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Eureka! Grafica’s NANO-PRINT – Semi Automatic Multi Color Line

February 11, 2011 24 comments

This week I had to produce a process color samples for my forthcoming FESPA AMERICA workshop in Orlando. So with the intention of proofing the job faster I experiment by lining up FOUR NANO-PRINT’s with FOUR NANO-UV inline at my DMI’s training centre and screen printed the job instantly like a multi color screen printing line. It was amazing experience.

Usually printing single color one at a time you cannot judge the final result until the last color is screen printed but with this concept you can instantly see the final output of the printed image and if required you can set the densities of a particular color or tweak the machine settings to get the final print as the proof. This is really a time and money saving factor which one should start considering as a future investment.

This concept also requires less manpower thus reduces supervision cost and increases your production at a rapid speed. This is something I believe never done before in the screen printing industry with semi automatic machines.

The simple plan has turned out to be a great concept which I feel would be a next leap in the screen printing industry.

This is yet another revolution I am looking forward to happen with low investment and get faster job turn around with this New Concept Grafica’s “NANO-PRINT semi automatic multi color line”.

Watch out  video of this concept live in action…

Meet the five global gurus at Screen Masters Workshop at FESPA AMERICAS, Orlando

February 7, 2011 16 comments

When I received an email from Frazer Chesterman, Managing Director of FESPA:

“Hi Bhargav, I am running a Workshop in America at our new show – FESPA Americas. It will be an on the floor event for US students of Screen.

I am interested in you being part of the Screen Masters concept.

It would be Michel Caza master for Graphics

Charlie Taulieb and Scott Fresener for T-shirts and Textile

Ad Versteeg for Art

And you for special effects”

I was thrilled, excited and my immediate response to his email was ‘yes’ with lot of enthusiasm to join the four global gurus and expert in their respective field. Now I will be the fifth global guru to demonstrate my expertise in special effect screen printing jointly with Michel Caza in graphics process color screen printing.

I, Scott, Charlie, Ad and Michel were very excited to be the part of Screen Master Workshop organized in this giant show FESPA AMERICAS in Orlando, USA.

Below is what Michel Caza commented to Frazer when he heard about this unique concept for the first time.

Dear Frazer,

“I love the idea of workshop. We could manage something both for screen high tech in graphic screen (very fine line halftone screen printing), share between Bhargav who is the best teacher in the world (see the giant success of DMI in India) and me. We are used to work together.

In textile, may be my new technology in water based UV printing on garment combined with Charlie’s special effects.”

With Michel Caza this would be my second workshop experience after the FESPA 2010 Munich show.

So, I was invited by FESPA as one of the FIVE Global Screen Masters to conduct live workshops on advanced screen printing process and special effect in print finishing at their forthcoming FESPA AMERICAS Workshop.

The other four “Screen Masters” or the international screen printing experts are:

SGIA Parmele Award winners, Michel Caza, France and Scott Fresener, USA.

Charlie Taublieb, Taublieb Consulting USA.

Ad Versteeg, Secretary of Het Zeefdruk Instituut, Netherlands.

FESPA AMERICAS is an international exhibition-cum-conference to be held from February 24-26, 2011 at Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, USA. This is FESPA’s first ever Screen Masters Workshop.

Hosted daily by five screen industry gurus, participants will benefit from our collective expertise. Michel Caza and I would reveal the Secrets of Great Graphics Printing and special effects, print finishing for value addition. A large number of visitors are expected to gain lot of tips and innovative ideas from all of us.

Joining the elite club of Global Screen Printers at FESPA AMERICAS is not only a great honor to me, my company Grafica and my institute DMI but also to my beloved country.

When it comes to the scope and opportunities in screen printing many experts from all over world generally speak about Industrial screen printing, textile, graphics, decals etc. but screen printing has huge demand in print finishing for value addition not only in offset prints and packaging products but also in many other segments. I was told that printers in USA have not identified the power and secrets of screen printing in print finishing the way I am exploring and promoting it in India through my institute DMI.

In a way, FESPA AMERICAS workshop is a pioneering step intended to provide the passionate community of screen printers with an exclusive opportunity to gain practical tips and expert advice on how to achieve phenomenal print results from the five global Screen Masters.

The Five Global Screen Masters are being invited to deliver a blend of hands-on training and technical presentations, focused around garment decoration, fine arts, signs and graphics, print finishing and special effect.

To make this concept a success I will be leaving next week to Orlando for FESPA AMERICAS show along with my team and Grafica’s NANO PREMIER LEAGUE package to run live workshop.

I will be also displaying a wide variety of print finishing samples and process color screen printing samples to teach special effect in screen printing to US screen printers and graphic students.

Especially for this show I have designed a poster which I will be screen printed live on NANO-PRINT. Since Michel was expert in screen printing 150 to 300 LPI he wanted me to print minimum 100 LPI on NANO-PRINT to demonstrate his expertise. So with all his online help and support my students did the proofing on NANO-PRINT to make sure everything is set right for the workshop.

My students worked very hard to with me continuously day and night for one week to linearize the whole process to successfully screen print 100 LPI on NANO-PRINT. In fact I was stunned to see such a fantastic result of four color graphics screen printed on NANO-PRINT with 100 LPI.

In fact I created an ICC profile on NANO-PRINT using my Profile Maker before my students screen printed the final proof. We did lot of intense trials and proofing and I think my experiment will be a guiding light to many of my customers who want to successfully print process color screen printing on Grafica’s NANO-PRINT.

Here is the photo of the final proof shot from my iPhone screen printed with 100 LPI on NANO-PRINT.

To print this specially designed FESPA AMERICAS poster, we lined up four NANO PRINTS with four NANO-UV inline. This was our first experiment of printing CMYK at one go on NANO-PRINT just like a multi color screen printing lines. This concept will be a new trend setter in future because its the best time saving system.

This concept was really helpful to me when I printed this proof because I got clear idea how the image will finally look after all four colors are printed. This also saved my time to make proper decisions.

