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More than 1200 printing professionals took training at DMI

January 12, 2011 10 comments

It gives me immense pleasure to reveal you all that till today DMI has provided high quality training to more than 1200 printing professionals across the globe through our regular workshops and corporate training programs.

I am also thrilled to know from my team that NANO-PRINT plus is receiving overwhelming response. In just one month after its launch at Screen Print India 2010 exhibition we booked 36 machines. This gives me complete satisfaction that the design of this machine has been widely accepted and highly appreciated by every screen printer. My team has really worked hard to maintain a very reasonable price tag of this machine at the same time keeping a strict vigil on the design and manufacturing.

I am sure NANO-PRINT & NANO-PRINT plus will be trend setters in bringing automation in the screen printing industry all over the world.

Currently NANO range of machine i.e, NANO-PRINT & NANO-PRINT plus, NANO-SCREEN MAKER 5-in-1, NANO-UV & NANO-SHARPENER are not only getting popular in India but we are receiving many serious inquiries daily from overseas market.

For those who have missed the opportunity to see NANO-PRINT plus and our unique package NANO PREMIER LEAGUE (NPL) at Screen Print India 2010 in Mumbai, do not get dejected because we are all set to shows these machines live again at Print Pack India 2011 from 16 to 21 Jan 2011 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

So do visit us at Hall 9, Stall 5, 6 & 8.

How can you miss to see DMI’s latest creative sample gallery, 100% screen printed special effects? By seeing our creativity, you will definitely get new ideas in screen printing for value addition.

I recently concluded one more houseful workshop at DMI. This time there were more than 40 participants including one from Tanzania and one from Mauritius (my new customer).

This time to show innovative print finishing and packaging, we designed a new type of corporate folder with rare color combination of white on a silver foil paper board. The rest of silver foil was overprinted with 3D reflective design to give the most popular ‘micro embossing’ effect which is otherwise produced on a very expensive micro embossing machine. The final product we made in this workshop was Grafica’s new corporate folder, pen holder and sweet / chocolate box.

Previously all our folders and creative samples in packaging and print finishing had 10 to 16 special effects, but this time I made it a point to restrict it to 3 or max 4 special effects. I tried to make the product look more powerful in terms of design and aesthetic look. In fact the reason why I always incorporate so many effects was to cover all types special effects but at the same time participants used to always tell me that I should make design in such a way that the experiment looks viable to sell in the market and not to add too many effects for the sake of demonstration of value addition.

To restrict colors and effects on my practical jobs execution were challenging because we had to maintain very high standards in terms of aesthetics and at the same time limit the cost to a minimum. So, since the last two workshops we have developed packaging products with 3 or 4 colors/effects. At the same time designed in such a way that it looked elegant and premium product but still viable for printers to quote for their customers.

On silver foil mostly I have seen printers print only matt or special effect varnish to make the product effective. Even offset printers usually print process color CMYK but very rarely I have seen printers use white on silver foil. Believe me, white looks very rich in terms of elegance and design aspects. So this time we printed half white, half with 3D reflective ink (micro embossing), on few areas metallic orange and finally thick emboss effect (which many know or I call as Ticky) using 150 micron thick film.

The photos of all this screen printed stuff will give you a clear idea of what I have explained to you here. To know more about such ideas, do register online for my next workshop scheduled for 17-18-19 March 2011.


In this workshop we have added one more flavor in our training program by inviting Rajesh Patil, an expert from Adobe to provide useful, important time saving tips and tricks, using CS5 design premium.

As he informed me before few days that he would take only 1.5 hour session at DMI since it was his first presentation in my institute.

But he subtly observed during his presentation that everyone was quite serious in watching his informative eye-opening presentation, he extended his session and took more than 3 hours, showing many tricks of In-Design, Illustrator and Photoshop CS5. In fact I also realized such session would require more than 3 hours to give justification to the subject.

My institute DMI is now closely associating with Adobe Systems India to provide more time and in-depth knowledge about all Adobe design softwares.

If you are a designer, wedding card producer, a pre-press operator or in-charge of your in-house designing studio or screen printer who wants to make good designer paper carry bags, sweets / chocolate boxes or even advertising agencies, then our next workshop will be very enriching for you.

So, don’t miss our next workshop because I and Rajesh will work closely to make sure we cover the most part of the CS5 Design Premium software which will be useful for printers.

