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Strengths Weakness Opportunities And Threats in Screen Printing

August 10, 2011 14 comments

“With advancement taking place at all levels, screen printing has evolved as indispensable and a ‘versatile’ printing process”

I would like to pen down some of my recent thoughts about screen printing in the form of a quick SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of Indian screen printing industry scenario.


Automation and UV technology – One of our valued customers who had 15 manual tables has now as many as 7 semi automatic screen printing machines. There are many screen printers whose business has doubled or tripled over the years ever since they switched over to automation along with UV. So, semi automatic and fully automatic screen printing machines are now making inroads into Indian screen printing industry in a big way.

In the last decade, from a predominantly manual printing process there has been a big shift from manual operations to semi-automatic and now fully automatic printing machines. Going by my own company’s sales performance, there has been steep increase in the number of screen printing machines (and UV curing machines) sold in the last couple of years than it was five to ten years ago. Also, a noteworthy transformation is that there has been quantum leap in the number of visitors to our pavilions at various printing industry exhibitions than it was 5-10 years ago.

That’s because screen printing not only involves low investment which is a big advantage for those wanting to join the screen printing business, but also there has been widespread applications of this versatile process and greater awareness about the immense benefits of and need for automation.

“Quality” improvement: Quality in screen printing seems to have come a long way. Today, with automatic precision machines, it is possible to get a result that years ago would have been a dream. Let the world believe that the screen printing process today is faster, better and cleaner.

New trend – combination of processes: There has been a growing trend of offset printers/packaging companies setting up inhouse screen printing unit instead of outsourcing. There are many digital printers who have set up screen printing units to meet the market demand for ‘total print solution’. Screen Printing is the perfect complement to offset and it works in tandem to help generate more business.


Education – lack of knowledge!

I would say knowledge is the key to success to any business. What’s the use if screen printers have fully automatic screen printing line without having a proper knowledge?

In screen printing industry there is not only lack of ‘knowledge’ but also lack of ‘knowers of knowledge’. Inspire of this drawback, over the years, bravo, our screen printers have made drastic improvements due to their sheer hard work and inclination to learn from self help, by reading technical articles, attending exhibitions, seminars etc.

I think the technical education think tanks in India should really make an immediate analysis of the printing education offered in various institutes which is MINUS “advanced screen printing”, they touch upon only some basics and outdated elements of screen printing… very sad especially when the Indian screen printing is adopting automation in a big way and the need for trained screen printing professionals is shooting up. In the recent past, there has been a growing trend of offset printers embracing screen printing, whereas the printing institutes emphasizes more on offset and other printing technology.

On my part, I am determined to take screen printing education to a greater height through my own institute DMI. I am receiving tremendous response from the industry. What was started as workshops with 8-10 participants today our workshops are always houseful with long queue of waitlisted knowledge seekers.

I had produced and screened a video film ‘Screen on Screen’ in 15 cities few years ago. Following this success, we followed it up with yet another round of all India campaigns (ten) whereby we took our entire Nano Premier League package to show the screen printing process live to printers.

I fully agree with Mr Narendra P of Pragati Press, Hyderabad who recently said that the old mindset ‘screen printing business can easily be started with an investment as low as Rs. 500-1000 to print visiting cards, letterheads, etc, has to change now. That’s because technological development in screen printing has moved much ahead of this thinking. I strongly also agree with his view point that in screen printing every step is a ‘science’. So without learning this ‘science’ nothing can be printed qualitatively. By learning new techniques we can assimilate it in our daily practice.


Applications, unlimited: Screen-printing is a fantastic technology that is used by many industries with so many old, new and not yet discovered applications – both flat (plastics, cloth, metal, thin to thick papers, sunpack/sunboard, rubber, leather, wood, glass, footwears, PCBs, ceramics, etc) and non-flat substrates, by using appropriate machinery and inks. Further, this process is also widely used in packaging, labels, Smart-cards – the list of screen printing application is endless.

Growing trend – Value addition through various UV Special effect inks/varnishes: What was started as Spot UV – matt and gloss – today with the availability of various UV special effects, screen printers have now great chance to excite consumers. The range and variety of effect is extensive and it provides the marketer, print buyer and designer with a number of exciting possibilities.