The best part of this concept is you can re-correct or tweak the setting of machines without wasting time to set proper densities as per profile to achieve correct  grey balanced image or else you have to wait for the result of your image after the final (fourth) color is screen printed.

Once the video of four NANO-PRINT with four inline NANO-UV is ready I will send you the link to know how four NANO-PRINT works together with inline NANO-UV to print CMYK on after another.

But time being checkout this short video which I have uploaded on YouTube again taken from my iPhone.

My plan in FESPA AMERICAS is to show practical part of print finishing with Michel Caza. In the print finishing segment I am going to demonstrate The Cake Basket which has several special effects. Since there is a time limit for everyones presentation, so I have printed some of the effects at DMI and only six effects will be printed live at the workshop.

The FESPA AMERICAS is expected to provide the US, Central and South American region with a completely different show case of wide format digital, screen and textile printing innovations.

The event is supposed to give lot of insights to participants who can witness the complete screen printing process and have the exclusive opportunity to absorb passion of ‘FIVE’ Screen Masters.

Founded in 1962, FESPA is a not-for-profit federation of trade associations and an organizer of exhibitions and conferences for the screen and digital printing industries and I have been associated with FESPA since last six years.

I have done lot of road shows and workshops in India but FESPA AMERICA would be my first landmark experience as I would be conducting live workshop for the first time overseas. I am sure the workshop of five Global Screen Masters will create a great impact in the US screen printing market.

If you get chance to visit FESPA AMERICAS, Orlando do register your seats for “Screen Masters Workshop” and learn great new techniques in screen printing from the five global gurus.

Hope to see you soon…



Incredible experience at Print Pack India 2011!

January 25, 2011 12 comments

Hi everyone,

I am back in Mumbai, to be precisely, right in front of my laptop to write this blog intended to share my unforgettable experience at a week-long mega event PRINT PACK INDIA 2011 held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi (16-21 January 2011).

I and my team were really delighted to witness a marvelous turnout of visitors (and plenty of orders!), seeking to know about Grafica’s technology and various value addition possibilities through screen printing process.

I must acknowledge that following my company’s thumbing success at Screen Print India exhibition held in Mumbai in early December 2010, we accomplished yet another booming success at PRINT PACK INDIA, an exhibition of large scale focussing very less on screen printing process and more on other printing processes such as packaging, offset, flexo, etc which was in fact a blessing in disguise. During the show we created lot of curiosity among thousands of printing professionals. That’s because my company always focuses on technology and education.

Since many years we have been participating in Print Pack India and Pamex exhibition regularly. These major exhibitions are usually focused on offset printing/packaging. However, this year at PRINT PACK, even at last Pamex, I noticed that maximum time spent at our stall was by a large number of offset and packaging printers who curiously wanted to know more about print finishing for value addition. My company once again proved that screen printing complements offset very well.

I have been repeatedly telling that my company Grafica not only focuses on products during such exhibitions but we give special emphasis on explaining how printers can explore various possibilities to add value through the power of screen printing process.

An array of DMI’s creative samples gallery including some of the finest special effect screen printed packaging products stirred the creative minds of many offset printers who once used to neglect the power of screen.

I have always marked that when it comes to the scope and opportunities in screen printing many experts from all over world generally speaks about Industrial screen printing, textile, graphics, decals etc. but let me advice you that screen printing has huge demand in print finishing for value addition not only on offset prints and packaging products but also in many other segments. Frankly very few people in the screen printing industry have identified the power and secrets of screen printing in different applications and segments. Actually screen printing is the best and economical solutions and has hundreds of options to decorate your printed jobs.

In this matter I would urge all Ink manufacturers and suppliers to work really hard to develop low cost high quality speciality UV Inks and Varnishes which will help to boost the screen printing industry in various applications and segments.

And this reminds me of the comment made by Prof. Dr. Rajendra Kumar Anayath, Print Media Academy, Chennai – a Heidelberg Initiative. After a complete tour of our stall including DMI’s gallery he told me: “Bhargav, screen printing today is not what it was 6-7 years ago. With the kind of experiments that you are making at your DMI, it appears to me that it has emerged as a printing process to be reckoned with.” Being a printing professional and educationist from the offset arena, his remark is quite significant.

DMI’s creative sample gallery was looking awesome and thousands of visitors took great advantage by grilling team Grafica and DMI students to gain deeper insights into the concept of value addition through specialty screen printing.

This time all my students of recent batch were lucky to join my at Print Pack exhibition in New Delhi. Since I wanted to give them more hands on experience I thought this was a right moment for them to show their performance and share their experience with other printing professionals which they got through my training and classes. In fact they were quite active in showing and explaining visitors how such effects could be produced, that’s because many of the samples were screen printed by these students as part of their curriculum activity at DMI.

Today in a competitive printing world, dominated by print buyers, to get even 5% price increase from customers for regular offset printed jobs is very difficult. But by simply adding some special effects through screen printing process one can even get 10% to 50% price increase or even more. To earn this extra profit it does not require too much of investment as compared to the huge cost of offset presses. And this is what we demonstrated at PRINT PACK INDIA.

So, hundreds of printers including some new generation printing professionals from offset and packaging were stunned and delighted to see an array of DMI’s creative samples – 100% screen printed with various UV special effects for value addition. They wanted to know how such magnificent jobs could be created by screen printing process.

Nano-Print plus was again the show stopper in this exhibition. In fact when I launched this machine I always thought that Nano-Print and Nano-Print plus will follow a ratio of 60%~70% (Nano-Print) and 30%~40% (Nano-Print plus). But it’s amazing to know that it turned out the other way round even though the price of Nano-Print plus is a bit expensive than the previous version Nano-Print.

I am really excited to know that the design and feature of “plus” is very well appreciated and accepted in the screen printing industry with many simple and added features. The size of Nano-Print plus 22″ x 28″ (inch) which we are now offering as a standard model instead of 18″ x 24″ is also one of the factors for the tremendous response. Screen printers do not mind even if they have to pay just few pennies extra to get bigger print area.

Interestingly, we hardly booked individual machines. Almost all bookings were NPL/NPL-plus package which offers a unique combination of my company’s Nano range of products at an unbelievable price. Many customers who booked the NPL commented that no one could have even imagined get such high quality, high standard advanced complete automation system with big savings.