Check What’s New in Photoshop CS5

Few new features of Photoshop CS5

Some more features of Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Spot Healing and Fill Tool

Sneak peek of
new Adobe Photoshop CS5 technologies

Few new
features of Illustrator CS5

Also checkout more information and videos about Abobe CS5

Next, I feel proud to be associated with Mike Young time and again.In 2009 I had sponsored his Knowledge Tour in India, covering various six major cities.

This time my company was one of a prime sponsors of his technical seminars at SPI 2010. Let me tell you little about my friend Mike.

He is a SGIA Fellows, a member of the Academy of Screen Printing Technology and recipient of the prestigious Swormstedt Award for technical writing.

Despite the hectic Screen Print India seminars, he visited my DMI institute and my companies shop floor. He was thrilled to see my DMI’s library which has a collection of various screen printing magazines and books dating back to 1960s. Immediately he told the students to take full advantage of DMI’s facilities including the library.

I must acknowledge and thank MikeYoung because he kind heartedly felicitated the DMI students for winning successive awards in ASPT competitions for the last four years.

Since it was virtually impossible for my students to go to USA every year to collect the award, when Mike Young presented them the certificates and cash awards which was given to each student by DMI.

I am also thankful to Mike for his thought-provoking interview which I have recently published in my Grafica News and e-News. Those who have not read the interview “What are the new and growing profitable markets for screen printers?” HERE IS THE LINK

Knowledge-wise, my customers are lucky these days because in my current and last issue of Grafica News, another international screen printing expert, Mike Ruff, the Chief Technology Officer of Nazdar Consulting Services, was kind enough to contribute two exclusive technical articles for Grafica News which contain lot of tips on color management.

Article 1 | Article 2

I am really indebted to Mike Ruff for his generous contribution for the benefit of my customers and screen printing industry at large. I know Mike Ruff for the last several years ever since I started reading his informative articles. I became closer to him after I became ASPT board member. His experience in the graphics printing industry spans more than 40 years. He is a certified G7 Color Calibration Expert and a regular instructor at the SPTF Graphics Four-Color Workshop in Fairfax, VA, and he has authored numerous articles published in trade publications domestically and internationally.

The PDF version of our Grafica News is now available for download from our website. Those who are not receiving Grafica News you can still download the soft copy.


We are publishing Grafica News since 2004 and circulating around 5000 copies all over India and abroad.

Apart from printers I also make sure to send printed copies to OE’s, Advertising Agencies and Print Buyers. This help them to find suitable printer solution provider.

By this way Grafica updates print buyers about the latest trends in screen printing.

Finally let me end here because I have many task to prepare for Print Pack India 2011 to make sure we make our best presentation at this mega trade event.

At this exhibition all six days we will be printing various special effect on all Cylinder Press, Cam-Shell, Two-Post, Nano-Print plus, Nano-Print with UV inks and varnish.

The latest DMI’s creativity which was recently screen printed in the last workshop will be demonstrate. So do not miss to watch and gain some insights, new tricks on value addition and print finishing.

Our complete DMI creative sample gallery will also be the show stopper for printers who looking for value addition through screen printing and wants to make more profits with minimum investments.

Kindly visit us at Hall 9, Stall 5,6 & 8 to see latest creativity in screen printing technology.

See ya at Print Pack India 2011…



I learnt an unusual idea from Bhargav to earn millions

September 12, 2010 8 comments

I was thrilled to hear this comment from one of the participants during my recent workshop on 19 to 21 August 2010 at DMI (Click here to view the photo gallery).

Bhargav Mistry at the recent workshop at DMI

Bhargav Mistry at the recent workshop at DMI

Participants at DMI attentively listening to Bhargav's presentation

Participants at DMI attentively listening to Bhargav's presentation

This time in my workshop at DMI the subject was to integrate process color screen printing with value addition especially on PP flute board commonly known in India as Sunpack.

I see lots of school & college going boys and girls have one portfolio bag for keeping their drawing and project work. Even my daughter has two bags. But all her friends including my daughter has a standard black color bag.

The idea of making portfolio bag on Sunpack strike my mind once when I went to drop my daughter at her school I saw not only my daughter but almost all her friends had some fancy stickers or wordings or paintings done on the boring black color standard bag because currently there are no options for the colorful youth.

In that case I thought its a good idea for companies to market their products like jeans, t-sirts, cosmetics etc. targeting youth. This way they can market their products every efficiently because the youth have more impact of such creative ideas and concept.