Use of non-paper Substrates: Continuous advancements and developments in polymer technology, expertise and cost-effective manufacturing, plastic substrates are replacing traditional materials in many fields (environmental conditions apply!). These include : PVC, Polypropylene, HIPS, Lenticular Films, Polycarbonate etc. Polypropylene Sheets are extensively used for blister packaging, cardboard boxes etc. Polypropylene finds application in Disposable Containers, Embossing, Gift Box Making out of clear sheets, Freight Packaging, etc. PVC Sheets and Polypropylene Sheets are the best suited for screen printing. Polypropylene is also preferred by screen printers because of its low density and very economical cost. Similarly, PVC is also widely used by screen printers.

Great shift – Indian screen printers: I still recall what Michel Caza, an international screen printing expert said at the FESPA Munich 2010 Workshop titled “The Future of Screen Printing Goes Through Innovation — A comparison between Western and Asian Countries.” He was of the view that “Graphics and signage are only 20% of screen applications where as 35% lies in textile printing and about 45% in industrial applications.” This clearly sums up the potentials and future of screen printing process.

Screen printers should now take the call: During the presentation at FESPA Munich show, which was focused on the “how European countries are moving towards screen and how in Indian screen printing is moving with the latest trend,” Michel had also mentioned that because of industrial production getting shifted to Asian countries, screen printing is also getting more and more attention in this (Asian) region and that is the advantage for screen printers who are into industrial screen printing such as PCB, membrane switches, etc.

Moreover, even Mike Young’s presentation on “Emerging Technologies” proves that screen printing has a promising future. He sees a great future provided the screen printers in India remove all bottlenecks the major being “clean-room environment in the screen making and printing setup.” That’s because he saw hard working and sincere efforts by Indian screen printers to achieve quality through high level of automation. Mike was also quite optimistic about Indian screen printers. He says that Indian screen printers can face the challenges ahead with determination, enthusiasm, passion and courage.

Participation in Awards competitions – great opportunity to printers:

I have been witnessing a growing number of entries and award winners in two major international competitions – SGIA/ FESPA sponsored besides national competitions such as Screen Print India Award and SPAI-FESPA India and PrintWeek India competitions. That’s not only good but a healthy sign, because ultimately it increases appetite for quality improvement on various counts – Complexity, Image definition, precision and sharpness; Colour appearance, Application of use, Creativity, etc.

Still majority of the printers still hesitate to participate in these competitions due to many reasons.


a) Manual screen printing. If our screen printers are catering to industrial printing they should immediately dump manual screen printing tables as there are strict quality and delivery requirements in industrial segment. I have numerous screen printers who have switched over to automation due to all the side effects of manual screen printing – it is tedious, laborious, time consuming, wastage-ridden. I was told by many international experts that India lags behind several decades in screen printing but it is not too late.

b) Use of poor quality raw materials.

c) Use of Out-dated methods: Wooden frames, nylon white fabric instead of polyester yellow fabric, lack of standardisation in screen making although it is well known fact that screen is the heart of printing.

d) Using solvent although UV available for many applications.

Perhaps due to these reasons there is a growing trend in India that more and more OEMs are now setting up their own screen printing units. For example: Tiles and Ceramic industry, electronic industry, leather industry, garment industry, packaging and offset industry and many more. In these areas they used to earlier outsource their requirement.


Screen printing process evolved over the years. Today, it offers ample innovation & creativity, thus playing a major role in printing industry because of the availability of advanced screen printing machines, UV technology coupled with availability of innovative special effects inks.

Screen printing is now quicker, cheaper, produces better quality images and offers a number of special applications. But advanced screen printing with high level of automation is not everybody’s cup of tea. Having advanced machines in place is not sufficient to run a profitable screen printing business. There is no profit from the press of a button like an ATM card. There is no short cut. Because not only does the set-up process take considerably longer than other techniques, but being able to truly master printing high quality images using the screen printing process also takes much longer, because there are a number of variables involved.

Today, there exist different systems designed to help the screen printers to achieve better result. But it revolves around the simple concept or standardisation of the entire screen printing process.

The comment made by Prof. Dr. Rajendra Kumar Anayath, Print Media Academy, Chennai – a Heidelberg Initiative during his visit to our stall at Print Pack 2011 New Delhi, is significant: “Bhargav, screen printing today is not what it was 6-7 years ago. With the kind of experiments that you are making at your DMI, it appears to me that it has emerged as a printing process to be reckoned with.”

Bye friends and have a great week…


Back in action after FESPA AMERICAS rich experience

March 16, 2011 5 comments


Before I begin to pen down my all recent news, I submit my sincere prayer: may GOD bless the people of Japan with peace and lot of inner powers to face the toughest challenges arising out of the recent earthquake and tsunami, its after effects including the nuclear crisis.