One thing is clear, printers are now realizing the need and importance of screen making. They have realized the great benefit of having a complete screen printing unit in-house rather than just buying a screen printing machine which makes them dependent on outside agencies for screen making.



NANO-PREMIER LEAGUE (NPL) For Print Area 15″ x 20″ & NANO-PREMIER LEAGUE plus (NPL plus) For Print Area 22″ x 28″ package is one of Grafica best engineering designed by my team of engineers. Today with this economic package, every screen printer can think of rejuvenating his screen printing unit.

I was surprised to know from my team that they managed to book more than 100 NPL package during the 6 day show at Print Pack India, which is mainly focused on Offset Printing, packaging and converting. This means 40% more business compare to Screen Print India held in December 2010 at Mumbai which is a focused exhibition on screen printing subject.

In fact, I never dreamt of that Grafica’s CYLINDER PRESS will roar with super extraordinary performance. I can say in the next coming 3-4 months we expect to get one dozen Cylinder Press orders as an outcome of PRINT PACK INDIA and that is in addition to the order booking for 6 cylinder presses at the exhibition itself. This would ensure us to cross half century (50) in our Cylinder Press sales.

There has been a growing trend of many offset printers and packaging printers embracing screen printing process for carrying out print finishing in house instead of depending on outsourcing. So, as anticipated by me well before the exhibition, there were many orders and serious enquiries from offset and packaging segment. This is indeed a good sign of prosperity for screen printing industry.

It was amazing to see the large pool of visitors watching the live demo of Grafica’s NANO-PRINT plus for quite long time and my team was pleased to attend their queries and closing the deals. Even I did not sit idle and I was fully engaged in attending to many of my customers and leading printers showing them my DMI’s sample gallery and teaching them new ideas and techniques to improve their skills and knowledge. In fact my main focus in all exhibition is to invite graphics students from various colleges and attend them personally and to show what’s new in screen printing. Interacting with students helps me to understand their minds and to know their knowledge about screen printing process. I try my hard to ignite them to join the screen printing industry through my institute DMI.

I had the fortune of meeting several valued customers of my company. It was fun to exchange ideas with them. Meeting customers regularly keeps me updated and it also improves my general knowledge about the latest developments going around in the industry.

Because of the popularity of PRINT PACK which is a multi dimensional trade event, there were visitors from almost all the states besides host city New Delhi. With the kind of response we received at our stall, I can say Screen Printing is rocking and will make a major headway in the years. I am also sure there are still abundant opportunities in screen printing only one has to explore by using all the advanced technology with right knowledge.

Today, I am proud that by exhibiting my screen printing machines at offset/packaging dominated exhibitions, my company Grafica has completely changed the scenario of screen printing industry. As always, Grafica’s stall in all exhibitions create lots of curiosity among thousands of printing professionals. I can even proudly say that my company Grafica is working very hard by creating a powerful impact of screen printing process in the printing industry.

I thank all my customers, well wishers and friends in the printing industry who were very supportive to us in this show. I also give special thanks to all those who have given strong reference to others to buy Grafica’s machines. I got refreshed myself when so many DMI Workshop participants visited our stall and greeted me and my DMI team.

So keep in touch and visit us in every event that my company Grafica may participate in future to stay updated with latest trends and developments in the screen printing technology.

To know more about new techniques and advance screen printing process join my DMI Workshops. My next DMI Workshop is scheduled from 17 to 19 March 2011.

Hey, before I forget if you are graphic designer, pre-press operator, wedding card designer or into any kind of designing and want to be more creative then from now onwards DMI is the best place for you to learn many great time saving tips and tricks in Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Acrobat, Bridge etc. directly from the experts from ADOBE INDIA, Rajesh Patil who did a fantastic presentation in my last workshop for more than 3 hours on Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium 5.0.

At DMI, Learn More | Earn More…

Finally I cannot end up this blog without thanking my entire Grafica and DMI team – my rocking stars – who performed brilliantly presented Grafica which made us special from other exhibitors at Print Pack India 2011.

Hope to see you soon…



More than 1200 printing professionals took training at DMI

January 12, 2011 10 comments

It gives me immense pleasure to reveal you all that till today DMI has provided high quality training to more than 1200 printing professionals across the globe through our regular workshops and corporate training programs.

I am also thrilled to know from my team that NANO-PRINT plus is receiving overwhelming response. In just one month after its launch at Screen Print India 2010 exhibition we booked 36 machines. This gives me complete satisfaction that the design of this machine has been widely accepted and highly appreciated by every screen printer. My team has really worked hard to maintain a very reasonable price tag of this machine at the same time keeping a strict vigil on the design and manufacturing.

I am sure NANO-PRINT & NANO-PRINT plus will be trend setters in bringing automation in the screen printing industry all over the world.

Currently NANO range of machine i.e, NANO-PRINT & NANO-PRINT plus, NANO-SCREEN MAKER 5-in-1, NANO-UV & NANO-SHARPENER are not only getting popular in India but we are receiving many serious inquiries daily from overseas market.

For those who have missed the opportunity to see NANO-PRINT plus and our unique package NANO PREMIER LEAGUE (NPL) at Screen Print India 2010 in Mumbai, do not get dejected because we are all set to shows these machines live again at Print Pack India 2011 from 16 to 21 Jan 2011 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

So do visit us at Hall 9, Stall 5, 6 & 8.

How can you miss to see DMI’s latest creative sample gallery, 100% screen printed special effects? By seeing our creativity, you will definitely get new ideas in screen printing for value addition.

I recently concluded one more houseful workshop at DMI. This time there were more than 40 participants including one from Tanzania and one from Mauritius (my new customer).

This time to show innovative print finishing and packaging, we designed a new type of corporate folder with rare color combination of white on a silver foil paper board. The rest of silver foil was overprinted with 3D reflective design to give the most popular ‘micro embossing’ effect which is otherwise produced on a very expensive micro embossing machine. The final product we made in this workshop was Grafica’s new corporate folder, pen holder and sweet / chocolate box.