Also till today many screen printers prints on Flute boards (SunPack) day and night for making danglers, POP with cutouts but till today no one has thought exploring various other unique possibilities on SunPack mostly in packaging to generate more revenues and stay ahead of competition.

So in the recent workshop at DMI I demonstrated how to produce such high value PP flute bags with special effects. The name of the job was “JUMPING JEANS”. When it comes to special effect many printers only think of commonly used Spot UV (Gloss, Matt) and other varnishes on offset printed jobs and wedding cards.

DMI's creative bag screen printed on Sunpack (PP)

DMI's creative bag screen printed on Sunpack (PP)

I had ordered this material duly CORONA treated from the manufacturer to print directly with UV Inks specially developed for PP substrate to give better adhesion. While screen printing with special UV Inks for PP, I experienced poor adhesion on the substrate. Later, I discovered the problem was due to old stock. This required re-treatment of CORONA but since I do not have the CORONA treatment facility at DMI, I screen printed a special transparent base coat to utilize the same stock.

Once you apply this base coat you can there after use any type of UV Inks or if you want to avoid the base coat in order to reduce one more printing operation then you may use a CORONA treatment machine to treat the material immediately before printing. This machine is a good investment for any printer who use UV Inks on plastics. Its also useful for offset printers too e.g. they can pass all their non-treated sheets and later stack on the offset press to print with UV inks for better adhesion.

Please note that even though you use CORONA treated substrates you need to use a specific UV Inks for that particular substrate. But there are special base coats for each substrate and once applied through roller coating or screen printing machine you can thereafter use any standard UV Inks.

I screen printed this transparent base specially developed for PP using a 120 mesh with a soft 65-90-65 shore hardness, triple durometer PU squeegee.

There after I screen printed complete image on 180 mesh count using 100 LPI fine dot screen because this bag will be viewed closely.

Once the screen printing was over, I printed abrasive varnish using 77 mesh count on a jeans texture to give the real feeling of the material.

DMI's creative bag screen printed on Sunpack (PP)

DMI's creative bag screen printed on Sunpack (PP)

The front image was over printed with gloss varnish to increase the aesthetics using 165 mesh count.

On front and back of the bag I printed a strip of golden glitter to give a sparking effect. The glitter varnish was printed on a 24 mesh count.

On the rear side “Jumping Jeans” title with a stylish font over the Jeans texture was screen printed using bubble varnish using 77 mesh count to give a bubbling effect.

On the top and bottom portion I printed with wrinkle varnish to give a nice leather kind effect using 77 mesh count. It’s important that if you want to get a wrinkle textures you need a special UV Lamp.

By the was at Grafica, we also supply wrinkle lamp system along with our UV dryers as an optional.

The Grafica & DMI logos were screen printed with special metallic orange ink using 120 mesh count.

DMI's creative bag screen printed on Sunpack (PP)

DMI's creative bag screen printed on Sunpack (PP)

On both the sides the enclosures were printed with golden pearl inks using 77 mesh. A UV matt varnish was overprinted on the golden pearl ink to give a water mark effect using 180 mesh.

The complete job was standardized using 65-90-65 shore hardness PU squeegee rubber because of the uneven surface of the flute.

VERY IMPORTANT: We pulled the squeegee parallel in the direction of the flutes because pulling across the flutes will dramatically increase the possibility of skin collapse between the flutes. This occurs because as the material is heated by the UV light it softens. If the squeegee is traveling with the flutes, it will be supported by all the flutes decreasing the likelihood of skin collapse. We also kept our squeegee pressure as low as possible to avoid crushing of the substrate.

There after we fabricated the bag to make the final product.

This job was screen printed live with various special effect during our recent workshop at DMI on 19 to 21 August 2010.

Since last two session M. P. Raghav Rao, GM, Technical & Manufacturing of FujiFilm Sericol India Pvt. Ltd. has already associated with me in my workshop to talk about last trends in Ink technology.

Raghav Rao with Bhargav Mistry

Raghav Rao with Bhargav Mistry

This time we had a special appearance from Adobe System India Private Limited, Akhil Kuruppan (Regional Sales Manager – West, Creative Business) & Rajesh Patil (Manager – Creative Solutions). Adobe already one of the sponsors of DMI’s educational activities for design software support. So in this workshop upon my request they both came to see what content I cover up in my workshop as far as Photoshop and Illustrator is concern. Rajesh Patil who is also one of the GIPT mumbai student with an experience over a decade in pre-press and design softwares will be joining me in some of my fourth coming workshops at DMI. He will mainly focus of Adobe Creative Suites and topics related to printing technology.