I personally like Japan and the Japanese technology; I respect their hardwork and dedication which they have put not only into electronics but also automobiles, engineering and other areas. They have given the world many fantastic innovations that cannot be ignored. Their ability to bounce back from the aftermath of the World War II is a great lesson to be learnt by rest of the world. And I am sure they would equally bounce back from the current crisis too.

I had worked with many Japanese in the past when I joined my father’s business in 1989. At that time we used to manufacture Printed Circuit Boards and our company Grafica Display used to cater to many of the giant electronic companies in India having collaboration with renowned Japanese organizations. So my experience with them was really amazing. I have learnt a lot from them, their system of working, management, production and quality systems, how to achieve production efficiency etc. etc… (Photos of my training in Japan)

Once again I strongly pray to GOD to give them great support and courage to face such devastating tragedy.


Now let me share my rich experience at FESPA AMERICAS event in Orlando, USA.

First of all, I sincerely thank FESPA and their team for giving me such a great honor by inviting to conduct a joint workshop with great masters.

It was a valiant effort by FESPA for experimenting and bringing such great idiosyncratic talents together under one roof. It was great fun and a rare experience working with such veterans of our industry.

Michel and I were suppose to teach process color and graphics screen printing but what I realized from this show that Print Finishing for value addition has a HUGE, HUGE scope in the US market. Screen printers in the US have great potential in this segment and need to explore the idea of print finishing which I am teaching in DMI since last three years. Thousands of screen printers have already benefitted by learning print finishing from DMI Workshops FREE OF COST…

Michel looked very energetic throughout the show as always, Charlie and Scott were great together and my new friend Ad Versteeg was also great human and knowledgable in art screen printing.

Overall the show was mix of all printing technologies, screen, digital, textile and few stands selling offset machines and stuffs.

Also, I had a great time with friend Mike Young who came with few of his industry friends and colleagues, Ron Hayden, David ECKL, Jon Andresen. We had great time and delicious dinners together.

After the FESPA AMERICAS at Orlando, Mike Young was kind enough to take me in an around New York city and we had some fun moments together.

With me Hanish Mehta and Shashank Khedekar were also there to support me throughout the show while I was busy at the workshop.

I was highly enthused when I saw our NPL system running perfectly during the live workshop. The best part, it was appreciated by all visitors who saw our super creation.

The overwhelming response towards NANO-PRINT, NANO-SCREEN MAKER 5-in-1, NANO-UV and NANO-SHARPENER give clear indication that Grafica will definitely mark success in the US market soon.

It made me feel proud and the day is not far when NANO-PRINT, NANO-PRINT plus and complete NPL package will be part of success story of many screen printers in US.

With this remarkable achievement by our company, I am highly glad to announce that from next month onwards Grafica will have full fledged operation to cater the American market with efficient sales team and highly qualified service engineers to offer prompt technical support.

DMI Workshop starting tomorrow:

It will be very busy week for me because less time and more task to complete in a short span of time. This time I am expecting 45 to 50 participants mainly from outside Mumbai. That’s because of huge gap within two workshop dates due to FESPA AMERICAS.

During the workshop, for the first time, I would be demonstrating semi automatic multi color screen printing by lining up 4 Nano-Print with inline Nano-UV. I am sure participants will gain new insights how to improve production capacity with minimum investment thus maintaining high quality standards.

On second day I would demonstrate creatives and new ideas in wedding cards and packaging through screen printing. Some of these jobs will be executed on Grafica’s new Nano-Print plus and Nano-Print.

On third day as usual I would be demonstrating practical on heat transfer screen printing both tagless neck labels and garment printing.

Dubai Exhibition:

I was also informed by my team that our Dubai exhibition is going great guns and they managed to book more than a dozen of NPL package and couple of Cylinder Presses. Grafica is creating a storm in the desert that’s because this is our  3rd exhibition in Dubai within one year. WOW that’s great news to keep me energetic.

Garknit-X Kolkata

My has company created a great interest among West Bengal’s offset printing community at the recently concluded Garknit-X Kolkata, an exhibition focussed on apparel, knitting, leather and jute technology fabric and accessories.

Garknit-X Kolkata was held from 25 – 27, February 2011 at Science City. Although it was a garment, textile and jute industry event, in order to take full advantage of the exhibition, we had invited several printers from offset and non-textile segment. We had also displayed a set of creative print finishing samples with a variety of special effects produced by DMI students which stirred the creative minds of many offset printers.