Previously all our folders and creative samples in packaging and print finishing had 10 to 16 special effects, but this time I made it a point to restrict it to 3 or max 4 special effects. I tried to make the product look more powerful in terms of design and aesthetic look. In fact the reason why I always incorporate so many effects was to cover all types special effects but at the same time participants used to always tell me that I should make design in such a way that the experiment looks viable to sell in the market and not to add too many effects for the sake of demonstration of value addition.

To restrict colors and effects on my practical jobs execution were challenging because we had to maintain very high standards in terms of aesthetics and at the same time limit the cost to a minimum. So, since the last two workshops we have developed packaging products with 3 or 4 colors/effects. At the same time designed in such a way that it looked elegant and premium product but still viable for printers to quote for their customers.

On silver foil mostly I have seen printers print only matt or special effect varnish to make the product effective. Even offset printers usually print process color CMYK but very rarely I have seen printers use white on silver foil. Believe me, white looks very rich in terms of elegance and design aspects. So this time we printed half white, half with 3D reflective ink (micro embossing), on few areas metallic orange and finally thick emboss effect (which many know or I call as Ticky) using 150 micron thick film.

The photos of all this screen printed stuff will give you a clear idea of what I have explained to you here. To know more about such ideas, do register online for my next workshop scheduled for 17-18-19 March 2011.


In this workshop we have added one more flavor in our training program by inviting Rajesh Patil, an expert from Adobe to provide useful, important time saving tips and tricks, using CS5 design premium.

As he informed me before few days that he would take only 1.5 hour session at DMI since it was his first presentation in my institute.

But he subtly observed during his presentation that everyone was quite serious in watching his informative eye-opening presentation, he extended his session and took more than 3 hours, showing many tricks of In-Design, Illustrator and Photoshop CS5. In fact I also realized such session would require more than 3 hours to give justification to the subject.

My institute DMI is now closely associating with Adobe Systems India to provide more time and in-depth knowledge about all Adobe design softwares.

If you are a designer, wedding card producer, a pre-press operator or in-charge of your in-house designing studio or screen printer who wants to make good designer paper carry bags, sweets / chocolate boxes or even advertising agencies, then our next workshop will be very enriching for you.

So, don’t miss our next workshop because I and Rajesh will work closely to make sure we cover the most part of the CS5 Design Premium software which will be useful for printers.

Check What’s New in Photoshop CS5

Few new features of Photoshop CS5

Some more features of Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Spot Healing and Fill Tool

Sneak peek of
new Adobe Photoshop CS5 technologies

Few new
features of Illustrator CS5

Also checkout more information and videos about Abobe CS5

Next, I feel proud to be associated with Mike Young time and again.In 2009 I had sponsored his Knowledge Tour in India, covering various six major cities.

This time my company was one of a prime sponsors of his technical seminars at SPI 2010. Let me tell you little about my friend Mike.

He is a SGIA Fellows, a member of the Academy of Screen Printing Technology and recipient of the prestigious Swormstedt Award for technical writing.

Despite the hectic Screen Print India seminars, he visited my DMI institute and my companies shop floor. He was thrilled to see my DMI’s library which has a collection of various screen printing magazines and books dating back to 1960s. Immediately he told the students to take full advantage of DMI’s facilities including the library.

I must acknowledge and thank MikeYoung because he kind heartedly felicitated the DMI students for winning successive awards in ASPT competitions for the last four years.

Since it was virtually impossible for my students to go to USA every year to collect the award, when Mike Young presented them the certificates and cash awards which was given to each student by DMI.

I am also thankful to Mike for his thought-provoking interview which I have recently published in my Grafica News and e-News. Those who have not read the interview “What are the new and growing profitable markets for screen printers?” HERE IS THE LINK

Knowledge-wise, my customers are lucky these days because in my current and last issue of Grafica News, another international screen printing expert, Mike Ruff, the Chief Technology Officer of Nazdar Consulting Services, was kind enough to contribute two exclusive technical articles for Grafica News which contain lot of tips on color management.

Article 1 | Article 2

I am really indebted to Mike Ruff for his generous contribution for the benefit of my customers and screen printing industry at large. I know Mike Ruff for the last several years ever since I started reading his informative articles. I became closer to him after I became ASPT board member. His experience in the graphics printing industry spans more than 40 years. He is a certified G7 Color Calibration Expert and a regular instructor at the SPTF Graphics Four-Color Workshop in Fairfax, VA, and he has authored numerous articles published in trade publications domestically and internationally.

The PDF version of our Grafica News is now available for download from our website. Those who are not receiving Grafica News you can still download the soft copy.


We are publishing Grafica News since 2004 and circulating around 5000 copies all over India and abroad.

Apart from printers I also make sure to send printed copies to OE’s, Advertising Agencies and Print Buyers. This help them to find suitable printer solution provider.

By this way Grafica updates print buyers about the latest trends in screen printing.

Finally let me end here because I have many task to prepare for Print Pack India 2011 to make sure we make our best presentation at this mega trade event.

At this exhibition all six days we will be printing various special effect on all Cylinder Press, Cam-Shell, Two-Post, Nano-Print plus, Nano-Print with UV inks and varnish.

The latest DMI’s creativity which was recently screen printed in the last workshop will be demonstrate. So do not miss to watch and gain some insights, new tricks on value addition and print finishing.

Our complete DMI creative sample gallery will also be the show stopper for printers who looking for value addition through screen printing and wants to make more profits with minimum investments.

Kindly visit us at Hall 9, Stall 5,6 & 8 to see latest creativity in screen printing technology.

See ya at Print Pack India 2011…



FREE – MIKE YOUNG’s Seminars exclusively for GRAFICA Customers in SPI 2010 Exhibition

December 3, 2010 Leave a comment
Mike Young (Imagetek Consulting International, USA)

Mike Young (Imagetek Consulting International, USA)

Education is always at the top of my list and I have been very active in providing FREE education to all printing professional and students from the day I started my own institute DMI.

