshop.

The students, led by their faculty Kaveri Shelar, whole heartedly mentioned in their feedback that the workshop was informative and that they really enjoyed the practical demonstrations of screen making and digital like quality direct to garment screen printing. They said that such practical knowledge/industry interaction is a big missing link in their study.

They shared in the introduction session that they have had basic theory and practical on manual textile screen printing. So, DMI’s workshop was an eye opener as they could see world class training facilities having advanced garment screen printing technology.

With several years of my experience in manufacturing and education in screen printing, I have also done extensive research in textile printing industry. And I found that garment printers have heavily investing in automation but they even lack some basic knowledge and technique required to produce good printing quality.

There is an illusion that by investing in the best & latest automatic screen printing machines one can produce good quality prints. But lack knowledge in pre press, designing, colour separation, colour management and screen making printers are struggling to get best from such expensive machines. I am sure many of you agree that the garment industry lacks qualified and skilled workforce who are sound in this area.

Most of these students said that there is lack of cooperation between academia and industry. So, DMI has now taken a noble initiative to educate students from textile/fashion institutes and bridge the gap between industry and academia.


In this regards DMI is proposing to various textile and fashion institutes to allow us to set up advanced textile screen printing training centres within their premises so that the next generation of students practically learn textile screen printing with right knowledge.

I urge all textile and fashion institutes to send their students to DMI for such workshops so that they develop interest and get encourage.

Please share your thoughts on this subject.

Bhargav Mistry

DMI is truly an International Screen Printing Institute!

July 23, 2017 2 comments

Hi Friends,

My recent houseful workshop had 19 overseas participants (South Africa – 10, Egypt – 5, Japan – 1, Nepal – 2 and Sri Lanka – 1). In all there were 59 participants.

DMI is now truly an international screen printing institute!


There is a saying that sometimes photo speaks more than words. So let me share with you photos of my recent textile workshop.


Have a nice & lazy Sunday…

Bhargav Mistry

DMI’s Creative Calendar – A Master Piece For Every Printer

June 23, 2017 4 comments

Hi Friends,
See photos gallery of DMI’s New Luxury & Creative Calendar.


This calendar will be a master piece & reference guide for all Graphic Designers, Screen Printers, Packaging Product Developers and all those who are constantly searching for new innovative ideas in Printing, Packaging, Print Finishing for value addition to make more profits from existing facility.

In this calendar we have printed 23 special effects and combinations of UV Inks, Metallic Inks & Varnishes plus 10 different reflective designs (Micro Embossing Screen Printed).

We have also printed with UV CMYK Inks by Screen Printing using DMI’s new FM Screening Technique on FOIL Laminated Sheets and Special Matt UV White on Black Paper to create and artistic effect on black background.

I am sure you will use this calendar every day in your company for reference and designing purpose. This calendar will surely help you to get new ideas to make better profits.

This calendar was screen printed in my recent workshop and all those 50 lucky participants could see the making of this calendar LIVE.

Plus they could also see and note all the technical informations which I demonstrated during my workshop.


Click here to see the photo gallery of my recent workshop and the making of DMI’s New Luxury & Creative Calendar

If you wish to earn more and stay ahead in competition than order your copy today.

The calendar can be ordered by sending SMS or WhatsApp on +91 88794 49765


You can also email to:

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Have a creative days ahead and stay in touch.

Bhargav Mistry

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