They were lucky to see live demo of Grafica’s NPL and NPL plus series of screen printing machine and equipment for the first time in Kolkata.

And finally, kudos to DMI students:

In a fitting tribute to the successive achievements at ASPT, Screenprinting & Graphics Association of India (SGAI) in association with Screen Print India felicitated DMI students at their Awards felicitation program in Mumbai on 2nd March 2010. The awards were present by Al Guercio, President, Ulano Corporation, USA.

Being in FESPA AMERICAS I really missed the opportunity to see my students being felicitated. They were also honoured for their achievements in the ASPT 2010 students’ competition.

My company’s new office in Mumbai:

Before my official announcement, I am delighted to inform you that GRAFICA FLEXTRONICA is beginning its new office in Mumbai very close to the domestic airport and international airport. Our office will be fully functional by 21st of March 2011.

So from 21st onwards all the marketing, sales and accounts related matters will be handled from our new Mumbai office.

Customers can now come down to our Mumbai office instead of going all the way to directly factory. For customers who want to visit our factory for demo, trials and inspection of our machines, special arrangements have been made to reach our factory.

We shall intimate you soon with full contact details of our new office once the telephones lines are hooked up.

To all my respected customers, friends and industry colleagues, this is my personal invitation to visit our new office anytime and shower your good wishes. To have a cup of tea or coffee together will also be a great fun.

So, from 21st March 2011 see you in at our new Vile Parle office in Mumbai.

Join DMI’s FaceBook:

Welcome onboard DMI’s facebook for educationally like minded screen printing professionals. Its very simple to join DMI FaceBook network you need to just clicking on “I LIKE” button and you are connect with me and my DMI’s network.


The purpose to involve with DMI’s FaceBook Network is to know various development in the industry, exchange ideas, share your thoughts with like minded printers, give advise and tips from the industry gurus and experts associated with DMI’s FaceBook Network. This is a platform specially created to exchange knowledge on advanced screen  printing process and technology.

Till then have a nice and a profitable week.





Why Dussera Event at Grafica is always a full house

October 26, 2010 4 comments

The Dussera Event at Grafica is alway a full house. This is the day I celebrate with my employees & staff of Grafica & DMI with full of energy like a family.

Its also very important day for all my people wanting to see my detailed presentation about Grafica’s last years performance. I also reveal all our future plans and developments of Grafica without any hesitation with facts and figures.

This presentation helps my people to understand the goals of my company and it also helps them to understand what is their future in my organization. The presentation clears all their doubts and gives them a clear picture. It also helps them to know what a company wants from them and what our customers demands.

Later I also speak about our requirements to enhance, production, quality, service, marketing, sales etc. as which area requires more attention and what changes are required on the basis of our last years performance.

My sales and service team also gather important point which requires attention and correction which I believe they need to understand so that we can improve ourself on those weaker areas.

Later, I also express my gratitude by calling my people department wise on the stage who have performed well last year even if they are from the housekeeping department because they too work really hard to keep our factory and office clean.

After my presentation and speech there is a short break for some delicious lunch and there after all my people get a chance to show their unique skills by performing live on stage. It’s a real talent hunt because its the day when I get to see real hidden talent lying within my people apart from seeing their routine work.

Every one in my organization is important and a part of the growth, which I make them feel and realize.

I believe everyone in their organization should celebrate any one day with all employees and staff together and should make a detail presentation about the past performance of your organization and should also reveal your future plans openly with them. This will help your employees to be clear about their future as well the company where they will be investing their whole life.

I am sure one day will come when you will realize that you have reached close to your goals.

High Value Packaging Through Screen Printing – Introducing The Cake Basket

October 14, 2010 11 comments

This time I have come back after several weeks but excuse should be granted because several innovative developments are taking place in GRAFICA & DMI at a rapid pace just to make sure the screen printing industry is always ahead with innovations in demand. The way our entire team is moving forward with great innovative ideas running in their minds everyday. That’s great!

Sometimes I feel its great to have such highly motivated team because ideas does not come only by paying huge salaries. To run a great organization you need full dedicated and highly inspired team.

So let me first begin with my 3 days workshop at DMI recently concluded on the 9th Oct 2010.