Continuing this trend my team made all efforts by doing special arrangements providing FREE VIP PASSES to Grafica customer’s as a value added service in 4 Mike Young’s Technical Seminar during the upcoming exhibition Screen Print India 2010 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, NSE Grounds, Goregaon, Western Express Highway, Mumbai.

Since there are only limited seats allocated to us on the first cum first basis, hence I request all my friends & colleagues to kindly register your seat online following this link and take this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY of saving Rs. 5000


Once you register your seats online you may collected your FREE VIP PASS from our stall G-1.

So see you soon at SPI 2010 starting from 8th Dec to 10th Dec 2010.




Mike Young is an Internationally acclaimed and noted speaker who has visited India several times
Mike Young has been a specialist in graphic and industrial screen printing for more than 30 years. He is a SGIA Fellows and a member of the ASPT (Academy of Screen Printing Technology), as well as being a recipient of the prestigious Swormstedt Award – for technical writing. As a frequent contributing writer to trade publications and a popular speaker at industry events, he has published his own technical books on advance screen printing techniques. Mike is former Chair of the SGIA Membrane Switch Division and now the President of Dekalb, Texas-based Liberty International Technology Inc. manufacturers and suppliers of sophisticated screen printing equipment.

Mike Young | Imagetek Consulting International, USA

DMI students made India proud by winning international awards year after year

November 29, 2010 26 comments

Ever since its inception in 2006, my institute, DMI is continuing its saga of winning awards in national and international students’ competitions. This year my institute has set a world record by clinching two hatricks in two major international awards competitions and made me and my country proud.

As many of  you would recollect, by winning Silver at FESPA 2010 Munich, DMI became the first screen printing institute in the world to win in FESPA’s Youth competitions for three years’ in succession.

And in this ASPT students’ competition 2010, my students sealed yet another hatricks by cornering awards for 4 consecutive years.

DMI's "BEST OF SHOW" Entry - The Munich River

DMI's "BEST OF SHOW" Entry - The Munich River

This year DMI won 3 Gold Awards, 3 Honorable Mention and 1 Best of Show Honor in ASPT’s Tom Frecska Student Printing Competition 2010. This means out of its 8 entries, it cornered 7 awards.

I am very proud of all my students who really worked hard with perfection and won 7 international awards for DMI.

Here, I would like to specially mention two names “Shailesh Yeole” and “Firoz Chippa”, who played a leading role in the entire awards entry process. Both of them really hard with passion and dedication and the awards are the reflection of their efforts. Their entry not only won GOLD but was also judged as “BEST OF SHOW” in this competition.

Student of my 6th batch printing samples for ASPT Students Competition at DMI.

Some of the entries submitted to ASPT students competition by DMI:

DMI's Award Winning Entries at ASPT Student's Competition

DMI's Award Winning Entries at ASPT Student's Competition

List of DMI Student who won the awards at ASPT Student’s Competition

I was told that there were 61 entries from six institutes in the Post Secondary section out of which 17 entries were bestowed with awards. I was also informed that DMI was the only entity from India in this section which had submitted 8 samples out of which 7 were bestowed with awards.

The ASPT students’ competition though relatively new, the quality from the participants are improving year after year as noted by the observers. There has been also a growing interest among the visitors to see the students’ award gallery. But visitors usually tend to feel that students are not competing in the same manner as professional printers.  But this year their belief was wrong.

Many of the visitors could not really believe the standard of quality of entries submitted by DMI students this year, especially the DMI’s winning samples on display.

Mike Young, during his visit to DMI

Mike Young, during his visit to DMI

My friend, Mike Young, a leading consultant (Imagetek Consulting International), USA, had sent me an email about this good news and here are his words.

“Dear Bhargav,

“Yeole Shilesh did a great job. He won gold for the Butterfly Bag, an honorary mention for the A4 Catalog and gold for the FESPA Munich River which also took deservedly the “Best In Show” Award.

Rishi/Sunil won honorary for the Chocolate Box, as did Albert Baby Chand for the Guitar print.  However, Rishi won gold for his Teddy Bear entry.

This year, the competition was tough from several really good entries from US students – effectively setting up a challenged to the Indian ‘block’.

Please give your students a resounding thanks and appreciation in all their efforts and endeavors and not forgetting their instructor of course.


Mike Young”

About Mike Young.
He has been a specialist in high-definition graphic and high-performance industrial screen printing close to 40 years.  A regular visitor to India, he is an honorary judge for the SGIA Golden Imaging Awards, legal expert witness and a frequent seminar speaker in all aspects of sophisticated and high-definition industrial printing.  He is a SGIA Fellows, a member of the Academy of Screen Printing Technology and recipient of the prestigious Swormstedt Award for technical writing.

DMI’s Past Achievements – A FLASH BACK:

My students will be happy to read your inspirational comments on this post for their continued achievements.



A tribute to my guru Michel Caza

November 10, 2010 7 comments

“Big News”

This article is a tribute to my guru, MICHEL CAZA who recently conferred with the prestigious Howard A. Parmele Award, By SGIA (Specialty Graphic Imaging Association), USA, for his “extensive contribution to the screen printing industry”

When I first received an email from my friend and colleague at ASPT, Mike Young that my guru “Michel Caza was presented with the Howard A. Parmele Award during the SGIA Expo in Las Vegas” I was really thrilled and excited to congratulate him on the phone first rather than congratulating through email. So, I called him immediately on his mobile phone when he was in Vegas. While talking to him I noticed that he was very contented because after a long wait his hard work was well recognized by this industry.

I salute my GURU (and a great legend) for his achievement and his commitment, dedicated towards this industry. His passion and hard work in screen-printing research & development will definitely benefit many screen printers and his pupils in this world immensely.

To honor my great guru Michel Caza a thought immediately flashed in my mind to write this memoir as a fitting tribute to him. In fact it was a long due.

I want to recount how Michel and I met, how from an ardent ‘screen printing disciple’ finally I became his spiritual ‘son’. (In fact I am still his ‘pupil’ and ‘son’ as he often addresses in his all communications). As you walk down my memory lane sketched here, you will realize that I had just a professional connection with him initially.