L to R: Bhargav Mistry, Akhil Kuruppan & Rajesh Patil

L to R: Bhargav Mistry, Akhil Kuruppan & Rajesh Patil

In our next job workshop you will be able to see more creative ideas on packaging with special effects. As the wedding season begins we are also creating a unique wedding box with cards inside never seen anywhere… because unusual screen printing happens only at DMI…

So to learn more and earn more register for my next workshop at DMI…

For registration log on to

Adobe Illustrator CS4 Tip – Layer Groups in Illustrator?

“In Illustrator, why can’t I combine individual Layers into a Group folder like in Photoshop?

“Illustrator’s Layers panel may not have Layer Groups, but you can do something very similar to what you like doing in Photoshop. To give it a try, open a new document (File>New) and click twice on the Create New Layer button at the bottom of the Layers panel, so that you have a total of three Layers. Click on each Layer listing in the panel, one at a time, to draw some objects on that Layer. Now, click on the top Layer listing in the panel and Shift-click on the bottom Layer to select all three. Look under the Options menu of the Layers panel and choose ‘Collect in New Layer.” All of the Layers will be collected into a new Layer. This is really quite similar to a Photoshop Layer Group.”

Let’s group…


Digital Printing & Proofing Tips

After returning from FESPA, Munich I just had couple of days left to prepare for my workshop at DMI. There after I had to finish my long new presentation for our unique road shows. These shows are organized by us (GRAFICA FLEXTRONICA) to launch our unique NANO PREMIER LEAGUE series in various every cities of India.

Till now with my team I completed 6 road shows, 3 in Maharashtra (Nashik, Aurangabad & Pune) & 3 in Gujarat (Surat, Ahmedabad & Rajkot). All shows were jam packed and very much interesting and had many uniqueness. I shall post full report with photos of my workshop and these road shows soon. Just to give an idea every city we had over 100 to 150 printers but Ahmedabad had a rocking figure 275 printers. Isn’t it amazing. Every where for me and for printer it was a WOW feeling.

In the mean time just enjoy this video tutorial from Dr. Russell Brown who is one of the chief engineer and scientist of ADOBE. In this tutorial he has cleared all doubts about digital printing and proofing.

Printers today gets digital proof either from their customer or they do it in-house using EPSON or HP digital printers for matching our screen prints.

So its important to understand the color management issues using analog vs digital technology.

Download these 2 videos which shall help you to generate correct proof using accurate printing parameters.

Printing to the Epson Stylus Pro 3800

Printing to the HP Photosmart Pro 9180

If you are on our database you shall soon receive our e-news. If you are not getting it regularly every month than make sure you register thru our website.

Have a cheerful and informative week.

00:50, 19th July 2010

Adobe Illustrator CS4 Tips

Question: 1
Is there a quick way to find the center of your Artboard in Illustrator?” and the answer is, Yes!

You can actually mark the center of your Artboard, by double-clicking on the Artboard tool. In the Options window that opens, check the Show Center Mark option in the Display section, and press OK. This creates cross hairs to mark the center of your Artboard. If you change the size of your Artboard, the cross hairs will automatically recenter themselves.”

Question 2:
Is there a Quick Way to Draw a Diamond Shape?

Yes, you can draw a square by holding down the Shift key while clicking and dragging with the Rectangle tool (M). Is this a way to draw a diamond shape with 90° corners? You know, kind of like a square that’s been rotated 45°.

Give this a try. Select the Ellipse tool (L), then click and drag while holding down the Shift key to draw a circle. Then press Shift+C to access the Convert Anchor Point tool and click on each of the four anchor points in the circle to convert them to corner points. This will convert your circle into a diamond with equal corner angles of 90°.

Hope this tip may help you somewhere.

Have a knowledgeable day.

11:50 pm

Lights Camera Action and the training begins

Meet my 6th batch of students starting their new journey in screen printing getting advance training on modern machines at DMI.

Twelve students from Don Bosco School of Printing, New Delhi and one student from GIPT, Mumbai are currently undergoing one month’s rigorous training in advanced screen printing process at DMI under my guidance. This fresh batch began their journey from 12th May 2010.

Principal of Don Bosco, Fr. Noble George, manager Fr. Reji Tom Antony and placement officer Mr. Michael were all instrumental and supportive behind them to take an advance study on screen printing process under my guidance in my institute DMI.