DMI Workshop Participants - 7 to 9 October 2010

DMI Workshop Participants - 7 to 9 October 2010


In this workshop I had all new participants. That’s great because it proves the eagerness of the industry wanting to learn new techniques in screen printing especially how to achieve value addition by incorporating special effects, many other also calls it print finishing. In-fact DMI’s workshop are very famous in teaching new techniques in screen printing, special effect UV inks and varnish, value addition print finishing every thing through screen printing.

We shall be posting the full report of this workshop along with comments from the participants soon on

This time again we had a superb creative packaging completely screen printed with various special effects. I am sure no other process can duplicate the same effects which the power of screen can do. So do not underestimate screen printing process. It can deliver fruits if you go nuts.

Let me introduce you to my CAKE BASKET.


The Cake Basket - Tasty Teasers

The Cake Basket - Tasty Teasers



The Cake Basket - Tasty Teasers

The Cake Basket - Tasty Teasers



The Cake Basket - Opening The Secret

The Cake Basket - Opening The Secret


This cake basket was screen printed on a thick foil laminated 350 GSM paper board to get stiffness and rigidity. So we first began with CMYK screen printing using UV inks on the foil directly. Most of you must be thinking why we are doing most of our developments on foil, well its currently difficult to print on an offset because of the ink drying issues. Either one need UV offset system to print on a foil sheet. So if you can comfortably screen print halftones above 100 lines per inch than a screen printer has an added advantages to get such creative output at the same time one is not depended on other printing process especially when the quantities are not very high.


Glitter Effects

Glitter Effects


Oh, I am off the track. So I was explaining you how I screen printed this box, yes, so first we screen printed the fusion art image with CMYK – UV inks with 100 LPI halftone dots. There after we over printed the high gloss varnish for getting a glossy effect on the box. There after one by one all special effect inks and varnish were screen printed like Matt, Bubble, Coral, Wrinkle, Golden Abrasive, Glitters, Thick Gloss Emboss (Ticky) on some parts of the flower, Orange Metallic Inks was used for the our GRAFICA & DMI Logos, Copper Color Pearl Ink was screen printed inside the handle, finally some spots was left for micro embossing effect that completed the whole idea of this modern CAKE BASKET. With such stunning ideas one can make very high value packaging for all needs.


Coral & Reflective (Micro Embossing) Effect

Coral & Reflective (Micro Embossing) Effect



Wrinkle Effect

Wrinkle Effect



3D Embossing Effect (Ticky) - Screen Printed with 150 Micron Thick Film

3D Embossing Effect (Ticky) - Screen Printed with 150 Micron Thick Film


Wanna learn more about special effects in screen printing register in my next workshop as wedding season is near so this time I am eager to create exclusive wedding card theme with many more special effects as I use to do in all my workshops.

Let me be honest that in India GRAFICA & DMI has played a very big role in the development of the screen printing industry especially in print finishing, special effects screen printing and value addition packaging. Don’t you feel?

To view complete Photo Gallery of this workshop CLICK HERE


Live Demo of The Cake Basket during DMI's Workshop

Live Demo of The Cake Basket during DMI's Workshop


Nano-Premier League (NPL) Road Shows at Nagpur & Indore

October 14, 2010 2 comments

After my six successful NANO-PREMIER LEAGUE (NPL) Road Shows which I believe this is the World’s first of its kind campaign on advanced screen printing process & technology” which I started from June 2010 onwards.

I had two more wonderful experiences last week. Let me share with you.

Two new NPL Road Shows first at Indore on 30th September 2010 and second at Nagpur on 2nd October 2010, on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, we also remember him as a Father of the Nation.

The first show was arranged on 30th September 2010 in Hotel Fortune Landmark, Indore, Madhya Pradesh with a houseful participation even on the curfew day, the day when the country was under tremendous pressure due to Ayodhya Verdict.


NPL Road Show @ Hotel Fortune Landmark, Indore, MP

NPL Road Show @ Hotel Fortune Landmark, Indore, MP


Since Grafica’s road shows are always very thrilling to printers especially when they get to see lot of new creativity during our shows because we always go with varieties and creative samples. So by any chance printers hardly avoid to miss our road show.

So far, Grafica sold over 275 NANO-PRINT and 25 NANO-PREMIER LEAGUE as the despatch of NPL just began few weeks ago. The orders of NPL will cross over a century very soon. Hence it’s but obvious to have customers all over the country.


Ravi Patidar, Naturo Graphics, Indore

Ravi Patidar, Naturo Graphics, Indore


So in Indore we had Ravi Patidar of Naturo Graphics who produces textile transfers and was quite honest to share his experience about NANO-PRINT in front of all the participants. There were couple of participants who had attended my previous workshops at DMI. They too were kind enough to share their experiences about DMI Institute and our workshop programs.