Once I happened to read some spiritual thought which said: “Everyone should adopt a GURU in their life. Your GURU will guide you and help you develop your skills.”

On that day I vowed to follow these ‘words of wisdom’ throughout my life because I strongly believe in it. First of all, my great guru and guide was none other than my father late Dhirubhai Mistry, from whom I have learnt the best values of my life and still following it. Whatever I am today is because of my father’s sheer strength, hard work and dedication … and of course my parents blessings.

My father used to read a lot daily. He had an enormous library adorned with many useful technical books and magazines. Even today I have screen printing magazines and books dating back to 1960’s (courtesy my father). My father had an eagle eye for good articles. He used to make a copy of them and file separately so that he could have an easy access to refer them whenever needed. I remember, he always made it a point to discuss good technical articles with me and share few tips on what he read.

As a new-comer, I used to pay heed to his advice or sometimes just pretended that I understood. After my father’s death I started realizing the value of such technical information. Thereafter, I developed more appetite for updating my technical knowledge by reading various books, articles and magazines.

The more I read the more interest I developed in reading. It dragged me towards the screen printing process more deeply. Now it has become a part of my life or I say passion.

As many in the printing industry know about us, I mean Grafica & DMI, we were originally into screen printing business before we entered into machinery manufacturing in 1989.

So screen printing process was not new to us. May be one of the reasons, why my company is today able to manufacture good machines was because we know what screen printers really need to deliver high quality prints.

In the year 2000 there was a sudden boom in advertising business, generating huge demand for graphics screen printing and digital was just getting popular in those segments.

Since I had very good expertise in industrial screen printing (especially Printed Circuit Boards-PCB’s), process color (CMYK) graphics screen printing was like a rocket science to me but not for my father because since 1960’s he had mastery in producing billboards through screen printing process. But ever since I joined my father’s company in 1987, process color screen printing and graphics was totally replaced with printed circuit boards (PCB) since early 80’s. So my expertise was mainly in PCB’s and I had no idea how to even carry out the basic CMYK separation.

Soon our machinery business started growing in these segments there were plenty of crazy questions from customers; there were frequent problems ‘delivered’ by my engineers and customers and I was supposed to give them appropriate solutions.

In the absence of complete knowledge in process color screen printing, myself and my engineers used to blindly arrive at a conclusion that e.g. the problem of dot gain was due to screen printing machine. This is one of the examples like that there were many other teething problems that we had to solve daily.

However, once I started reading SGIA’s Technical Guide Books, we realized that ‘dot gain’ problem was not due to machine there were some other reasons related to the technicality of process color screen printing. That is said: half knowledge is dangerous.

(Those days SGIA used to send Technical Guide Books to all its members. Later, they started sending them in PDF format on CDs. Now we can access everything online. Days have changed … but I still like the printed version.)

Those days I read many remarkable articles, some of my favorites were: “Screen Printing Criteria in Halftone Printing” by Hans Gerd Scheer and “Screen Printing of Fine Line Halftones by Michel Caza and his several other articles. I am mentioning his full name here because at that time he was not my ‘guru’ but story is taking you there, step by step.

I was quite fascinated by Michel’s in depth knowledge and command over the subject. I found his articles very easy to understand, crystal clear and absolutely practical. His articles became my daily ‘food for thought’ and a ‘dose of medicine’ to cure many routine problems.

As I gained knowledge from his articles, I started hunting for more information about him and his technical articles. Later, I found that Michel had published a Technical Guide Book, Titled “THE TECHNIQUES OF SCREEN PRINTING” compiled in a PDF format on a CD, comprising around 1400 pages with 17 videos explains the details of screen printing techniques for industrial, graphics, textile and art (serigraphy). Within no time I ordered my copy.

It’s an amazing tool of technical information in one CD. The CD emphasizes UV technology, four-color process, fine line halftones with 120 parameters to control, stochastic halftones, analog and digital pre-press, stencils, substrates, inks and more…

This is the newest, most comprehensive source of technical information on screen printing to be found anywhere. It is in a PDF format easy with great search features.

This is all about my CMYK connection with Michel. Now, over to UV curing technology:

UV Curing technology was not new to me because my father had adopted UV in PCBs since 1986. So naturally, from the day I joined my family business, I was exposed to UV inks only. But I never knew that UV is so popular in western countries for graphics four-color process until I read all of Michel Caza’s articles on UV Technology.

Except my father-mentor, I rarely came across any screen printers who had such in depth technical knowledge in UV technology, UV Curing Inks and related chemicals. After reading his series of articles on UV, I yelled: “Here’s a screen printer who knows his subject very well. Hat’s off to you Michel.”

From this moment I considered Michel Caza as my ‘remote’ guru yet to be embraced fully. I was eager and kept a high hope to meet him one day and shake hands with him. But I never realized that this ‘golden’ hand will one day become an ever helping hand in my profession… why in my profession, but the entire screen printing industry in India.

In 2002, I joined the managing committee of Screen Printers’ Association of India (SPAI) and we had organized a group tour for our members to visit FESPA 2002 in Madrid, Spain. The committee had a great plan to handover mementos at FESPA’s both to the incoming President (at that time) Ricardo Delgado and the outgoing President… it was Michel Caza! Now I was 100% sure that I would get a chance to shake hand with Michel, a long pending ‘project’ ever since I started reading his technical articles. Why just hand shake, I was now confident that I would also get some time to sit with him and discuss my problems related to screen printing. But on that D-day unfortunately he was busy with his board meetings and I could not meet him on the scheduled day.

But I was fortunate to catch hold of him the very next day at FESPA Stand and requested him to spend his valuable time with me. He was kind-hearted to concede my request and spent time with me sharing many insights about screen printing.

Finally, I was back in India, Mumbai precisely with good memories of meeting a ‘screen printing guru’ but with half satisfaction.

Soon after the FESPA Madrid show, there was an exhibition – ‘Screen Print India’ expo at Nehru Centre in Worli, Mumbai where the organizers had invited him as a chief guest for the opening ceremony which was later followed by his full day technical seminar in fine lines and halftones screen printing.