All the students from Don Bosco have few things in common to share here. They have just completed their ITI in printing technology. Most of them come from a average family background.

It is really hard to believe that these students got convinced to join DMI even before seeing the roofs of my institution. That indicates the growing popularity of DMI which has today successfully completed over 3 years and 6 months in teaching advance screen printing in various applications. Till now thru DMI I have trained more than 1200 professionals and 90 students including this batch.

To their great surprise, these students got a unique experience to participate in DMI’s workshop which was held on 13 to 15 May 2010. This 3 days of workshop at the beginning of our course really helped them in getting insights about screen printing. They also got chance to exchange ideas with many printing professionals who participated in this workshop.

Let me introduce all these upcoming heroes to you one by one. Their names and other details are mentioned in the caption of each photos.

Rishu Patrick (21), Josephnagar Village, UP

Rishu Patrick (21), Josephnagar Village, UP

Sunil Kumar Bhatti (22), Rampur dist, UP

Sunil Kumar Bhatti (22), Rampur dist, UP

Rinku Singh (21), Behrampur-Buzurg, UP

Rinku Singh (21), Behrampur-Buzurg, UP

Sibin David (21), Born in Kerala, settled in Faridabad

Sibin David (21), Born in Kerala, settled in Faridabad

Samuel Mattu (25), Amritsar

Samuel Mattu (25), Amritsar

Nelson Kujur (25), Chhattisgarh

Nelson Kujur (25), Chhattisgarh

Simon Masih (21), Haryana

Simon Masih (21), Haryana

Babychen Sebastian (28), Varnapura, Kerala

Babychen Sebastian (28), Varnapura, Kerala

Sagar Hembron (19), Meerut, UP

Sagar Hembron (19), Meerut, UP

Pranav Nitesh (21), Muradabad, UP

Pranav Nitesh (21), Muradabad, UP

Albert D’Costa (23), New Delhi

Albert D’Costa (23), New Delhi

Thomas Pal (19), Ludhiana

Thomas Pal (19), Ludhiana

Nitin Kamble (36), GIPT Student, Mumbai

Nitin Kamble (36), GIPT Student, Mumbai

DMI also helps these students to get good offers, so if any one wishes to recruit these highly trained technicians under my guidance than please let me know. We shall make sure to send them once they complete their training.

Finally, may I request you to please send them encouraging wishes so that they are charged up till they complete their training at DMI.

Have a encouraging week.



I happy to know DMI’s growing popularity globally

June 4, 2010 1 comment


This time I had participants from Bahrain which indicated the growing popularity of DMI all over the world. I was happy to receive Philip Eapen K and his colleague P. Madhusoodan Prabhu from Dar Akhbar Al Khaleej, Bahrain.

This time I printed a calendar on a transparent plastic sheet which I called it as a falling calendar. The design was such that as you turn from Jan till Dec it complete the whole fish aquarium because each month we printed some elements with special effect and metallic inks. Due to transperancy of plastic one could easily see the prints underneath which clears my concept of falling calendar.

In process color screen printing we printed a image of Santa Claus with 100 LPI which you will see in my workshop photo gallery as few participants holding it to see the uniqueness of CMYK screen printing.

Santa Claus screen printed during DMI workshop in 100 LPI

Santa Claus screen printed during DMI workshop in 100 LPI

Some participants expressed their unfading contentment after attending DMI’s novel workshop and said to me that for the last seven years he was into screen printing and only doing simple jobs due to lack of knowledge but after my workshop he vowed to change his attitude and I liked his spirit.

He also informed me that he will start experimenting on critical jobs because he has learnt many difficult techniques in a very simple manner from me in my workshop.

More than half of the workshop participants stayed back on the last day till late evening for the launching ceremony of world’s first 5-in-1 NANO-SCREEN MAKER, NANO-Sharpener and a presentation on Grafica’s super saver combination package NANO PREMIER LEAGUE (NPL), a complete in-house screen printing solution offered by my company Grafica. The presentation was made by me which compelled some participant to book the package even though they did not come with such planning to purchase any equipment.

My company managed to book 27 Nano-Premier League package on the spot.

DMI’s next workshop is scheduled from 1st to 3rd June 2010. This time we are going to print folders with special effect. This effect are very useful for printers who are into wedding cards business. Even industrial screen printer would enjoy this coming session because I have completely revamped my presentation with more video illustrations with many new topics which will help them to screen print better.

Have an enriching day.


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