Mukund Karia, Mukund Enterprises, Indore

Mukund Karia, Mukund Enterprises, Indore


One of the veteran dealer in Indore selling screen printing materials, Mukund Karia was very helpful to my team in making the Indore event a success even on the day of curfew.

Being a supplier of screen printing consumables Mukund Karia also felt the need to extend his support to promote Grafica’s NANO-PREMIER LEAGUE as there is rampant manual screen printing culture in and around Indore.

At the end incognito I salute for the sheer enthusiasm of printers in Indore who made it a point to attend my presentation and live demo despite all odds.

From Indore, I travelled down to Nagpur, which is also known as “The Orange City” on 1st October 2010. Since my second program was in Nagpur was on 2nd October I had plenty of time to write new articles and update them on our blog which I hope you must have read by now. If not then check out our Technical Articles

This second houseful show in Nagpur was arranged in Hotel Pride International. Very close to the airport.


NPL Road Show @ Hotel Pride International, Nagpur, MH

NPL Road Show @ Hotel Pride International, Nagpur, MH


By the way I was not new to these cities since I had earlier organized screening of my educative film  “Screen on Screen” A film of advance screen printing process two years ago and some of the participants were already familiar with us and knew that if its Grafica it must be something interesting and serious. The response we received from the printers of Nagpur was overwhelming.

During my presentation, I invited many Grafica customer’s who were present during this show to share their valuable experience with Grafica. In-fact I was touched by the great feelings expressed by all of them who not only shared their experience about Grafica’s machines but also showered good wishes and praises about my institute DMI. Since some of them had attended my workshops in the past hence were kind enough to share honestly in front of the audience.

Frankly speaking all our NPL Road Shows are quite expensive first of all to organize in a good and decent hotels, take the entire team of 15 people to organize this show in a short span of time, arranging hotel rooms for everyone, transport the machines for demo, unload it and install, thereafter decorate for few hour, again dismantle, load and transport back to factory or move ahead to the next destination, over an above transport cost of the machine and travel cost of the entire team.

But I am not hesitated over the expense because I am sure the day is not far that all our effort will bring fruits to the entire screen printing industry in India and my dream to convert all manual screen printers towards automation will never only remain a dream.

I am thankful all our customers and participants for giving us their valuable time and to make this a memorable event.

To see complete photo gallery of our NPL Road Show click any name of the city mentioned below


Finally, I highly appreciate my team for their hard work and dedication in making all NPL Road Shows a grand success.


Team Grafica

Team Grafica


One day exclusive workshop for 40 GIPT mumbai students at DMI on 18-Sep-2010

September 27, 2010 11 comments

My one day DMI workshop brought lot of charm and confidence in the faces of 40 GIPT students.

The last Saturday, 18th September I really missed to welcome 40 enthusiastic students accompanied by three faculties from GIPT Mumbai who had come to my institute DMI to see the real world of advanced screen printing in action.

In my absence my team made the students feel comfortable with the facilities. After the warm up all students gathered at DMI’s auditorium where they were briefed about the DMI’s activities by Shailesh Yeole, DMI’s Faculty & Shripad Bhatt, Editor, Grafica News.

Later when I reached, I was told by my colleagues that their enthusiasm did not fade away although they had got stuck in the severe traffic jam and persistent rain further delaying their arrival by an hour. That’s because they were sure of the kind of knowledge that they were expecting to gain at DMI.

Some of these students were a part of my houseful seminar that I conducted at GIPT’s campus in February this year, following which the final year students 2009-10 had attended one day orientation workshop at DMI in March 2010. (Click on the following links to see complete photo gallery of Bhargav@GIPT & GIPT@DMI)

So the beneficial effect of DMI has been spreading among the students community, WOW… That’s because I heard from some of the students that in print technology institutes they were never exposed to advanced screen printing technology the way it is demonstrated at DMI. Even my faculty who graduated from a printing technology institute always tells the same story. This is miserable what is happening in many reputed instates especially when screen printing is so popular in almost many industry.

I think the technical education think tanks in India should really make an immediate analysis of the printing education offered in various institutes which is MINUS advanced screen printing but touches upon only some basic outdated elements of screen printing… very sad especially when the Indian screen printing is adopting automation in a big way and the need for trained screen printing professionals is shooting up. In the recent past, there has been a growing trend of offset printers embracing screen printing, whereas the printing institutes emphasizes more on offset and other printing technology.