Regardless of being an exhibitor in that show, I attended his seminar with full excitement and attention. With the request of the organizers, my company also gathered a large number of printers to attend his seminar. That was for the first time in the history of Indian screen printing industry I witnessed more than 155 screen printers attending such a long technical seminar even though the seminar fee was Rs. 2500.00 per person!

During the seminar Michel displayed many of his creative and magical screen printed jobs using 150 LPI and above. Frankly till that time I had only read from his articles that he used to screen print 150 LPI and above but when I saw his actual prints I was really stunned. That’s why I call his prints magical!

After the seminar I requested Michel to allow me to see those prints closely and he was delighted to show and explain me the tricks. But for me those simple tips and tricks were not simple. It was not all that easy to understand because I didn’t even know e.g. ‘what is dot gain and what is gray balance’ in graphics process color screen printing.

After attending his seminar I could not focus fully on the remaining days of that show because since then I had sleepless nights as to how and where I could learn these great “Michel Caza Techniques” of screen printing fine lines and moiré free halftones. But I was determined to learn these techniques.

Since this show, I was restless because at that time I could not find anyone in India like him who was a master in screen printing. So, few weeks later after I dared to write an email to Michel requesting him whether he could teach all those techniques which he explained during his seminar in India. Unbelievable! He replied back in just few hours saying: “You can pack your bag anytime and come to France to learn these techniques practically in my company Graficaza and stay till you are completely satisfied.” I was thrilled like a child… because at first instance I never expected this positive reply and I just tried my luck by shooting him an email request with remote hope.

Also, he had made it clear to me that during the training period, I could learn as much as I wanted and surprisingly he was kind enough to offer me a free training as he mentioned in his email that “I do not teach for money”. Later I found that there were many lucky pupils like me to whom he had devoted his time, energy and superb technical knowledge.

In today’s professional world, who would impart such high knowledge free of cost? But Michel is unique and special. In fact this is called passion towards the industry. In fact the knowledge, which he openly shared with me is now benefitted by thousands of screen printers in India through my institute “Dhirubhai Mistry Institute For Print Technology Research & Training (DMI).

And this was the first LESSON I learnt from Michel even before becoming his PUPIL… And I vowed not to take any fees from students if I were to set up an institute in India to teach screen printing, and in fact my beloved father late Dhirubhai Mistry too had the same vision when he had great plans to set up a screen printing institute.

Without wasting much time, I planned all my immediate work schedules in my company to accomplish urgent tasks and meanwhile I also booked my ticket to France or I say for a ‘screen printing educational tour’.

I just opened my memory-diary and I recollected that on 28-April-2003, Monday afternoon I reached France. There after from the airport I reached Novotel Hotel by taxi. Immediately I informed Michel about my safe arrival and he was very happy and excited as well. He told me to get ready within one hour as he would arrange my pickup to have dinner at his home with his good friend and a board member of FESPA, Gyorgy Kovacs, a Hungarian screen printing professional, who is currently the President of FESPA.

Michel lived in an interesting country side village where the total population he mentioned was not more than 200 people. His house was surrounded by serene and beautiful environment. He lived in an enormous huge house flank by a big garden on the rear side. And that was the first time I met Michel’s better half Therese and Gyorgy Kovacs.

Since I am a pure vegetarian, usually whenever I travel abroad with lengthy tour, I carry home-made Indian food and some dry-fruits since I do not find much of veg-stuffs, suiting my tastes. But that day Therese surprised me by serving me with Indian curry with rice. Obviously I could not expect the Indian taste with many spices. But because of her excitement behind cooking and serving the Indian food to me with love, the dinner became extra delicious.

Anyway, after the dinner Michel accompanied me all the way back to the hotel and alerted me to get ready by 6.45 am in the morning so that we could reach his factory Graficaza by 7 am. The working hour was very interesting to me – 7.00 am to 3.30/4 pm. ‘Early to bed early to rise’ principle was possible there, considering this timings!

For few days, out of my excitement, I clicked as many pictures as I could, to make sure that I take good memories back home.

Since my training at Graficaza was planned for three weeks minimum with the possibility of extending it to one full month, I wanted to stay in a comfortable hotel that too somewhere nearby to avoid waste of time in travelling. To start with as I mentioned earlier I was put up in Hotel Novotel. But few days later I was contemplating to shift to another better hotel nearby Graficaza or near to Michel’s home to avoid long distance traveling. But I could not find any similar quality hotel nearby. So the next day I approached Michel to help me in this matter but he was also unable to find a better hotel near to his home or factory.

After few days, he told me to checkout from Novotel as he was planning to find some solution. I checked out of my hotel and kept the luggage in his car and he straight drove to his factory. Till afternoon he kept me under suspense not knowing about his plan.

In the mind I had full trust with him that he must have made some arrangement for me. But in the afternoon he called me to say: “Look, if you are comfortable in staying in our house for the duration of your training, I and Therese have no problem. In that case we want you to stay in our house but ….“You can stay as our Guest and not as a paying guest!”

Vow! That was really a memorable moment in my life! I felt greatly honored especially when I was not so closely known to him except that I was a keen knowledge seeker. I only knew at that time Michel always used to be eager to openly share knowledge with serious knowledge seekers like me. On the other hand I was also thrilled to live with his family because I felt this opportunity would take me more closer to his heart and I could also see the life style of my ‘guru in the making’.

Slowly and steadily my relation with Michel & Therese turned out to be so spiritual that I could really feel the warmth of their love and affection. My mom died when I was very young and Therese filled that vacuum and gave me those wonderful feelings back for few days.

Today, Michel Caza is not only my guru but more than what a guru can offer to his pupil. Those feelings, moment, love and affection, which they both showered on me, are deeply engraved in my heart which can never ever fade away.

After my training was completed, yes I had to really say a hard pressed goodbye with tight emotions. As I was leaving, Therese could not stop her emotions and she was in tears with motherly love.

Frankly this was my most memorable moment in my life because I entered in France as a knowledge seeker and was leaving my Guru’s home as their adopted son. Even today Michel always greets me in all his communications mentioning “My Dear Son or Hi Son.”

