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Grafica’s successful NPL Road Show in Ludhiana

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

I feel NPL road shows have become a part of my life. Every month Grafica’s has two or more NPL road shows in line. This time it was in Ludhiana, Punjab.

The famous GOLDEN TEMPLE in Amritsar, Punjab, India

The famous GOLDEN TEMPLE in Amritsar, Punjab, India

A conductive atmosphere for the growth of industry is apparently visible now. Lot of investment is coming up in industrial ventures may be from Punjab or from outside Punjab. A large number of units have come up both in small scale as well as in large & medium scale sector.

A range of items such as cycle and cycle parts, sewing machines and components, automobiles parts and accessories hosiery and knitwear goods, industrial fasteners, machine tools and components rubber goods, woolen garments, electronic goods etc. are being produced in the small-scale sector.

The industry in large and Medium sector is producing items as bicycles, hosiery goods, vanaspati, tyre, tubes, electronic goods, steel and alloy steel castings, beer, sugar, flour rice/rice bran oil and cattle feed etc.

I like Punjab especially Chandigarh, its a planned city with wide and clean roads.
I reached Chandigarh Airport around 11 am from New Delhi and took a taxi toward Ludhiana which takes around 2 to 2 hrs 30 mins. Since I was suppose to reach by Lunch time I preferred to eat in a local Dhaba on the highway instead to eat in a restaurant.

So on the way to Ludhiana my taxi driver took me to one interesting Dhaba called “Mitran Da Dhaba” where I had delicious punjabi food and a glass of lassi yup. One thing really surprised me that instead of Water, Chaas (i.e. Curd Milk) was served free to everyone.

While having lunch in their Air Conditioned dinning hall they had kept many photos of their favorite GURU’s, actors and VIP’s who must have visited their Dhaba. Actually it was a good marketing and brand building of their Dhaba. Great work and delicious food by “Mitran Da Dhaba”

There after on the way around 2.30 pm all of a sudden the weather unexpectedly changed and soon it started raining heavily with small ice cubes making huge noise on the roof of our car. At 2.30 pm it was like 7.30 pm, so dark but in few hours all went to normal but climate was so chilled that I could not stand outside for few mins.

I was all set by 7 pm to start my presentation but due to many printer were still expected I began at 7.30 pm. Slowly by 8 pm we had to organize some more chairs than planned. Finally my people counted more than 110 participants. The overall event was excellent and the response from the participants was superb.

During my presentation few of Grafica’s customer honestly spoke about our machines and its performance which they have experienced so far.

I thank to all my customers and participants to make this evening a memorable event.

Since Grafica was one of the exhibitors in an exhibition “PrintArt 2010” in Ludhiana, organized by OPA (Offset Printers Association) of Punjab very next day so we did not keep any machines live this time in our NPL road show as we usually do. Because it was more convenient for participants to see our machines performing live throughout the day in any three days. The venue of this exhibition was just walking distance from our Hotel Majestic Plaza where we had organized our road show.

Grafica got tremendous response from this road show and also from the exhibition PrintArt 2010. We managed to book more than 15 NANO-PREMIER LEAGUE (NPL) and many single NANO-PRINT machines.


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