As an entrepreneur focussed in the development of screen printing industry I cannot simply wait for some change to take place in the printing education…. So I am determined to take screen printing education to a greater height through my own institute DMI. I am receiving tremendous response from various institutes who are willingly sending their students for training at DMI and I am proud of this development.

Coming back to Saturday’s program at DMI, the morning session was taken over by my faculty.

As I mentioned earlier that these students were not new to me and DMI since they had also attended my seminar at GIPT campus at Mumbai in February this year. So, naturally the students who are studying in the final year of their printing course, felt more comfortable with me.

The students were stumped when they were taken into our gallery where an array of screen printed samples were displayed, right from a simple labels and stickers to high end automobile decals, ceramic transfers, screen printed T-shirts, packaging, special effects, micro embossing…

When they were told that those were the screen printed samples…. they went crazy to touch and feel with great detail and my faculty got surrounded to get in-depth explanation on almost every screen printed samples…. with some straight questions… how it was done, what inks used, what mesh used, how it is possible to screen print such jobs etc…

This way the students and the three faculties from GIPT also got fully engrossed with such creative screen printed samples and we then compelled them to move first towards the screen making department.

In the screen making department they were explained the difference between various types of fabrics (nylon and polyester; white and yellow fabric) the mechanism to stretch the fabric on a fully automatic pneumatic stretching machine; how the fabric is stretched step by step and how the tension meter is used to check the tension of the mesh; how to apply the adhesive etc.

Later screens were prepared in front of them using various machines and equipments like fully automatic emulsion coating machine, screen exposing, screen drying etc.

I was told many of the students even noting down names of various chemicals, screen making procedures etc.

As I had busy schedules in the morning, I came in the afternoon. I was quietly observing the post lunch session which included special effect printing and CMYK screen printing on various machines at DMI.

Such was their enthusiasm… Checkout the photo galley because sometimes photo speaks more than words.

After their short and hectic practicals, I took over the session for a short presentation on advanced screen printing process. Later, I also made a presentation on “Emerging Technologies” a presentation sponsored to DMI by a close friend of mine “Mike Young” who is also one of a senior most member of the academy “ASPT”. His presentation is so great that it becomes easy for me to proves them that screen printing has a promising future for all print technology students.

After seeing both presentations, they expressed their willingness to pursue career in screen printing. I could see their urge … and although I wind up my session, few students prevented me by ending the session just like that and said :Sir we want to say few words about our today’s experience.” Two students came forward to speak about their feelings and experience they got in one day… and I was touched by their love and affection once again.

To my surprise, although their term ends only in the first quarter of 2011, some of the students registered their name for DMI’s short term training.

I learnt an unusual idea from Bhargav to earn millions

September 12, 2010 8 comments

I was thrilled to hear this comment from one of the participants during my recent workshop on 19 to 21 August 2010 at DMI (Click here to view the photo gallery).

Bhargav Mistry at the recent workshop at DMI

Bhargav Mistry at the recent workshop at DMI

Participants at DMI attentively listening to Bhargav's presentation

Participants at DMI attentively listening to Bhargav's presentation

This time in my workshop at DMI the subject was to integrate process color screen printing with value addition especially on PP flute board commonly known in India as Sunpack.

I see lots of school & college going boys and girls have one portfolio bag for keeping their drawing and project work. Even my daughter has two bags. But all her friends including my daughter has a standard black color bag.

The idea of making portfolio bag on Sunpack strike my mind once when I went to drop my daughter at her school I saw not only my daughter but almost all her friends had some fancy stickers or wordings or paintings done on the boring black color standard bag because currently there are no options for the colorful youth.

In that case I thought its a good idea for companies to market their products like jeans, t-sirts, cosmetics etc. targeting youth. This way they can market their products every efficiently because the youth have more impact of such creative ideas and concept.

Also till today many screen printers prints on Flute boards (SunPack) day and night for making danglers, POP with cutouts but till today no one has thought exploring various other unique possibilities on SunPack mostly in packaging to generate more revenues and stay ahead of competition.

So in the recent workshop at DMI I demonstrated how to produce such high value PP flute bags with special effects. The name of the job was “JUMPING JEANS”. When it comes to special effect many printers only think of commonly used Spot UV (Gloss, Matt) and other varnishes on offset printed jobs and wedding cards.