In today’s materialistic world, it is difficult to receive true and selfless love. I think there is something called past life relationship which must have got me reunited with Michel’s family in 2003.

Since my training with my guru, I have been closely associated with him in various FESPA and SPAI related trade events in India.

Even my guru had conducted a 3-day workshop on art-reproduction through screen printing at DMI. He was kind-hearted in permitting to publish his technical articles in my Grafica News and my companies website.

Michel is one of the key and important person towards the success of my institute DMI. Today on his achievement I would like to pass on all the credits for what my institute and I have received so far. Click here to read his message to DMI

Finally, I would like to congratulate my guru “Michel Caza” once again for being honored with “Howard A. Parmele Award” a long due and well deserved.

I also repeat my thanks to Therese & Michel Caza for being highly supportive, lovable and a source of my inspiration in my life.


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6 pearls of wisdom-

1. Money can’t buy happiness, but somehow it’s more comfortable to cry in a BMW than on a Bicycle.

2. Alcohol doesn’t solve any problem, but neither does Milk.

3. Help a man when he is in trouble & he will remember you, When he is in trouble again.

4. Many people are alive only because its illegal to kill.

5. Minds & Parachutes are same, works best when open.


6. Keeping someone in you heart is very easy but to be in someone’s heart is very difficult.

Factors that influence UV curing

October 30, 2010 10 comments
Grafica's UV Curing Machine

Grafica's UV Curing Machine

Type and color of the substrate

There are substrates and colors that absorb UV more than other ones. They make curing slower. Curing may change depending on the grade of the substrates even though they are of the same kind.

Color of the ink (quality of pigment and influence of color-matching) The pigments that absorb more UV make curing slower. The more these pigments are contained, the slower curing becomes. Therefore, there is a limitation to the density and opacity of UV ink. Curing of matched colors may be poorer than each standard color which is used to make these matched colors. Printers must be careful of such matched colors as the mixture of opaque white plus other dark colors like black and blue.

Thickness of ink film
The thinner the ink film is 10-12 microns, the better curing is. Thicker ink film than 15 microns may result in poor adhesion due to insufficient curing. CLEAR INKS cure even if ink film is thicker than 100 microns.

UV power and integral light
There are two ways to measure curing: UV power and integral light, decided by lamp power and the type of the lamp. UV power plus curing time make the integral light. Integral light changes depending on the number of the lamps and curing time with different conveyor speed.

Although general curing efficiency is measured by the integral light, UV power has more effects to the thickness of the ink film stated in 3-d and inner curing. If UV power is not strong enough, inner curing cannot be improved even if the integral light is increased by more curing time. In this case, lower the height of the lamp or strengthen the lamp power.

Temperature of UV dryer and pre-heating
Environmental temperature of UV irradiation gives much influence to curing. The higher the temperature is, the better curing is. For this reason, pre-heating before UV irradiation improves curing, which leads to good adhesion.

Grafica’s successful NPL Road Show in Ludhiana

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I feel NPL road shows have become a part of my life. Every month Grafica’s has two or more NPL road shows in line. This time it was in Ludhiana, Punjab.

The famous GOLDEN TEMPLE in Amritsar, Punjab, India

The famous GOLDEN TEMPLE in Amritsar, Punjab, India

A conductive atmosphere for the growth of industry is apparently visible now. Lot of investment is coming up in industrial ventures may be from Punjab or from outside Punjab. A large number of units have come up both in small scale as well as in large & medium scale sector.

A range of items such as cycle and cycle parts, sewing machines and components, automobiles parts and accessories hosiery and knitwear goods, industrial fasteners, machine tools and components rubber goods, woolen garments, electronic goods etc. are being produced in the small-scale sector.

The industry in large and Medium sector is producing items as bicycles, hosiery goods, vanaspati, tyre, tubes, electronic goods, steel and alloy steel castings, beer, sugar, flour rice/rice bran oil and cattle feed etc.

I like Punjab especially Chandigarh, its a planned city with wide and clean roads.
I reached Chandigarh Airport around 11 am from New Delhi and took a taxi toward Ludhiana which takes around 2 to 2 hrs 30 mins. Since I was suppose to reach by Lunch time I preferred to eat in a local Dhaba on the highway instead to eat in a restaurant.

So on the way to Ludhiana my taxi driver took me to one interesting Dhaba called “Mitran Da Dhaba” where I had delicious punjabi food and a glass of lassi yup. One thing really surprised me that instead of Water, Chaas (i.e. Curd Milk) was served free to everyone.

While having lunch in their Air Conditioned dinning hall they had kept many photos of their favorite GURU’s, actors and VIP’s who must have visited their Dhaba. Actually it was a good marketing and brand building of their Dhaba. Great work and delicious food by “Mitran Da Dhaba”

There after on the way around 2.30 pm all of a sudden the weather unexpectedly changed and soon it started raining heavily with small ice cubes making huge noise on the roof of our car. At 2.30 pm it was like 7.30 pm, so dark but in few hours all went to normal but climate was so chilled that I could not stand outside for few mins.

I was all set by 7 pm to start my presentation but due to many printer were still expected I began at 7.30 pm. Slowly by 8 pm we had to organize some more chairs than planned. Finally my people counted more than 110 participants. The overall event was excellent and the response from the participants was superb.

During my presentation few of Grafica’s customer honestly spoke about our machines and its performance which they have experienced so far.

I thank to all my customers and participants to make this evening a memorable event.

Since Grafica was one of the exhibitors in an exhibition “PrintArt 2010” in Ludhiana, organized by OPA (Offset Printers Association) of Punjab very next day so we did not keep any machines live this time in our NPL road show as we usually do. Because it was more convenient for participants to see our machines performing live throughout the day in any three days. The venue of this exhibition was just walking distance from our Hotel Majestic Plaza where we had organized our road show.

Grafica got tremendous response from this road show and also from the exhibition PrintArt 2010. We managed to book more than 15 NANO-PREMIER LEAGUE (NPL) and many single NANO-PRINT machines.


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