DMI's creative bag screen printed on Sunpack (PP)

DMI's creative bag screen printed on Sunpack (PP)

I had ordered this material duly CORONA treated from the manufacturer to print directly with UV Inks specially developed for PP substrate to give better adhesion. While screen printing with special UV Inks for PP, I experienced poor adhesion on the substrate. Later, I discovered the problem was due to old stock. This required re-treatment of CORONA but since I do not have the CORONA treatment facility at DMI, I screen printed a special transparent base coat to utilize the same stock.

Once you apply this base coat you can there after use any type of UV Inks or if you want to avoid the base coat in order to reduce one more printing operation then you may use a CORONA treatment machine to treat the material immediately before printing. This machine is a good investment for any printer who use UV Inks on plastics. Its also useful for offset printers too e.g. they can pass all their non-treated sheets and later stack on the offset press to print with UV inks for better adhesion.

Please note that even though you use CORONA treated substrates you need to use a specific UV Inks for that particular substrate. But there are special base coats for each substrate and once applied through roller coating or screen printing machine you can thereafter use any standard UV Inks.

I screen printed this transparent base specially developed for PP using a 120 mesh with a soft 65-90-65 shore hardness, triple durometer PU squeegee.

There after I screen printed complete image on 180 mesh count using 100 LPI fine dot screen because this bag will be viewed closely.

Once the screen printing was over, I printed abrasive varnish using 77 mesh count on a jeans texture to give the real feeling of the material.

DMI's creative bag screen printed on Sunpack (PP)

DMI's creative bag screen printed on Sunpack (PP)

The front image was over printed with gloss varnish to increase the aesthetics using 165 mesh count.

On front and back of the bag I printed a strip of golden glitter to give a sparking effect. The glitter varnish was printed on a 24 mesh count.

On the rear side “Jumping Jeans” title with a stylish font over the Jeans texture was screen printed using bubble varnish using 77 mesh count to give a bubbling effect.

On the top and bottom portion I printed with wrinkle varnish to give a nice leather kind effect using 77 mesh count. It’s important that if you want to get a wrinkle textures you need a special UV Lamp.

By the was at Grafica, we also supply wrinkle lamp system along with our UV dryers as an optional.

The Grafica & DMI logos were screen printed with special metallic orange ink using 120 mesh count.

DMI's creative bag screen printed on Sunpack (PP)

DMI's creative bag screen printed on Sunpack (PP)

On both the sides the enclosures were printed with golden pearl inks using 77 mesh. A UV matt varnish was overprinted on the golden pearl ink to give a water mark effect using 180 mesh.

The complete job was standardized using 65-90-65 shore hardness PU squeegee rubber because of the uneven surface of the flute.

VERY IMPORTANT: We pulled the squeegee parallel in the direction of the flutes because pulling across the flutes will dramatically increase the possibility of skin collapse between the flutes. This occurs because as the material is heated by the UV light it softens. If the squeegee is traveling with the flutes, it will be supported by all the flutes decreasing the likelihood of skin collapse. We also kept our squeegee pressure as low as possible to avoid crushing of the substrate.

There after we fabricated the bag to make the final product.

This job was screen printed live with various special effect during our recent workshop at DMI on 19 to 21 August 2010.

Since last two session M. P. Raghav Rao, GM, Technical & Manufacturing of FujiFilm Sericol India Pvt. Ltd. has already associated with me in my workshop to talk about last trends in Ink technology.

Raghav Rao with Bhargav Mistry

Raghav Rao with Bhargav Mistry

This time we had a special appearance from Adobe System India Private Limited, Akhil Kuruppan (Regional Sales Manager – West, Creative Business) & Rajesh Patil (Manager – Creative Solutions). Adobe already one of the sponsors of DMI’s educational activities for design software support. So in this workshop upon my request they both came to see what content I cover up in my workshop as far as Photoshop and Illustrator is concern. Rajesh Patil who is also one of the GIPT mumbai student with an experience over a decade in pre-press and design softwares will be joining me in some of my fourth coming workshops at DMI. He will mainly focus of Adobe Creative Suites and topics related to printing technology.

L to R: Bhargav Mistry, Akhil Kuruppan & Rajesh Patil

L to R: Bhargav Mistry, Akhil Kuruppan & Rajesh Patil

In our next job workshop you will be able to see more creative ideas on packaging with special effects. As the wedding season begins we are also creating a unique wedding box with cards inside never seen anywhere… because unusual screen printing happens only at DMI…

So to learn more and earn more register for my next workshop at DMI…

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